Bepannaah 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya is heartbroken by Yash’s betrayal

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Bepannaah 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya breaks down and looks at the divorce papers. A tear streams down her cheek as she looks at the papers made by Pooja. Yash signed the papers but Pooja dint sign them. Aditya stops in his tracks stunned. She hands over the papers to him. He looks at the empty signature space as Zoya looks at Yash’s signature on her divorce papers. She stands up in shock and walks out of the house in a trance.

Aditya remembers the time spent with Pooja. Harsh is about to say something to him but Aditya goes inside without a word.

Sakshi meets Zoya on her way out. She calls out after her but Zoya walks away absentmindedly. She is the same girl who I met in the orphanage. What is she doing here and in this condition? She notices the looks on everyone’s faces and asks Anjana what happened. Harsh heads upstairs. Anjana says your daughter is giving my son pain even after dying. First she cheated him. It wasn’t enough so she wanted to divorce my son! Arjun reasons that they do not know how true it is. Bhabhi did not sign them. Don’t talk like Adi Bhai. Sakshi gets thinking. Arjun requests his mother not to aggravate the matter. Don’t take out your anger on Sakshi Aunty at least. She does not deserve it. Sakshi goes.

Zoya’s words echo in Aditya’s head as he looks at the divorce papers. He recalls Pooja telling him that there is no person in the world who tells everyone everything. If he claims to do so then he is definitely lying. Sakshi pats at his shoulder. His eyes well up. She tells him to stop thinking negatively for a while. Pooja dint sign the papers which means she would not wish to leave you. She might have realised it that this can be the biggest mistake of her life. He refuses to keep any hope on Pooja or her love again. Yes, she did not sign the papers. Does it mean she did not cheat me? Arjun tells him he shouldn’t have spoken to Zoya like this. You broke all her hopes. Her life was based on that hope only. Aditya reasons that hope is a poison which takes life. I did the right thing. Her eyes will open now. Arjun asks him if he saw the way she looked when she stepped out of the house. He remembers the look on Zoya’s face and reprimands himself for the same. He rushes out of the house. Sakshi remembers meeting Zoya in the orphanage on Day 1 and that she gave her Pooja’s saree to wear. What did I do!

The weather turns bad. Zoya is walking on the road holding the divorce papers. She recalls her romantic moments with Yash.

Aditya stops an auto and asks the driver to keep driver. He wonders where Zoya would have gone. Let me find her once. I will tell her then.

Zoya hears Yash calling her name and turns. Yash says I wanted to tell you but I could not say it. She walks up to him and slaps him tight. She hits him and cries. Don’t take my name! You did not leave me for any good. You broke my love, my trust, my self-respect. That Aditya Hooda was right. I was mad to trust you! I thought my love was my strength but it turned out to be my weakness. You only said that you love me. You said the same thing when we met last. Why did you do this to me then? What did I lack? Was I not a good wife? What was so special about Pooja? You made a joke of me! I left the world, even my Abbu to be with you. I chose you as my world! Why did you choose someone else then? Why did you do this?

Aditya stops the auto and steps out immediately.

Zoya asks Yash what she should do now. It was a lie! All the gifts, everything was a lie! She removes the ring that he gave to her on their anniversary. This was also a lie! She throws it away. Aditya looks on as she breaks down. She warns Yash not to come in front of her ever again. Get out of my mind and soul! She heads in another direction. Aditya calls out her name and picks the ring. He suddenly realises something as he looks at the ring. It has Pooja written on the inside. It means it belongs to Pooja and Zoya thought it to be Yash’s love token? He is about to throw it when he remembers that Pooja had not signed the divorce papers. Why did Yash make this ring when Pooja dint sign the papers? It may be that he wants to propose Pooja but then why did he give it to Zoya? I don’t want so many questions. I will go mad Pooja. He stops himself from throwing the ring away and heads back.

Yash’s mom and Noor return home. Mahi is eating happily. Did you find Zoya? Yash’s mother denies. We even checked in the office. Noor suggests lodging a police report but Mahi reasons that they need to wait for 24 hours before filing such report. Let’s wait. Zoya will come home. Her mother seconds her.

