Savitri Devi 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi accepts Dr. Kabir’s condition

Savitri Devi 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling Sanchi that his condition is that she will ban Veer from cardiologist department. Sanchi says how can I stop any doctor to come to that department. Dr. Kabir says Veer is busy in doing flirting and has no interest in becoming specialist. Sanchi says he is my husband and says I can’t take this decision without asking him.
Jaya thinks why there is no doctor to check patients. Veer comes and says all specialists are busy, and Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi is not here. Jaya says Dr. Sanchi is wasting her time to convince Dr. Kabir and says I am sure he will not come. Veer checks patient. Jaya asks did you decide what to do and insults him and says you will hold someone’s pallu always. Veer says it is not like that as I will specialist in Cardio Dept, and very soon your decision will change. Veer gets Sanchi’s call. Sanchi hears a boy crying and asks him to go out. Sanchi tells Veer that Dr. Kabir agreed. Veer tells same to Jaya. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir has a condition to return and tells about his condition. Veer couldn’t hear her and agrees to her condition. Sanchi thinks may be Veer wants to specialized in some other dept. She agrees to Dr. Kabir’s condition and says see you at the hospital. Dr. Kabir thinks I was not going anywhere, recalls dropping his passport on ground intentionally and smirks.

A goon comes to Priya’s room. She wakes up and is shocked to see his reflection. She steps out of room scared. Man wearing the mask is standing behind her.

Veer tells Sanchi that he is proud of her that she convinced Dr. Kabir. Sanchi says it happened because of you. Priya shouts as the masked man holds her. Veer and Sanchi hear her screams and come out. Gayatri switches on the lights. Vikrant removes the mask and says surprise. He hugs Veer. Savitri says you scared us and haven’t changed. Vikrant says I am your son in law and not weather or month to change. He tells that he was missing Priya and that’s why came. Savitri says it is good and asks him to stay there. Gayatri says it is good and asks him to rest. Veer and Sanchi go to their room. Gayatri smiles and tells Priya to keep her husband happy. She thinks now she can concentrate on Sanchi.

Veer fills form and writes cardiology dept. He thinks it is a big day for Sanchi, once Dr. Kabir comes, then I will show her my form. Sanchi comes there. Veer hides the form and says he will surprise her. Sanchi asks him to have breakfast first. Vikrant holds Priya and says you are looking hot. Priya is upset. Vikrant says did you think that you got rid of me. Priya says I am not that lucky and asks him to behave and not to forget that this is her house. Vikrant says I can behave with you like I want, as I know your secret, once they know it, you will be gone from here. He says I remember that you had worn same color saree that day. Veer comes to Savitri and asks him to bless her as today is the important day of his life. Savitri blesses him. Vikrant asks for Jam. Servant tries to give Jam and gravy falls on dining table. Vikrant scolds him badly.

Sanchi says he is elder than you and you shall not talk to him like that. Vikrant says now you will teach me how to behave and says I am damad of the house, and says I didn’t know that Servants have more respect than me. Sanchi says everyone have respect. Vikrant says it is enough. Gayatri scolds Sanchi. Savitri taunts Sanchi and her mother. Veer says if Vikrant is damad then Sanchi is bahu of the house. Sanchi says sorry and says I don’t want to insult you, and says sorry. Vikrant says I felt bad, really bad. Veer says we shall go to hospital now. They leave. Vikrant tells Savitri that this girl will give you many problems.

Sanchi and Veer reaches hospital. Jaya is already there and says I know you are of no use, your husband lied to me again, Dr. Kabir haven’t joined the hospital till now and this means you have lost the bet. Veer says you underestimate your daughter much and says Dr. Kabir is here. Dr. Kabir enters hospital as new villain.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi you have betrayed me again and asks her to choose between Veer and him for the cardiologist dept. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thank god i have already stopped watching this crap. Matalab story k naam pe kuch bhi. Freefund me kabir ko 2rupee ladaki k liye negative bana diya. Cvs of this show think that if they will show kabir negative then audience will accept sanveer. Cvs of this show r suffering from amnesia but audience r not. They have shown kabir as a noble character and now suddenly he became negative then why did he not become negative when sanchi mata broke his heart after dandiya night proposal. They r showing just anything as if audience r fool. I only watch kabir scenes offline on voot bcz i can’t tolerate this stupid story on tv.

