I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 87- Anu Waiting for Maa

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Scene shifts to farmhouse

Bhavya” Gauri di!! Maa will be so happy na?” See their Anika di made such a beautiful rangoli

“Gauri placing diye near temple” hmm it’s so pretty and today’s happiness can’t be able to describe in words.

Om ” Gauri!! I think we all should give some privacy to Maa and Anika bhabhi.

Gauri” what you mean? Omkara ji”

“Bhavya jumps down from ladder” Yes, bhaiya share your plans with us too.

“Om lighting diye ” Look, it’s such a big moment for both.

Kehai baat ankhai ho gayi

Baatao se zayad ankhe num ho gayi

Phir mohabbat ki baat ho gayi

Phir zindagi ki ek sunhari shurwat ho gayi.

Gauri smiling” that’s why you don’t want us to gather near them. We should go out for something.

Om” Exactly!!”

Bhavya” No, bhaiya we have to capture that moment too na”

Gauri” Yes, Omkara ji after Anika di will suprise Maa. They themselves will hide somewhere”

Om” ok fine but we can capture it secretly ”

Gayu” nods positively ”

Scene shifts to RM

“Dev questioning Devi ji” why there’s so silence ? Where are kids and Aarohi?

Devi ji” Dev have you forgetten what’s going to happen today?

Dev pats his head” Opps !! how can i forget . But by the way were’s Aarohi the “lady of the day?

Devi ji” Lady of the day is with Rudra”


“Aarohi questioning Rudra” Have you seen Anu ? I’ve not seen her since morning , where she’s, princess , doll and Omkara?

Rudra ” No, Maa i’ve not seen them but last time i’ve just seen Anika bhabhi with Shivaay they were going somewhere. But if there’s any problem you can tell Rudra he will in one snap will solve it… ”

Aarohi smile” No, Thankyou beta there’s no problem…. you continue your gyming. I’m going

“Rudra stops Aarohi” Maa wait..

Aarohi ” Yes, do you need anything else?”

Rudra ” Yes, i need something”

Aarohi” what my son need?”

Rudra” that what only a mother can give to his child.. ”

Aarohi cup Rudra cheek” what my son need from his mother?”

“Rudra holds Aarohi from shoulder and make her stand infront of mirror” Dadi kehati hai ke agar bacho ke hote huway maa aur baap ki ankh num aur honth khilaye na ho to un bacho ka ” double Fat muh ho” per mein nahe chahta ke mera double fat muh ho janti hai kyun?

Aarohi ” why?”

“Rudra makes puppy face” because then all will call me bhans specially Bhavya…

Aarohi” Aw!! So what can i do? so that no one call my son Bhans and all call him Rudy boy”

“Rudra peck Aarohi eyes and curve her lips to smile and stand behind Aarohi” that’s what i want from you…

“Aarohi gazes herself in mirror”

Rudra” always smile on lips and twinkling eyes.

“Aarohi peck Rudra forehead” when parents have children like you all non parents eyes can get watery and there is always smile on lips.

“Rudra jumps in excitement” hurrah!!! Ab mera double fat muh nahe ho ga

“Aarohi laughs loudly’ hahaha… Rudra it’s not double fat muh”

Rudra jaw drop” then what?”

Aarohi” it’s dur fitay muh”

“Rudra smile widely and hugs Aarohi” everything will get fine Maa. And please don’t stop smiling Rudy don’t like mother’s in tears though they hold my ears but still Rudy fears when my mum’s are in tears.

“Aarohi ruffle his hairs” ok Rudy boy… now leave me i’ve to some work.

Rudra” Maa, No work you stay with me. And tell me your and dev uncle love story”

Aarohi” some other day beta i’ve very important work too complete”

Rudra pov” if Maa went to Hall then plan will be spoil. I’ve to do something to stop Maa.

Aarohi” Where you get lost”

“Rudra holds Aarohi hand” i’m sure you won’t deny me about your and Anika bhabhi bound…

Aarohi” you want to know about Anu and Maa relation?”