Aditya comes to his room. He looks at the papers and then at the ring. I wont confuse myself anymore. I wont give myself any more false hopes. Why dint Pooja sign them though? What was she thinking? This is rubbish. I wont give any thought to it. What Pooja was thinking does not change what she had been doing! I wont confuse or torture myself anymore. I will be clear. Arjun asks him about Zoya. Is she fine? Aditya replies that she will have to handle herself this time. Arjun points out that her condition was already bad and he only rubbed salt to her wound. I hope you dropped her home safely. Aditya retorts that he is neither her father nor her husband to do so. Why should I think about her when they dint think about it? She is going through all of this because of me only right? Arjun tries to say something but Aditya closes the door on his face Aditya thinks of how hurt Zoya was. Don’t know what she would do to herself if she sees Pooja’s name on the ring. I think I should keep this with me for now. Pooja will stay for a little longer with me atleast this way.

Noor is about to go out when Mahi asks her where she is off to. Noor refuses to wait anymore. Someone may support her or not but I will go looking for her. Mahi tells her to go ahead. Noor leaves. Mahi’s mother asks Mahi to go with Noor. Both the sisters are new to this town. What if Noor gets lost too? Mahi says the phones have maps nowadays. She will be mad to get lost. Yash’s mother insists that they need help. How can you talk like that? Mahi asks her whose mother she is. Don’t bore me. Go please.

Aditya keeps the divorce papers and ring in a drawer and closes the cupboard. No confusion! He heaves a sigh of relief. I need a break. He takes out a pair of clothes.

Noor wonders where to look for her sister when Zoya enters. Noor rushes to her. Are you alright? Where were you? Say something. She holds her as Zoya stumbles in her step.

Arjun suggests Sakshi to find Zoya’s number. Let’s call to check if she has reached home safely. Sakshi says I feel bad for her. I saw her when she was leaving the house. Aditya is about to call Zoya when he thinks it is better that she comes out of her illusions herself. He walks out of the house.

Yash’s mother decides to call Aditya’s landline. Mahi says I agree that Bhaiya signed the papers. He isn’t here but it does not mean we will throw her out of the house. There is humanity after all (all acting). Yash’s mother asks Zoya if she is fine. Noor takes her sister inside. Arjun calls at the landline just then wanting to speak to Zoya. Yash’s mother gives the phone to Noor. Noor hears Zoya closing the door and runs upstairs. Mahi picks the phone. Arjun asks her about Zoya. He tells her Aditya and Zoya had a fight. Mahi asks him how it matters to them. One brother gives her pain and the other pretends to care for us. Stop acting to be nice. She disconnects the call. Arjun finds it rude but then tells Sakshi that she is fine.

Noor keeps banging at the door asking her sister to talk to her atleast. Zoya expresses her wish to spend some time alone. Noor goes from there sadly.

Aditya is dancing and drinking in a pub. The divorce papers and ring keep flashing before his eyes.

Zoya throws Yash’s stuff on the floor.

Aditya sits in a corner and gulps down shots.

Zoya thinks of her lovely moments with Yash. She thinks of how Pooja and Yash’s dead bodies were found holding hands. Aditya’s words haunt her. Zoya thinks I loved you immensely and you wanted to go away from me. You proved Aditya Hooda right. I can never forgive you Yash! She cries.

Precap: Aditya is dancing in the pub. Zoya slits her wrist. Aditya breaks open the door and takes Zoya to hospital. Zoya holds his hand as he gets up and thanks him for saving her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Pooja and welcome back as u were absent for some days between Sona updated but missed ur updates

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Ooshi 🙂 Thank you for such a nice welcome.. I missed you guys and the updates too. Hope you are doing good.

      1. Ooshi

        yes take care

    2. P_lata

      Congrats Ooshi for the first comment…. You are becoming life of this page dear…. Rock on girl ????

      1. Ooshi

        i m trying my best it’s what i want to not to become life of page but to become a speciall member of BP family

    3. P_lata

      Yeah u r Ooshi…. Special member of BP family…. Be here always

      1. Ooshi

        i will with the permission of God ur this reply is just a relief and happiness to my lovely and crazy heart (don’t want to say lovely but to be true my heart is mad in love for everyone)

  2. Ooshi

    they didn’t do what i & some wants them to do
    although don’t like that they dragged the epi and don’t show the precap in real & shifted it to tomorrow but can understand it will take time for Zoya to move on

  3. Ooshi

    acha hua Adi ne Zoya ko nahi btaya k ring pooja k liye thi
    happy Adi isn’t having good hopes
    i was thinking will Adi investigate the matter just a rough thought
    mahi i was calling her bi**h and specially when she changed by seeing Zoya just want to call her much much…………
    where did Noor and Zoya’s mother in law try to search her
    now sakshi knows who is Zoya i like it
    no need to praise Arjun as many will (in other comments)

    1. Hi dear I’m a bit confused. What adi was saying while he get in to the auto. Well I don’t understand Hindi so I don’t know what he say when he take auto. Can u explain me what he was saying when he take auto.

