Savitri Devi 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishri gets shattered by Veer’s past

Savitri Devi 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri coming to Mishri and asks if everything is fine. Mishri is crying and tells that Veer doesn’t love her, and was drunk. He shouted at her. Gayatri gets upset and asks her not to cry, says he was drunk and that’s why might told her. Mishri says anyone says truth when drunk. Gayatri asks her not to think and come for breakfast. Veer tells Savitri that he got a call and going for an interview. Savitri prays to God to make everything fine in Veer’s life. Mishri recalls Veer’s words and cries, thinks her life is ruined. She thinks how will I live my life and says why did he like me, marry me and made me wear mangalsutra, She cries. Mishri opens the cupboard. Just then album falls down. Gayatri comes and takes album from her hand and gives to Servant asking him to keep it in her room. A photo falls down from the album.
Dr. Veer comes for an interview. Interviewer tells him that he must be a good doctor as he completed marathon with Dr. Kabir. They tell that they got a call from Dr. Sanchi and tells that she recommended him. Veer refuses to take the job. Interviewer thinks if you have attitude then nobody will give you job. Veer says I don’t want anyone’s favors.

Staff wishes happy birthday to Sanchi. Dr. Kabir takes her to side and says I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. Sanchi says bad thing will not happen again and again and says everything will be good. She says it is my mistake, and tells that she will refuse everyone. She is about to refuse them, but Dr. Kabir says lets cut the cake. Sanchi says everything will be good today. Dr. Kabir cuts the cake and makes Sanchi have it.

Mishri is sweeping the room when she gets the pic. She gets shocked. She calls Sanchi and tells Sanchi that she came to know all the truth, and says she is illiterate, but not a fool. She says he said that he got married to her for a reason and she came to know it. Sanchi thinks if she came to know everything. Mishri says she wants to meet her. Sanchi asks her to come to SDCH. Mishri comes there and says today you will listen to me. She tells that since my marriage was fixed, I was getting mad with happiness, but everything ended last night. She says he broke my illusion and tells that he loves someone else. She says he doesn’t want to forget his past and shows Veer and Sanchi’s ruined pic. She says girl’s face is not seen in it.

Mishri tells Sanchi that she is broken after knowing her husband’s truth and her ruined, trust, love and happiness are all ruined. Sanchi asks Mishri not to cry and have strength. She says whatever happened in his life was his past, but you are his present and future, give him sometime. Mishri tells her that Veer himself said that he will never love her. Sanchi says marriage is a strong bond and tells that she is his present. Mishri asks if that girl will not come in his life again. Sanchi says I believe that she will never come in his life. Mishri says she will believe on her belief. Mishri leaves.

Hospital staff comes and wish happy birthday to Dr. Kabir. They tell that Sanchi told them else they wouldn’t have known. Dr. kabir thanks Sanchi for making his birthday special. Veer comes and claps. Sanchi asks what is this drama? Veer says I don’t do drama, but it is you. He says you are celebrating your husband’s birthday and referring me for a job. He says Sanchi Devi wants to proof herself as great. Dr. Kabir says she wants to help you. Veer says you want to prove me loser and asks them not to interfere, else nobody is bad than you, Sanchi tries to talk to him, but he pushes her. She faints. Dr. kabir holds her.

Precap: Dr. Kabir comes to Malhotra Mansion and offers job to Veer in SDCH.. Veer tears the papers and throws on his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Today I liked veer’s each and every dialogue to sanchi tumhe to adat hai dusaron ki life main Tang adane kA kyunki tumhe mahaan banane kA shauk hai. Bolo sanchi Devi Jai. This is what we all are saying since day one. Finally veer said it today.

  2. Yr ea show me sbse irritating charecter sanchi the great ka hi h

    1. I do agree with you man this girl sanchi is the most irritating character of the show and she can never be loyal to anyone whether it’s veer or kabir. Veer fans you should all get happy at least veer got rid of this lady and got a life partner who will remain loyal to him. Today I really feel pity for kabir bechare ki to Zindagi Barbados ho gai. Ye sanchi na to khud chain see jayegi na dusaron ko jine degi.

  3. This is too much sanchi…………now why you put your nose on veer life…….tum kabir ke sath khush raho………..or veer ko time do mishri ke sath khush rahenme

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