    1. Bang on riddhi, I sometimes wonder if the cvs ever watch their own show. Because we audience remember everything what they showed even one yr back. I so agree with you, just to show veer as the hero and to justify sanveer they are degrading kabir. Now suddenly they will start showing kabir as a heartless doc who only wants to ruin saanchi and veer as the best doc.It doesn’t matter how many people they have hurt because of their marriage especially kabir who has only helped saanchi.

  2. normal person

    ye hui na baat … tomchi or sdch ko barbad karde kabir… pehle malhotra or phir jagat mata sanchi ne ajtak sirf use hi kiya h… kaanchi nhi hua … koi baat nhi kabir negative hoke barbad kare sdch ko…akhir abtak acha banke sirf dard hi mila h…

    1. Hee hee u r expecting too much from the cvs of this show dear. They will show kabir will try to ruin sanveer but sanveer’s so called true love will be shield for themand in this process kabir will ruin himself. Jaya will happily accept sanveer and last sanchi will have the dilogue to kabir ” Dr. Kabir maine apko apana sabse accha dost mana tha par aap kisi ka pyaar to kya dosti bhi desrve nahi karte.” Mark my word this is what exactly will happen in this show. At the end kabir will be shown as a man who don’t deserve anything. THE END of the show.

  3. Let them show whatever they want, sanveer were and always will be a mismatched pair. Period ?. Otherwise even after so many promos of their puke worthy suhag raat, why the trps didn’t improve? And on the top of that, they are turning kabir negative ?. Bullshit. I won’t be surprised ,just to show veer the best, they will suddenly show kabir doesn’t know anything or he is not a good doctor ,then he will slowly lose his position and their favourite veer will over power him. So basically they want to show kabir loses every thing to veer first sanchi, then his reputation of being the best doc ,which will increase his hatred for veer and make him do something extreme ?. They will negate all those good things which he did for saanchi. I hate sdch! I am also watching only kabir scenes on voot

    1. Let them show this crap. Its in our hand what to watch and what to not and just to watch kabir for 2minutes on screen i cant watch sanveer for 20 minutes. So all kabir fans just watch it offline. And let them watch who says only sanveer brings i also wants to see how much trp increase. I have watched this show continuously for 9 months in the hope of a good storyline. So contributed enough in its trp but not any more now.

    2. They are exactly going to show that! Kabir has never got importance in this show! And on the top of that they removed him from the montage too! What are they trying to show, that jaya was wrong in choosing kabir as the perfect match for saanchi but saanchi was right in choosing veer who has only caused trouble in her life! Suddenly veer is shown all goody goody to do all the damage control and kabir is made a villain to justify sanveer marriage! They think audience will forget what all bad things veer has done and what all good things kabir had done! Never,we will never accept this kabir who has all of a sudden become so manipulative because we know he was not like that! Let’s see how long this so called soulmates marriage last. They have hurt so many people by getting married, they have to pay for it. Let’s see how much trps improve by this marriage. Yest it dropped. Let’s see in the upcoming week

    3. u have a point….sanveer is a worst couple ever….so even after so many suhaag raat promos trp decreased(last week it was .9 this week it is .8)… i must tell this or not but i am very happy with that….i am huge kabir fan so i watch his scenes only in voot…..cheers for trp decrease

  4. Aja ke baad updates padnabi waste tym

  5. Good joke, all show trp dropped not savitri devi only ..savitri devi .1 dropped ok kasam trp 5 ,bepanah last week 2.7 .now 2.3 so all trp dropped more point. .savitri devi only dropped. 1 sanveer is best jodi onscreen. .last week kabir scenes was stupid episode

    1. You are complete abnormal.

  6. Yaar Jo veer jab revenge mode Maine tha toh Woh hero aur an Kabir revenge mode Maine jai toh Woh villain kitani bakwaas script hai Jo BHI hero kare Woh Sahi aur koi aur inch bar galat kare Woh villain such idiot Soch par Dil karta hai sandal se maro?????

  7. Varunfan

    Wow so much of hatred for Veer well i can guess why….
    Veer is nt suddenly goody goody he was goody goody from the start
    But in middle in those 30 days challenge he was against Sanchi and he has valid reasons and Kabir has nt done any wrong ok frget abt Court thing….he br8 Malhotra on medical ground saying he had an attack, inspite of knwing Malhotra wants to frame Sanchi he gave her the charge of Malhotra case.He made a situation where it looks like Malhotra is actually ill and then when he knws Sanchi is hving a cndition from SD, he tried to cash on that and constantly instigate Sanchi against him.No matter what the first thing he did is blaming Veer for no reason and no proof. So please before calling out Veer see the show.We are nt suffering from Amensia as well

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