Bepannah Aashqui FF Fifteen epi

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers
Am sorry I know am late again
Actually I was feeling somehow this ff is not connecting to my readers hearts as it normally does So was planning to wrap it up soon without including more scenes n just focusing on crux of story.Pls let me know ur opinion.Any improvements Any changes you want me to make

Thanks dear sia arunima Anee fenil (I missed u lots n ur every comment matters beyond words thanks a tonne ) rimjhim Lavanya, jasmine n all my dear dear readers

Pls let me know whether u want me to continue or wrap up soon

Recap-zoya has been frequently asking about adi from Anjana in past five years.n thus she comes to know about accident with which adi met 3 years ago which was planned by rajVeer. Anjana doesn’t disclose that zoya called her frequently Anjana hopes that Adiya realize they have feelings for each other.Adi is hurt.As zoya never spoke to him or visited him in past 5 years.

Preparations are going on in full swing.
Veer happily looks around
Veer notices that adi’s face is sulken
Veer- Adi kya hua buddy

Before adi could utter a word

Zoya comes there

Zoya has made puppy face
Adi gets up n walks away

Veer is confused
Zoya goes behind him
Adi pretends talking to other employees he pretends to be occupied n busy
Zoya ‘s pov-Allah mihaah he has too much attitude he is treating as if am air n he cannot see me.

Sanchi n Veer look at worried zoya chasing angry adi
Veer-sanchi whats wrong with them?
Sanchi lovingly pulls his cheeks -Veer they had a cute fight like us

Zoya is very worried

Zoya’s pov- what shd I do to convince this angry young man he is acting like amithab bachaa n.

She looks at mehendi with smile
Something strikes her

Mehendi ceremony begins
Zoya comes dressed in green sari

She is looking drop dead gorgeous

Zoya brings sanchi along

Veer n adi are talking to each other

Veer notices them n is mesmerised by sanchi

Adi doesn’t  look at zoya

He turns his face to other side

Zoya ‘s pov-Adi  look here u always said u wanted to see me in sari look at me Adi

Adi goes away

Zoya feels very bad

Sanchi notices

Sanchi whispers something  in zoya ‘struggle ears

Zoya smiles

Dr Malhotra  welcomes all guests

One of the guest praises decoration

Dr malhotra -All arrangements  are done by zosh events  Its an amazing  company. They are very dedicated  n talented

Mahi is evasdropping

Mahi -I need to do something big soon this way everything  would be  ruined  I cannot  let it happen

Mehendi  is being  applied  on sanchi’s  hands

Veer ‘s name is written

Zoya takes a mehendi  cone

And writes Adi

Sanchi  smiles

Sanchi ‘s pov-Dear zoya only this name deserves to be on ur hand I hope u understand  soon

Zoya writes Adi Am sorry  with mehendi cone on her hand she makes some design

She goes near adi

Adi turns his face

Zoya starts singing-Ladka bada Anjanasaa sapna hain Sach hain pasha naa saa haan haan Yeh Ladka bilkhul naa badlaa ohoo ohoo

She starts dancing  around  him

She tries showing  him her hand

Mahi enters store room

She spills kerosene  all over

She does something  with electric wires

She smirks

Mahi’s pov-Be ready for bombbbb zoya

As mahi is about to leave  her hand touches a wire it falls on kerosene  surface

There is spark

Mahi doesn’t  notice

She smiles  n is about  to leave

When she notices  that her clothes have caught  fire

Mahi yells for helps

Mahi sweats

She is very panicked

Adi hears her voice

Adi asks speakers to be switched  off

Zoya-what happened

Adi-i heard mahi shout for help from store house

Everybody  rush to store house

Zoya runs first

She teaches to see mahi caught in fire

Zoya jumps in fire

Adi n others arrive  to see both caught up

Mahi is shocked

Zoya hugs her

Zoya-mahi am with u nothing  will happen to u

Mahi’smirks eyes are welled  up with tears

Adi gets nervous

He runs to get blankets

He jumps in with blankets

He covers both mahi n zoya in blanket

He holds their hands

N makes them walk

All r shocked

Servants  are putting water

But fire is not getting  controlled

Adi first pushes mahi  out She falls on floor

Sanchi rushes to her aid

Adiya are still in fire

Mahi is dumbstruck

Zoya is unable  to walk

Adi lifts her in his arms

He somehow manages to bring zoya out

Zoya smiles at adi

She murmurs sorry

She faints

All gather

Adi asks zoya to wake up

Veer brings water N spills on her

Adi notices  zoya’s mehendi  tears fall from his eyes

Adi-Zoya wake up am sorry  zoya Pls zoya

Adi is hugging  her

Zoya gently  opens her eyes

Mahi is ashamed

Adi hugs zoya

Zoya smiles

Precap -Adi shows everybody cc TV footage  in which mahi enters store room with kerosene  bottle  in hand

Zoya is sitting  alone she is weeping

Adi notices  he hugs her tightly

Zoya breaksdown  – y did mahi do this to me y she hates me

It starts raining

They hug tightly

Somebody takes their snap


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