      1. Ooshi

        he was angry and said where did this girl go the moment i will get her i will not leave her(in anger)
        i m also confused that y he was angry on her

      2. Yes @ooshi I also confused y he hv to be angry

  4. Mona146

    why is aditya going for an auto instead of his own car

    1. Ooshi

      and moreover y he was showing anger

    2. He stop driving car since he can’t drive cause he imagine yash and pooja in the car and he can’t focus on driving

  5. Lokesh

    So now ,zash is over and pooadi begins, it’s all over, care for each other increasing.

    1. Lokesh

      Ab new love story begin, waiting for tomorrow. Gud night guys.

    2. P_lata

      Yeah Lokesh Zosh over… Hope for AdiYa now…..

  6. My guess after watching today’s episode – Arjun and Pooja may have been in a relationship. But Pooja was pregnant with Adi’s child and hence decided not to divorce him. Yash as a good friend may have guided her to take the right decision.
    Yash on the other hand may have signed the divorce papers because he was becoming bankrupt. He may have started feeling that he is no longer capable of taking good care of Zoya. Or he may be suffering from a fatal disease like blood cancer.
    In short there was no affair between Yash and Pooja. That ring might have been made by Arjun for Pooja.

    1. i dont think so arch since zoya ne us ring yash se mila so its very unlikely arjun aur pooja affair

      1. Yes..After analysing I felt arjun did not make ring for pooja. Yash got the ring on behalf of Pooja for Adi as his birthday gift. So in short Zoya wore Adi’s this strengthens Adi-Zoya’s kismat connection. And since the beginning the ring is always moving towards Adi.
        As for Pooja, as per the diary she was definitely having an affair. But it also seems Yash was not her bf. As per rumour mills her bf was Arjun. N it is a thriller so any character can suddenly turn grey. I think if rumours are true Arjun is grey.

      2. Ooshi

        Arch we don’t want him to be gray as there r many so what the need to make him gray character and infact we and specially i m/r hoping for Arjun & Noor to be paired

    2. i Hear same that pooza nd arjun had an affair…..

      1. No arjun loves zoyas sister

      2. no arjun and noor ka rishta hone wali hai

      3. Ooshi

        happy u commented keep commenting

    3. y u are telling so arjun is adis brother and he loves noor .

      1. Ooshi

        for now he only likes her love is the next stage as it’s intensive

      2. Ooshi

        and Trisha said that because she heard that just simple is that cool down hope so nothing like that will happen i said hope so because CVs and as it’s indian serial but we all want the same ok Dear happy u commented Keep Commenting

  7. Lokesh

    And yup , Pooja the updater ,wlcm back here, a big thank u u were missed, a very prompt update, plz be regular always we want u only. thank u.

    1. You’re most welcome Lokesh 🙂 I was travelling so I was away.

  8. Fenil

    Welcome Back Dear Pooja For writing Updates of Bepannah !! Thank you Dear Sona For Manage in her absence !!

    1. Thank you for such a warm welcome Fenil and everyone 🙂 And yes, thank you Sona for posting great updates. I too used to read them when I was away 🙂

  9. May be you are right arch..

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  10. In continuation with my last comment..I analysed ring thing further. Pooja might have made that ring for Adi as his birthday gift..If we recall older episodes the ring keeps on going towards Adi. Pooja may have asked Yash to make it on her behalf but Zoya thought it was for her.
    So if Zoya was wearing Adi’s ring then this is real kismat connection of Adi-Zoya..:)

    1. Ooshi

      the story/assumption u write is nice let’s see what cvs think

  11. Jenny I don’t know how you acted this scene
    But one thing
    You opened my eyes
    I saw myself in you
    You were not Jennifer Winget
    You was Zoya
    I bow before your acting skills
    Hats of dear
    Thanks a lot for bepannah and you

    1. Ooshi

      and what about thanking to this forum and site
      by the way welcome to this forum
      Happy u commented Keep Commenting

  12. Adithya_Huda_CAJ

    Thanks Pooja

    1. Anytime 🙂

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    Day by day show is becoming thriller and mystery for us…
    First aditya use to hate pooja and now zoya will be hating yash,… Either we are dumb or writers making us fool…
    Anyway show is really unique but tooooooooooooooo slow…

    1. Ooshi

      happy to see u here keep commenting

  14. I’m so confused in today episode. If yash don’t have any affair then why he do ring for her. And I really sad for zoya. She really broken. And still I’m wondering how adi will go zoya house and save her. But I hope so after this adi and zoya will be friends. I don’t want any fight btwn them. Ask also broken but he don’t want to show and he don’t want to weak by thing this . They both face same problem but show their feelings in different ways. But Both acting superb in their character . Only they can do this much acting in their role. Love zoya and ask. Still they didn’t show about the diary and eagerly waiting for tom episode.

