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It has been a month that Gauri is staying with us, in our home. Shivay was a bit shocked initially but Gauri’s condition was worse due to the poison effect so he did not say much. Yeah he is not my brother but respecting the relation that we had couple of years ago really makes me sad to think that the same man Shivay has changed this drastically after bhabhi went away. Moreover Rudra was in coma and he got up yesterday only… I could sense the fear inside him. Once he was really a small boy yearning for love and attention when he was afraid but yesterday when he fought with Shivay saying that he won’t allow Soumya to stay close to him was really a bit shocking. He generally never says a word against Shivay although he hates him but yesterday’s incident was really something that has hit Shivay hard. His empire of darkness will shatter soon and that I know.

“Om…” Gauri said jerking me from behind. I looked back “I was calling you since a minute, where were you lost” she said, yeah maybe she was calling me but I was busy analysing our condition. “Don’t touch me you mistress” I howled back jerking off her hand from my shoulder. This was sudden shock for her as she gasped aloud. “Listen Mr. I am here just to inform you that I am leaving, just stay in your limits… you are no one to howl at me” she retorted back pushing me. She thinks that I have kidnapped her in the name of arresting her. Wait I cannot let her go, one thing she don’t know is that her bail is done but I cannot let her go, she had hurt me enough by being the mistress of my father and now it’s my payback time. I held her hands tightly and spoke “you are not going anywhere… you will stay here only” “I am not your slave… leave me” she tried to loosen my hold by jerking off her hands but I pulled her up and walked off, she was continuously hitting me but I was adamant to show the pain I felt when I got to know what relation she shares with my father. After going inside a room I put her down and went away from there.



I have left that school around fifteen days ago, now I am again going back from where I ran away few years back fearing to face that beast who has killed my baby. Maa… Papa and Daadi are excited but sad, they have had broke all the ties after they got to know the truth that how Shivay planned to kill me but he is their son, and I can feel the pain of a mother. I just want one answer from him, why did he do that? What was my mistake? I closed my eyes, past some days were terrible for me… I am feeling something that does not even exist, I… I don’t know what is happening to me and where I am gradually leading to but… “huuuuhhh!!” I left a deep sigh and opened my eyes.

“Who is there… who is there?” I shouted as I saw a black shadow passing away soon after I shot open my eyes. “Anika… Anika wake up beta… Anika wake up” next moment the only thing I knew was that maa was jerking me to wake me up. I opened my eyes, was it a dream or something else… the question got embedded into my mind.

Sun rays played through the curtains of my room. I rubbed my eyes and Maa handed me the bed tea. I was in no mood so I directly headed towards the small research lab I had. “1…5…2…” I dialled the password of the locker which has my important stored files and took out one. I started reading it, the file had twenty pages, I read the entire file in fifty minutes and again re-read it. I knew that something is missing… “Beta have the tea” came Papa’s voice. “Yes papa…” I answered but… Papa isn’t here, he went to confirm the tickets… so who said. “Who is here?” I again shouted and ran outside the lab with the file in my hand.

“What happened Anika?” Maa asked who was setting the breakfast table. “Did papa return?” I asked to get the negative answer as I expected, then who was the person who asked me to have my tea? I rushed back to my lab as I realised that someone may have tricked me to get me out of the lab to take all the information related to my project. But… but everything was normal. I sat on the chair with a thud and started to read the same file again.



Soumya was trying to come close to me… but how can I allow her, the visual is still fresh which I saw a month back, she… the burnt face… the puppy… “kau…kau…kau…” came a puppy cry from somewhere and grabbed my attention towards it. I went out of my room to check and there a puppy was crying, Soumya was trying to get hold of the puppy but it is running away from her. “Soumya stop… leave that puppy” I don’t know how I exactly said the sentence but maybe I shouted, Soumya stood frozen and the puppy came towards me. I took the puppy in my embrace and went inside. I was caressing the puppy when I saw blood started to ooze out from one of his eye.

“Rudra… where is the puppy… Rudra” came Soumya’s voice, the puppy cuddled to me as if I was his protective shelter. Soumya walked in and smiled looking at the puppy and me. She sat beside me and started to caress the extra hairy part above the head of the puppy. The puppy too started licking her hand and she was giggling. I smiled but the cold blood touched my skin and I looked at the eyes of the puppy again. “Soumya the puppy is hurt” I said. She smiled and placed the puppy on her lap. She nuzzled her nose over his and then left the puppy to go. I ran out following the puppy but it just vanished. I returned back to my room but Soumya wasn’t there too. What’s happening with me… am I hallucinating… am I…



I headed out of the room. How dare he kidnap me without my consent… wait people get’s kidnapped without their consent only… ohhh god Gauri… what the hell are you thinking. He has even planned to get married and as Rudra said he will be getting married soon. Urrgghh… why the hell he still affects me.


