Savitri Devi 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer makes Sanchi writes her exam

Savitri Devi 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Jaya that they are going to honeymoon and that’s why please let it be. Jaya says my husband’s wish is suffocating today and you are saying, let it be. She tells Sanchi that she is giving her much pain today, which she didn’t give when married Veer. Sanchi talks to Pragya and asks her not to worry and says you will write it well. Pragya says it is your father’s dream. Sanchi says you are like his daughter also. Pragya says you made me emotional and says she will write her exams well. Veer selects saree for Sanchi and asks her to keep it.

Vikrant looks on angry. Priya says sorry and saysI can understand what you are going through. Vikrant smiles and then looks angrily. He says you will never feel until you will bear. He says you will be punished and ties her hands on to the chair. He tells that she will know now how he felt when he was tied and his mouth was taped. Priya says no. Vikrant says you have to sit like this all night. Veer asks Sanchi to hurry up else they will get late. They come to Savitri. Veer thanks Savitri for sending them to honeymoon. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that it seems Veer is excited to take her for honeymoon. Savitri comes and knocks on Priya’s door. She asks them to come. Vikrant frees Priya’s hand and asks her to get ready. Savitri brings curd and sugar and makes Veer have it. Priya comes and wishes them happy journey and asks them to enjoy there. Sanchi thanks her.

Vikrant says now you don’t have band and nobody will disturb you also. Veer takes curd sugar and asks Sanchi to have it. Sanchi recalls Jaya feeding her curd sugar and have it. They leave. Dr. Malhotra says Sanchi’s ego and Sunil’s dream, both are broken.
Dr. Kabir tells Pragya that he is hopeful that she will pass in the exam and says Sanchi betrayed us. Pragya says ok. Jaya prays to God and asks him to do something. Sanchi thinks Maa and Papa, sorry I couldn’t fulfill your dream. Veer sees Sanchi upset and changes the route. Sanchi says we are going to wrong way. Veer says this wrong guy will take us to our destination. Pragya is tensed. Dr. Kabir asks her to trust herself and come inside. They go to exam room and sit infront of laptops. Veer takes her to SDCH and asks Sanchi to come out. Sanchi asks why did we come here? Veer says I will tell you later. Veer holds her hand and takes her inside. Jaya sees Sanchi and wipes her tears.

Pragya gets happy hearing Veer and asks Sanchi to go inside and says paper started. Veer asks Sanchi to go and says Maa and Papa’s dream is waiting for you. Sanchi thinks he loves her so much and didn’t let her hope break. Pragya tells Jaya that it was Veer’s plan to bring Sanchi here. Dr. Kabir comes and says I can’t accept this last minute changes. He says Dr. Sanchi betrayed us when we needed her, now I will not trust her. Veer tells Dr. Kabir that no doctor can replace Sanchi here. Pragya says it is for hospital betterment. Veer says no doctor can write the exam. Dr. Kabir says if she fails in the exam then you will be blamed. Veer accepts it and says I trust my Sanchi fully. She will never fail in this exam. Sanchi gets glad and goes to write her exam.

Savitri falls down the stairs. Gayatri shouts Didi. Later she asks Sanchi to take care of Savitri and not to go to hospital again. Sanchi and Veer are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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