    1. Hey..I think pooja made the ring for Adi..Zoya would have mistakenly wore Adi’s ring…Read my last comment…:)

    2. Priyu

      Hope they become friends soon ,? I also don’t understand about that ring case ? so confusing! What Adi did was right ? keep everything inside locker . No confusion ??

      1. Yes it reall correct

    3. Ooshi

      hoping the same AdiYa frndship

  15. Heylooo BP ROCKIES wassup nice episode of course am yet to watch bit still let’s see how this story shapes up

    1. Priyu

      ?? Warning Before Watching Yesterday’s Episode :::-
      1) Keep a lot of tissue papers
      2) Or keep a big Handkerchief
      3) Keep a big bucket to fill your tears
      4) Keep a pillow to hide your tears
      ??Good luck for watching Didi ,?

      1. Ooshi

        good warning but to be true i didn’t weep but just feel sad for her by the way i like Adi for what he did(forgeting about the matter)

    2. Ooshi

      keep commenting

  16. Hello Bepanah Rockies ☺
    This is d first time I’m commenting in this forum. All these days I’ve been a silent reader… But, today I felt like commenting… I’ve been following this serial from day 1 n really enjoying alot watching bepanah?? n loving Jennifer n Harshad’s acting ?
    Coming to today’s episode, it was really a sad one seeing zoya terribly broken?..
    But, hoping that adi n zoya will become friends n eagerly waiting for tmrw’s episode?
    N I must say this that I love to read ur comments guys..? so keep on commenting guys..?
    Gud nt ?

    1. Priyu

      Hey !! Welcome here ! Keep commenting.? Even I am also waiting eagerly for today’s episode.?? Good morning! ?

      1. Hey, thank u @Priyu….??

    2. Ooshi

      welcome to this forum u too keep commenting and wishing the same

      1. Thank u @Ooshi..?
        Glad to see ur replies guys… Take care….Bye..?

  17. Why is everyone saying Arjun had an affair with Pooja? I don’t see any signs of this in the show or have I missed something? ? One thing is becoming clearer that they dint have an affair as it’s been suggested since the first episode and will be very obvious.. but something fishy was going on between Yash Pooja and their respective FILs, since zoyas father also had a broken car earlier.. so a lot to be unfolded still

    1. Mona146

      me too feel same. both FILs are hiding sth

    2. Priyu

      I’m not saying Arjun had an affair with Pooja ?I also didn’t get any sign..Ya looks like something was there between Yash and Pooja ? maybe that’s why they were together when they died

    3. Ooshi

      agreed pooja and arjun affair is just rumor and the people saying this this because they heard it take it lightly nothing like that will happen ok by the way happy u commented keep commenting

  18. i think sakshi knows something .. she wasnrt even schocked to know about divorce

    1. Priyu

      Even I think so. But we still don’t know what she knows. Once she told that ,(Sakshi) she will have to say that truth to Adithya soon. But that soon didn’t arrive yet ?

      1. really ? did she say she has to tell something to aditya ??

    2. Priyu

      Yes she said so before that kidnapper called her for the last time.

    3. Ooshi

      agreed and also the one blackmailing her said that he knows all and then she thought how to tell Adi because if she tell him that thing he will go more away from her

  19. hmm a very confusing epi don’t know who had an affair wid whkm and who knows the truth… but story is getting interesting day by day.. loved the precap but on the other hand i felt really bad for zoya becoz yash broke her trust.. love their acting- harshad N jenny they nailed it? evn arjun is too good and caring bro hope he finds the diary soon and get to know the secret….

    1. Priyu

      Ya you are right . Don’t know who had an affair with whom ? Yash broke her trust ? very sad ?

    2. Ooshi

      hoping the same happy u commented
      Keep Commenting

  20. Priyu

    Hello to all ? I was waiting eagerly for Monday. ???????One thing I noticed , Adithya’s birthday almost had three episodes and now it’s going to be four tomorrow (right) ?????????????????????????

