Tu Aashiqui 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pankti confronts Poorva

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The Episode starts with Rangoli waking up and thinking of Ahaan. She boasts of herself and says Ahankti’s concert is cancelled. She gets angry reading the good comments on Ahankti’s promo. She gets the car keys and goes. Pankti comes home. Poorva comes and asks are you fine, I heard about the concert. Pankti says yes, it got cancelled, sponsors told about it, they didn’t hide it, family members meet eyes and lie, were you really worried for me. Poorva says yes. Pankti says you are lying a lot these days, so I was confirming.

Poorva asks don’t you trust me. Pankti shows the hotel receipt and asks whom shall I trust. Poorva says I went with client. Pankti says you went with Vikram, you went to hotel, club, business lunch and his home too, I took your side in Ahaan’s house, why did you do this. Poorva says yes, I lied, you are feeling bad for them, you didn’t care for me, I have lost Monty. She tells everything done by Vikram. She cries and says what could I do, Vikram ruined my life, he broke my relation. Pankti consoles her and says whatever Vikram did with you, it was wrong, you did the same with him, then what’s the difference between you and Vikram, you didn’t think about Richa. She consoles Poorva and says we have to think how to rectify this.

Rangoli thinks of Pankti and drives angrily. She meets with an accident. Ahaan comes to return pendrive. Anita gets insulting him, comparing him with a dog. Ahaan gets angry and says your fate is like this wine, if it falls out once, it never comes back, oops this wine got finished. Pankti looks on. Rangoli gets dressing done. She sees Manav. Nurse says he is our trustee, don’t know what will happen today. Rangoli asks what do you mean. Manav discusses about the funds needed for lease renewal. Rangoli sees the kids in ward. She goes to Manav and hears about Ahaan and Pankti’s concert to raise funding. Rangoli says they are just after Pankti. Anita calls Manav and complains about Ahaan. Manav asks Ahaan to come at the charitable trust, he is talking about Ahaan and Pankti’s concert. Ahaan agrees.

The man says we need a big name for concert, else the companies can take back their funds, Ahaan fights anywhere, who will buy tickets for his concert. Manav says then what do you want to do. They hear Rangoli singing and go to see. Rangoli dances with kids. They clap. She says kids were insisting, sorry, I hope you didn’t get disturbed. The man asks will you do concert for these kids, maybe Lord has sent you for these kids. Ahaan and Pankti come and look on. Ahaan says I m also Rangoli’s fan and good friend, but this concert is just about Ahaan and Pankti, I can’t let anyone else become part of this. The man says we can do concert without Ahaan. Rangoli says Ahaan, I respect your concert and decision.

Pankti says you can sing with us, we will be glad, these kids will be happy too. She asks Ahaan to think about the kids, its not about them. Ahaan agrees. He apologizes to Rangoli. Rangoli says the concert name will be Ahankti, I will be part of it, I m your fan, anything for Ahankti and kids. She thanks the nurse for aid and goes. Secretary asks will you really sing for the charity. Rangoli says I have to stop Pankti, I have to separate Ahaan and Pankti, I will get time to spend with Ahaan, I m doing charity for myself. Vikram calls her secretary and says I want to call to Rangoli. Rangoli’s secretary says Rangoli is busy in concert practice, its for Ahankti. He says she has exclusive contract with JMD. Rangoli disconnects. He gets angry. Rangoli says I did this for a purpose.

Ahaan talks to Pankti on call. Rangoli comes to pick him.

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