“Hey girl… what’s your plan tonight?” Om asked wrapping his hand around Gauri’s waist. “Well… actually nothing, but why?” Gauri asked moving close to him, resting her head over his shoulder. “I was thinking… uhh… to…” he stopped and she looked up at his eyes which showed dark emotions. She blushed and looked down. “Babe… we love each other” he justified. She nodded and hid her face over his chest. He smiled and wrapped her close to his heart.

That night Gauri went to Om’s house, Shivay was busy in preparing Rudra for his exam the next day. Gauri stepped out of Om’s room to get water when Om’s father pointed her. “Hey gorgeous lady…” he said coming close to her. She smiled and greeted him. “You at my place today? Why babe?” his naughty grin traced her body from toe to top. “Wo… Om” she said. “Ohhh… how stupid is he, he just believed in you… he believed that you really love him, stupid he, well baby after he is done, come to my room” he said and walked off. Gauri smiled hasitantly and the moment she turned back Om was standing there with blood shot eyes, tears falling tracing the previous tear’s path.

“Om I can explain…” Gauri said but it was of no use. “You blo*dy girl… get the hell out of my house” he shouted pushing her. “Om I said I can explain” she repeated with calm voice. “I think you are deaf I said get out” he too repeated and pushed her again, this time her feet stumbled and she fell down. Her forehead hit the corner of the table and blood started to ooze out. The family gathered at the hall by then. Shivay tried to stop Om but Om held the back of Gauri’s neck and pulled her till the main entrance. She asked him to leave her but the beast in him was awakened and he slapped her hard on both of her cheeks, red marks of his hand were visible.

Stoooooooop she shouted after bearing all the insult and slapped Om back. “I will come back… to destroy everyone… every damn one” she walked out adsorbing the water of pain in her eyes. Everyone went inside. From then Om started to distance himself from everyone, from then he started disbelieving everyone. Then his father was pushed out of the house.


I have promised you Om that I will destroy everything, and Ms. Gauri keeps her promises. Get ready to pay for your deed.



“Why the hell you want to prove that Rudra is becoming mad gradually?” I roared in front of a man with stone heart. “Haha… as if you care Ms. Soumya” he sarcastically said. He was testing my patience and now I am on the verge to loose my patience. “Listen Mr. Shivay… I know I hate him but there was a time I have loved him and for that sake I cannot do this… I cannot take the risk” I said but it caused no difference. “But Ms. Soumya he has ditched you, insulted you in front of the whole school if you remember… and why don’t you understand that it was your imfatuation…” “…because it was not” I interrupted in middle as he was saying.

“Okay… okay I agree but dear you have no other choice… you want to know about your sisters, and only I know who are they… it’s so sad right?” he said. I stumped my foot and went out of the room. I just cannot believe that how he has actually changed, the man who used to protect his Rudra wants to destroy him now. And all the kidnapping of me was a drama, Shivay getting the contract to kidnap me was a drama, Shivay asking Rudra to kidnap me as they got the contract was a drama and he getting the money to kidnap me was also a drama… actually he wanted to prove Rudra to be mad so just did all the drama and brought me here to help him out. Urrghhh and I am helping him. I stumped my foot again and slammed my hand over something ouuchh!!” I cried out in pain and looked at the distorted wood I have slammed my hand upon.

Blood was flowing through the wound I got. “Be careful Soumya” Rudra came and held my hand carefully. He blew over my wound and washed it with the water he brought. He was distancing himself from me but then… why he came to wash off the blood oozing out?



I want to be the top person in this world. I know Om will take care of Gauri in this matter, so the last barrier is Rudra… and I know how to handle him… huh… I smiled with a dark grin. Am I really happy doing all these? I asked myself… but nothing is stable in this life and I know what I want… this stone in my heart will never melt… and that I know. Let the game begin my Rudra. Let me see till when you work under me.

Somehow I was feeling that a major storm is going to hit my empire soon. Before anything happens I must ensure that no one gets injured except me. I can see the boy taking care of his girl exactly I used to do when I had my girl close to me. They really look good together. A soft smile appeared over my lips after ages, I too realised that love is something that can melt a stone but then I cannot let anyone prove my above said words to be lie.

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