    Today’s episode is ok type.????? Zoya broke down seeing Yash’s sign on divorce papers….?????????????????????? Sad for her… ????????????????????????Fenil bhaiya your Jenny’s acting was awesome!!?????????????????????????????? Im sure you would have felt sad (at least) because of her state… ????????????????????She’s so realistic. ?????????????????????????I also got teary eyed that time . ??????????????You were really brilliant Zoya…??????????????????????????? But you should have given another slap to that Yash too…??????????????????????????????????????????

    At last Sakshi got to know that She is Zoya. ??????????????Anjana is too much. ???????????????????????????????????????????She vent out her anger on Sakshi????????????????????????????. Insensitive. ?????????????????????????

    One more thing actually… Yash is dead now so that one who appeared before Zoya could be Yash’s gost ????????????????????????????????????????????????????. How can someone slap a ghost ????????????? I was like omg wow.??????????? Even though it’s her imagination she cannot slap him not even touch him right ???? be practical yaar. Little more. ??????????????????????????????????????????

    Why did Adithya let Zoya leave !! ??????????????????He did saw how much hurt she was!!???????????????????????????? Then why Adi whyyy why you left Zoya when she needs someone the most. ???????????????????????????????????

    I was shocked to see Pooja’s name on ring!! ???????????Omg!!????????????????????????????? Zoya should have seen that at that very time???????????????. Or else she will broke down again in future!?????????????????????????it’s better to break down at only one time. Rather than breaking your heart again and again.?????????????????????????????????????????

    Arjun really cares about others feelings.. He was kind enough to care about Zoya.?????????? That stupid Mahi answered the call ,???????????????????????????????? how could she. I mean what she said was true but still… She should have been more polite…… ????????????

    Now Zoya’s mother in law cares for her . That’s a relief. ???

    Zoya even left her Mom and Dad for Yash and Yash betrayed her this way.????????????? I can’t even believe this.???????????????? He is just too bad. He should have thought about Zoya’s situation. ?????????????????

    Zoya seems to be really very hurt…?????????????????????. Jenny’s acting was awesome in today’s episode. She almost made me cry.???????????????? Thank God my twin was with me so that tears didn’t fall down ? or else others will think I’m crazy.

    Noor really cares for her appi. ?????????????When Arjun called her , she shouted saying Appi , then why didn’t Arjun hear that! ??????(I think he is deaf )?????????????He should have heard that scream!??????? Then he should have understood that something has happened to Zoya! ???????????????Instead he said Zoya is fine! Really? ????????

    Adithya’s reaction when Arjun told him how Adi treated Zoya at the time she came to their home,was like, Wow! I was really surprised! ????Did Adi really understand that he did a mistake!??????????????????? He ran away from room so fast! ????????Just because he cares for Zoya or something else… …????????????

    Earlier it was shown that Pooja has done wrong but now the exact opposite! ????????????Now Yash had done bad and Pooja hadn’t done anything….??????????????? Earlier Adithya was broken to the core and now Zoya is broken to the core…….??????????????????????????????? Feeling bad for both of them…. ???????????????????Before Adi suffered of Pooja’s betrayal and now Zoya is suffering of Yash’s betrayal…. ??????????????????

    Arjun was right. Adithya broke Zoya’s only hope….?????????????????

    Earlier Zoya believed that Yash was innocent and now Adi has to believe that Pooja was innocent.????????????? But don’t know whether he will believe it or not. He doesn’t even like to think about it…. Poor them…?????????????????????????????

    Today Harshad’s face was so so so so much sad.??????????????????? he really did his part well…. And so I’m sad today because Adithya is sad…????????????????????? But actually I feel more pity for Zoya today due to her condition…?????????????.hope everything will sort out soon…. ???????????

    1. Ooshi

      good work Priyu keep it up

      1. Priyu

        So sweet of you Ooshi ??

      2. Ooshi

        if someone does good we should praise and encourage it it’s a good thing

  21. Priyu

    Thank you so much Pooja for your detailed episode ?? it was so helpful for me ??? you have even translated what Zoya told Yash ???thank you so much!
    Thank you so much Sona for writing the episode until now ? ?

    1. P_lata

      Hey Priyu… Nice emoji ful review ??????????????????????????????????????