Rudra” yes”

Aarohi smiles” come tell me tell you about us”

Scene shifts on road

“Anika smiling in herself” today me and Maa are going to sleep in near pool . And i won’t let Chutki and Doll come near Maa…. Anika evilly smirks… we’ll eat , Aloo puri, guriya ke baal , pani puri and icecream … wow … no , no icecream i’ll have my special sweet ..Anu ka special gajar ka halwa… Anika giggles like kid

“Shivaay pats on Anika shoulder” Anika

Anika ” keep on giggling forgetting the rest”

“Shivaay puts car on breaks with jerk”

“Anika comes out her world and gazes Shivaay rudely” why you stop the car?? Shivaay

Shivaay” because i’m calling you long but you are lost in your own world” And why your are giggling like mad and contionusly mummering something”

“Anika pouts angrily” you call me mad

Shivaay” No, Anika i didn’t mean that”

Anika” No, no you mean that… and it’s not the first time you call me Mad before marriage you use to call me mad and after marriage too. ”

Shivaay” Yes, because you act like mad that’s my i call you mad”

“Anika playfully beats him” same to you, back to you and no return…. she turn her face making cute angry faces…. bagad billa.

Shivaay” Anu baby”

“Anika glance him and both burst into laughters”

O jaana plays


“Anika pulling bhavya out of restroom” come out you devil and back off to RM and i don’t want non of your gang in or outside farmhouse.

Bhavya” Anika di!! It’s not fair… she’s also our Maa and i won’t go even i….

“Anika playfully slap her cheek” Doll!! Have you forgotten the rules of RM.

Om” Anika bhabhi what our RM rules please tell us too”

“Anika turns and gazes om ” O bete ki!! you both are also here?

Gauri hops” yes di”

Anika shouts” bhaag jao sab yeha se warna sab ki OMM kar do ge. ( run from here otherwise i’ll beat you all). She drags Bhavya out and throw her on Rikara….

“All slips on floor”

“Anika burst into laughter ”

Trio gazes eachother and Anika their eyes gets watery glimpse of khirkitod Anika flashes infront of them… trio runs and hug Anika tightly.

“Anika hugs them back” lagi to nahe kisi ko. ( is it hurt you)

“Shivaay reports behind from curtain ” per mujhe lagi woh bhi jor se….( but it hurts me) he comes and stand infront of Anika

Anika ( shockingly ) ” Shivaay !! You are also here?” She breaks the hug and hold Shivaay hand… What happened to you Shivaay?

“Shivaay sign all to leave them alone”

Soon trio left..

“Shivaay hugs her tightly” i missed this antics of yours so much Anika.

“Anika reciprocates the hug” mein ap sab ko bohat pareshan kiya hai na. Meri wajah se ap sab ki life kitni distrube ho gayi thi.. i’m sorry Shivaay

( i’ve trouble you all alot na. Just because of me all lifes got distrube. I’m sorry)

“Shivaay breaks the hug and cup her face” Hey Anika don’t you dare to say or think like that. You didn’t trouble us nor because of you life got distrube infact it’s because of you we learn ture meaning of life and living. Our lifes were distrube before , when you were not in my and other lifes but after you step in our life all troubles ran away.

“Do you know why all troubles run away seeing you?”

Anika” nods negatively”

“Shivaay peck Anika forehead” because they are afaird of you.

Anika” acha ji they are afraid of me and what about you?

“Shivaay pull Anika close” main to tum per maarta ho.

Song plays

Ek dil hai
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe.
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Both get lost in eachother blue and brown orbs.

Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe

“Shivaay caresses Anika face” zindagi itni khoobsurat ho gayi mein kabhi socha he nahe tha. Jab socha to tujhe apne ru ba ru paya. ( life will be this much beautiful i never thought about it. When i thought about you i found you by my sides)

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
Ek dil hai.

Shivaay with breaking the eyelock brings Anika more close to him , his hot breath fanning on her face making her legs jelly and breath getting more uneven with his touch. He lower his gaze to soft petals that are inviting him to taste them. Both lips were about to met when Anika pushes him.

Anika” this poetry don’t suits you…. bagad billa…. hahaah look at your face Shivaay, it’s getting red with anger”

Shivaay” Anika!! I won’t leave you know”

Anika screams and run”

Shivaay trying to chase her

Ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu

Scene shifts to yard

“Anika running here and there ” today you can’t catch me. Chuimui Singh Oberoi

Shivaay running after her ” you again call me that? Now you are dead by me.

“Anika turns and gazes him” that i’m already dead on you.. she passes flying kiss to him.

Shivaay catches it and run after her… he grasp Anika from waist and swirl her in air

Meri baat zaat jazbaat bhi tu

Anika laughing loudly her laughters echoing in air. Shivaay feels happy to see her laughing and smiling he swirls her more in air .

