Tu Aashiqui 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rangoli accuses KK

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The Episode starts with Ahaan asking Pankti to be ready, he will come to pick her. Rangoli comes to him. He asks how did you come here. Rangoli says I didn’t wish to be late for rehearsals. Aparna says you have done a noble thing to help Ahaan and Pankti. Vikram says you can’t become a part of this any way. They get shocked. Ahaan asks why. Vikram says she is JMD’s singer, I will decide what’s good for the company. Ahaan says like you ruined Pankti’s career. Vikram says I won’t tolerate if JMD gets a loss, you can do the concert, but forget Rangoli. Rangoli says its a concert for charity, it will be profitable for Jmd, or maybe you don’t need me, we shall end the contract. Manav comes and says no need to do this, Rangoli is doing this show for charity, she isn’t legally liable, we can’t stop her Vikram. Ahaan and Rangoli leave. He says why does Vikram has problem with my success. She sees Pankti waiting and holds Ahaan. She asks Pankti to sit, she will sit in front seat. Pankti says its okay, you be seated there. Vikram drinks and thinks of Ahaan’s words. He calls Poorva.

She doesn’t answer. Monty comes and gets Kaira’s call. He answers the call by mistake. He says I want to know your matter with Vikram, I want to know the truth. Poorva says I have told you the truth, I don’t want to give any explanation now, please leave. She shuts the door. He asks her to listen. Kaira gets angry. Ahaan and Pankti go for the rehearsals. Pankti sings Boondon me aaj… Ahaan and Rangoli sing along. KK stops the musicians and says Rangoli your song is solo, Ahaan and Pankti will sing this song. Ahaan says its fine. KK says nothing can change now, everything is set, we have thought well, show will start with Rangoli’s solo and finish with a grand song with Ahankti. Ahaan says this concert is happening because of Rangoli. Rangoli says fine, I will design posters till now. Ahaan and Pankti sing.

Month comes to the hotel and asks for manager. Manager comes. Monty asks for old manager and takes the number. Rangoli sings. Ahaan praises her. She shows the poster design. He says its perfect. Pankti comes to Poorva. Poorva says Rangoli is also famous, some people are joking on Rangoli too. Ahaan comes to meet Pankti. He talks to Rangoli on call. She says I have reached, KK called me early. Pankti and Poorva go with Ahaan. They reach the venue and hear Rangoli shouting. She runs to Ahaan and hugs him. She asks Ahaan to save her. They get shocked seeing Rangoli’s molested state. Ahaan asks what’s all this, who did this. She signs towards KK. KK gets shocked. He says she is lying, I haven’t done anything. Ahaan beats him. Rangoli smiles and recalls flirting with KK. KK says Pankti has talent, which you can’t imagine to have. Rangoli says talent is not of one type. She ruins her makeup and hair. He asks what are you doing. She says you don’t like my friendship, so be it enmity. She breaks a bottle. FB ends. Rangoli cries. Pankti consoles her. Ahaan beats up KK. Pankti stops Ahaan. KK says Rangoli is lying. Rangoli says leave him, else you may fall in any other trouble. Pankti says I will call police. Rangoli says no, my image will come in danger. KK asks why are you lying. Rangoli asks Ahaan to take away KK. KK says stay away from this girl, she is mad. Pankti gets thinking. KK goes. Ahaan says we will cancel rehearsals, Pankti go home with Poorva, I will drop Rangoli home. Ahaan and Rangoli leave. Pankti looks on. Pankti searches and gets info about Rangoli. She reads about a molestation blame on Rangoli’s co-star.

Rangoli says we permit people to hurt us, because of love. She hugs Ahaan. Pankti meets KK. KK says Rangoli is dangerous, she will blame the same thing on Ahaan when he refuses to her once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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