      1. Priyu

        ?so sweet of you didi

    2. 😀 You’re most welcome Priyu. Keep reading 🙂

  22. I am sure that sakshi knows somethingkyuki lasst epi mein kisine usse call kiya blackmail kiya zaroor kuch jantihe

    1. Priyu

      Ha Sakshi knows something but we don’t know anything ??

      1. Ooshi


    2. Ooshi

      happy u commented keep commenting

  23. I read everyone’s comment, it’s really interesting to read everyone’s imagination & observation. Coming to the episode, Jennifer’s acting is Mashallah… superb…. But if anyone notice that actually Noor got the divorce paper through courier which was signed by Yash. Just think that if Yash really wants to divorce Zoya that he may send this courier to Zoya’s address not to his own address in Mumbai where he knows that Zoya is not living. Then, who send this courier to Zoya. The signature, it must be fake one.

    In other case, Aditya received the divorce paper without her signature. Just to mislead the case only.

    1. Priyu

      But Zoya left her parents for Yash right? Then how can Yash think that by sending the divorce papers to Zoya’s house will be equal to sending it to Zoya? And Zoya lived in Yash’s house so it’s not possible. I don’t know it’s opinion ?

      1. Dear Priyu, Zoya was started to live in Yash’s house after her demise only. So, how can he know that he is going to die & Zoya will be stay with his family & he can send the divorce paper to his Mumbai address so that Zoya will receive the same. It’s not possible in advance. Someone will definitely wants Zoya to hate Yash at any cost. My doubt is going to Yash’s friend.
        Meanwhile, as per my understanding, whenever Yash is going for any business trips, he was sure that Zoya will stay with her parents in spite of have so many differences with her father as her mother & sister loves her a lot.

      2. P_lata

        Dear Priyu… I think divorce papers are sent by Mr. Harsh Hooda to both of them so that both of them can believe on their partners cheat and move on in their lives

    2. Lokesh

      Yup u have a point mr. Sherlock Holmes, but we have to wait., I agree to ur point.

    3. Anee

      Pradeep dear U are right…even this is also point for notice….how can anyone knows about demise earlier….so much confusion?? I just hope the makers will able to give answers to their audiences about all this questions that raised in viewers mind….Because in others shows the makers first confused to audiences by creating mysterious scenes but then they forgot to clear the confusion…and I don’t want the same happen with bapannahh.

      1. Ooshi


    4. Priyu

      Yeah maybe it can happen too ?

    5. P_lata

      Pradeep…. The papers must be sent by Mr. Harsh Hooda… As u may remember… One time he said to Anjana that I have taken step towards my Aditya betterment… Now according to him… Zoya will leave Mumbai as she believes now yash was a cheater and Aditya will be relaxed as he will feel that Pooja has not signed the papers so she was not a cheater…

      1. May be you are right, I remember the wording of Mr. Harsh Hooda.

      2. Ooshi

        nice guess P Lata let’s see

    6. Ooshi

      agreed let’s see when & how the story unfold
      happy u commented keep commenting

  24. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Poor Zoya is shattered! Brilliant acting by Jennifer really impressive!

    1. Ooshi

      happy i commented keep commenting

  25. Anee

    Hiiii BP Rockiessss…..Medha See I came back….Aditya and Zoya nailed the Episode with their brilliant acting skills……really liked Adi’ss Confusion expressions…..Yeh papers aur yeh ring gaye drawer main….koi confusion nahii…..kamaal dhmaal bemisaal Acting by Jenny (our Zoya)….Really excited for tonight’s episode….Recape seems so interesting……yaar yeh Noor aur Arjun humesha phone pe hi kiun baat karte hain…phone pe bhi baat adhurii reh jaati hai….well Really excited to know what will happen next….Good bye BP ROCKIESS….LUV UU ALL.

    1. Medha

      Hey Anee… good to see you back dear… ab se gayab mat hona hehehehe ?
      & yeah Jenny and Harshad were superb ???

      1. P_lata

        Where are your comments dear ????

      2. Ooshi

        happy u commented other wise i was just going to leave a comment of missing people for u keep commenting be here always

  26. Medha

    So finally toot kar bikhar gya Zoya k mohabbat ka Taj Mehal !! ?
    She was completely devastated loved her performance she was simply awesome…..