Anika” Shivaay put me down my head is ghoming and ghoming…

“Shivaay stop swirling and hugs her tightly from back” he keep her hairs to right and start inhaling her sent in him…. i love you Anika keeping smiling…. he keeping on nuzzling his nape and shoulder

Parwaaz bhi tu rooh-e-saaz bhi tu
Meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu

“Anika close her eyes in response she tightly holds his hand” i love you too Shivaay. Thankyou for everything.

Mera raaz bhi tu

Pukhraj bhi tu

Meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu

Meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu

Mera kaaj raaj aur mizaaj bhi tu

Mere ishq…

“Shivaay breaks the hug and cup her check” i don’t deserve this thanks Anika… someone else deserve it you and yours thanks

Anika” She’s my……

sky thunders so badly that scared Anika that words dies i….She hugs Shivaay tightly and cries

Shivaay worriedly ” Anika… it’s just tunder stop crying… he gently brushes her hairs,calm down it’s ok i’m there with you.

Scene shifts in chopper

“Aarohi addressing to Rudra” Rudra beta where you are taking me? And please atleast remove this blindfold from my eyes.

Rudra” Sorry !! Maa that i can tell you nor i can’t remove this blindfold from your eyes…. you just enjoy with Rudy boy”

Aarohi” ok baba!! Atleast tell me where we are going? ”

“Rudra playing video game” that’s also a secret…. hurrah !! I scored high in candy carsh…

Aarohi” laughs… you are playing games?”

Rudra” yes the world famous game candy cursh and you know i beat Sahil ”

“Aarohi smiles on Rudra antics but soon her smile gets vanished” .

@ Farmhouse

“Anika glancing the whole farmhouse ” it’s looking so beautiful just like heaven.

Now only five minutes are left helicopter will land and then i’ll suprise Maa.

She will so happy na, i’ll capture her bliss in me.

Maa come soon na your Anu is waiting for you please come…. Anu se aur control nahe ho raha…( Anu can’t control more).

Anika marching here and there glancing her watch… something struck in her mind… she runs inside

After fiftten minutes

Anika ” why she didn’t came yet?” O kho!! Anu can’t you see weather is getting bad and did you remember… hahahh SSO ko koi nahe rok sakta na yeh zameen na nature.. she rofl on ground hahaah my chumpa became helicopter and Shivaay chopper got chop…

Anika keep on talking with Aarohi pictures… telling them her and Shivaay love stroy

“Anika sit near pool drip her feet in it and cup her face” Maa kaha ho dekho na ab to sari candles bhi so rahe hai…( mother were are you see all candles are sleeping)

Song plays

Chale ao ab sun lo

Jaha kahi bhi gum ho

Aloo puri is too getting cold… she turns and gazes table and then gate. She leanses her herself near pool and close her eyes reminiscing Aarohi

Chale ao ab sun lo

Bhoolo humari khata

Time keep on passing but Aarohi didn’t came yet….

A rain drop falls on Anika face she slowly open her eyes and look around then her watch
” Ha!! It’s 10:15 and Maa didn’t came yet.”

No, she might be inside i’ve called her yes she’s inside… Anika happily smiled and run inside muttering ” i’ll hug her so tightly then she won’t be able to free or can ran away from her Anu ….. Yahoo!!!!! Anu is coming

Scene shifts to RM

Shivaay ” Maa, Anika is waiting for you there is farmhouse”

Aarohi” Shivaay beta i told you i’m not feeling well. ”

Om” Maa please don’t do this with Anika bhabhi she waiting for you like carzy”

Gauri crying” Anika di is really happy , please don’t snatch her happiness from her please go she’s waiting for you.”

Secen shifts to farmhouse

“Anika pat her forehead” Anu how could you forget. Maa is liya nahe ayi kyun woh tujse gusha hai , haan yeh he wajah hai warna woh apni Anu ko kesaye mana kar sakti hai.

Main abhi RM jaa kar doll k ears pakar kar sorry bolti hoon. Per maa smile kar de ge aur mujhe gale lag le ge….

Maa Anu is coming

After an hour

Aarohi ” come i was waiting for you sorry you were waiting for me but i couldn’t come. It’s good you came yourself. Now come and give me hug….. Aarohi open her arms

“Anika standing near entrances smiles widely seeing Aarohi who’s standing before her spreading her arms . She takes a deep breath and runs to Aarohi to give her crushing hug but she takes her step back…….

Screen freezes on Anika


What would be happened that Anika took her step back. Those steps that where taken to reach Aarohi what made stumble?

To know more wait for the next till then wait and take care.

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