Mere Sai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai To Treat Tulsa

Mere Sai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mhalsapati and Parvati bring Tulsa to Sai. Keshav asks Govinda why he thinks he doesn’t love him. Govinda asks Keshav to prove his love and asks him to talk to Kulkarni. He says may be I will tell about smoking habit of yours. Mhalsapati asks Sai if they met Tulsa. Sai says yes. Tulsa washes Sai’s feet and says it is dirty. Mhalsapati tries to stop her, but Sai asks him to let her do. Tulsa rubs his foot with something and it gets scratched. Mhalsapati asks her to get up. Tulsa gets angry on him. Sai keeps his hand on her head. Tulsa says did I do wrong. Sai says no. Mhalsapati says you have hurt Sai and shows blood on his foot. Tulsa apologizes repeatedly. Sai keeps hand on her head and she sleeps.

Keshav asks Kulkarni to let Govinda go out for his personal development and reminds of English teacher’s words. Kulkarni asks Keshav what is his secret with which Govinda is blackmailing you. Keshav says nothing.. Kulkarni says he is Chivu’s son and I know everything. Kulkarni permits Govinda to go out and asks him not to mingle with selfish villagers. Govinda tells that he understood.

Mhalsapati tells Sai about Tulsa and says she got married in his house. Parvati says she is behaving strange, Sai asks him to do the paat. Mhalsapati says ok. Govinda roams in the village and have sweets, Some boys ask him to play. Govinda refuses ands says who will play with you. Amrapali’s friend throws mud on him. Govinda gets upset. Mhalsapati reads Shanti kand, but Sai asks him to read fast. Mhalsapati says I can’t read more faster and says there is a right time for everything. Sai tells him that time is set for everything and asks him to give some time to Tulsa to tell everything. Mhalsapati agrees.

Sai asks Tulsa to come to Dwarka Maai daily and clean it, and promises to give one shank to her. He asks her to have water in her mouth when coming there, Some villagers teas Tulsa. She hits them with stick.

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