    Eargly waiting for today’s episode becoz Bepannaah_pyaar_hain_tumse

    1. Ooshi

      be here always

  27. P_lata

    Awesome… Awesome….. And awesome….. Jennifer in emotions is so perfect…

    Caring Aditya… How strangely he cares yaar…. Antique piece….????
    Wow… What a tight slap ????hum apni bepannaah mohabbat ko apni taakat samajhte the aur wo hamari kamjori nikli….. ????? finally zoya cried, cried and cried… Taking her pain out …..perfect acting by Jennifer ????……pyaar bhi bepannaah aur toote toh nafrat bhi bepannaah …….sacche pyaar ka dardnaak ant ??????
    Aditya is confused…trapped between cheater Pooja or may be faithful Pooja…. Now this ring ? with Pooja’s name… Other confusion ????these CVs will make us confused…. Paagal kar denge shayad…. Mystery solve karate karate ????? ring rakh li Aditya ne… Chal Pooja issi bahane tum mere saath kuch aur pal to rahogi…. Nice expression by Aditya….

    Arjun…… ???? trapped between Aditya and Zoya , Anjana and Sakshi …..
    Noor ……too much concerned for her sister… Lovely sister ????
    Aditya’s way of handling situation is good , very strong attitude but sometimes it fails too ????
    Mahi the crap is doing her vilaneous acts well ????
    It’s so painful for Zoya to believe all this ???? Aditya making him normal in abnormal condition of disco… Irony…. .
    Every scenes is commendable ????…kitna bhi likhe kam padega ???
    Waiting for today episode now…… Luv u Bepannaah …..

    1. Ooshi

      in the light of ur comment the first bechara person is Arjun although Zoya is bechari but in having grieves but Arjun is bechara about what to do i like the sentence about Arjun it was quite funny to me

  28. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!!
    Whole Episode nailed by one line “Yash ne papers sign kiye the aur pooja ne Nahi” & Harshad & Jennifer’s acting perfect icing !! Outstanding Performance !! Hum apni bepannaah mohobat ko apni taqat samjhte the, par woh humaari kamzori nikli” humare dimaag se nikal jayiye humari ruh se nikal jaiye ”

    The way she stormed in Hooda Mention and the way she is leaving WAQT KAB KAISE KARWAT BADALTA HAIN PATA NAHI CHALATA !! Jiski HOPE Tooti woh Dusare Ko HOPE Deke Chali Gayi-Broken Zoya witnessed Signature done by Yash and Not By Pooja !! Zoya was walking lifelessly too broken may HOPE “Umeed Insaan Ko Jeene Nahi Deti”Adi was right, the Retro shade they put when Adi was still watching papers and Zoya was going away Superb ,”Aapki Beti MArne ke baad bhi meri bete ko taklif de rahi hain yeh hua” Anjana also upset ,Maa-in-law : Khud iss dard se thodi rahat de do Adi Beta, Divorce papers sign nahi kiye the iska matlab yeh hain ki woh tumhe chodna nahi chahti thi & Ad denied to accept anything , NO ADI U SHOULD ASK MAA IN LAW DIVORCE PAPERS Prepares karne ki nobat hi kyun aayi , Lo Bhai Zoya ke Chamcha Arjun Hooda aa gaya ,
    Arjun – Bhai aapne to Zoya Ki saari ummid he tod di…

    Aditya – sahi kiya uske saath Maine.. tabhi to aankhen khulegi us “andhi” Ki…

    ?? Arjun ko kuch zyada he fikr ho rahi hai zoya Ki…??
    #Bepannaah #AdiYa
    Today we get to know that Hope is also a poison !!Finally Sakshi gets to know about Zoya !!

    Mausam badal gaya with Pain of AdiYa specially Zoya’s pain , Angry Adi ride to find her just awesome he didn’t drives car in this condition Any person can forget that he gets imaginations but he takes it serious achha hain kay pata uss din ki tarah Zoya ka accident kar de ,

    phenomenal Performance Start !!

    “ZOYA” Voice of Yash stopped her in way See the hell he is looking innocent …Mashallah She hits him so hard He Deserves this (Socho toh if MAYA was there instead of ZOYA ,Maya must tortures him like hell then kill then those cray talks- “Pyaar Aapko Control karne lage toh usse barbaad kar dena chahiye-Maya”)

    Zoya : Naam mat lijiye hamara…aapne hame kahin ka nahi chhoda Yash,Humara Pyaar…Humara Bharosa…humara khuddari…sab kuch kuchal ke chale gaye aap. ..woh ADITYA HOODA aur baki sari duniya sahi kehti thi..hum bewkoof the hum andhe the ki hum aap pe yakin karte rahe yash… Hum apni bepannaah mohobat ko apni taqat samjhte the, par woh humaari kamzori nikli” ….Aap hi ne kaha tha na ki aap humase pyaar karte hain …
    Now i can’t continue….so painful My Jenny !!

    Hum apni bepannaah mohobat ko apni taqat samjhte the, par woh humaari kamzori nikli”- just remind me of Kahin Toh Hoga show when Kashish and all family gets to know that Siddharth is main culprit behind murders …her sister Mauli said to him same dialogue and she rubbed her sindoor and pulled out mangasutra and says from today my upcoming child will know only him as death person.

    Wow Adi has sharp eyes yaar he catches another clue Pooja on Ring , he is confused at the time frustrated with all happenings…Noor ka haal behaal ho raha hain without Zoya and Mahi was munching beetroot jhalli…

    “Arjun mein uska baap nahi hun jo haath pakad ke usse ghar le jau nahi h uska pati jo uske aagepiche ghumunga” well job Adi Arjun ko nikal diya aaj yeh Adi ka bhai nahi lag raha tha mujhe he is so irritating today just go to hell but spare Adi !!

    Good to know he cares for her “Agar Zoya e pooja ka naam dekh liya toh pata nahi kya karegi” kuch nahi Suicide kal karnewali hogi toh aaj abhi karti jyada kuch nahi….”Chal pooja iss bahane tu kuch aur waqt mere saath rahegi ” hasu ya ro mein, !!

    Aaj sirf Adi and Zoya hi dikh rahe the mujhe bich me jo makkhhi aa rahi thi Noor Mahi Arjun sab kuch bokwas aaj yeh sab mujhe pareshan kar rahe the bich bich me aake


    See this mahi Zoya ko dekh kar Madhuji ko bura bana rahi thi today u can’t be safe chudail,dayan,bhootni…tere se achhi meri Komolika thi Face to face !!

    Adi was reducing pain by dancing , Zoya was removing all memories ,

    1. Ooshi

      specially liked the titles u give to Mahi let’s give a permanent name to mahi from all that titles
      woh aap ko makkhi lag rahe the pr arjun aur noor k bare main to aesa na kaho wo b to care krte hain Zoya ki

    2. Ooshi

      by the way good work keep it up

    3. Ooshi

      kia aap ne sirf 1 comment hai lakin sb se zyada khidki toor
      Priyu ka emojis l lehaz se aur aap ka story k bare main

    4. Superb update @Fenil..? thank u for posting d dialogues in hindi.. loved it…? Especially that line “Zoya ke Chamcha Arjun Hooda aa gaya” ?? but poor guy(Arjun) he is d only who understands both Adi n Zoya’s pain..
      N this one is really funny ??“Agar Zoya e pooja ka naam dekh liya toh pata nahi kya karegi”- “kuch nahi Suicide kal karnewali hogi toh aaj abhi karti jyada kuch nahi” ??
      Bye..take care… Love Bepanah..☺

  29. I think both pooja and yash may be suffering from deadly diseases. so they might have thought they should end their lifes.

    1. Ooshi

      u mean suicide by being with each other to hurt more their patners

  30. Regarding Ring, I am little bit surprised to know Pooja’s name was mentioned on it. Generally, if someone will propose with a gift of Ring, then he/she will mention his/her name on the ring & gifted to other person so that he/she can remember him/her while seeing the ring at any time. But in this case, the ring is with Pooja’s name & since beginning it is with Yash (on his drawer & later on with Zoya). If Yash was suppose to propose Pooja with that ring then he should mention his own name on the ring & not Pooja’s name.
    I think that it might be the surprise gift for Adi from Pooja with her name. It may happen that by some way, Yash collect the same & informed to Pooja about same. Pooja was suppose to collect the same from Yash at Masoorie. But due to weather issue, her flight has cancelled & Yash may be trying to drop at nearest Airport & during the way, the accident happens.
    This is my theory only. We have to wait what CV will shown us.

    1. Ooshi

      good theory so u too agree to P Lata theory little bit by the way good questions u raised in the previous comment

    2. Lokesh

      A correct name given to u by me , mr. Sherlock Holmes, u r a genius, I don’t know y bt it looks like these things must be true, Yash was going to give the ring of mussourie to Pooja , which she gift to adi. Really after it comments mystery is getting more darker. I m loving bepannah a lot.

  31. Ooshi

    1 MORE THING CAN’T WE CALL IT AS BePanah family or BP Family because whenever i m i want to connect my heart and rockiess isn;t the one which relates heart (i wish someone from initials who r still here come see my this request and reply)

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