Savitri Devi 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer refuses to get closer to Mishri

Savitri Devi 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Sanchi that she has a long life and says you would have asked, how my marriage is working with the illiterate girl. Sanchi says Mishri is your wife and asks him not to tell that. Veer says you care about everyone, except me. He says I got habituated to it and don’t care. He says Mishri is my wife and I can tell her anything, you can’t interfere. He says she is my wife and I have to stay with her. She will stitch my shirt button all life. His friend asks him to come home. Dr. Kabir comes there. Veer sees icecream in his hand and says you went to buy ice cream for her. He says you might be on cloud seven and tells that I was thorn in your life, and you are enjoying just as I moved from your life. He says you are enjoying after making fun of my life, so enjoy and touches the icecream so that it gets applied to his suit. He says this stain will clear, but what about that stain which you both have applied on my life. Sanchi cleans stain from Dr. Kabir’s suit. Dr. Kabir asks her to sit in car. Veer asks them to go on a long drive. Dr. Kabir asks Ram to drop him home.

Gayatri gives gown to Mishri and asks her to wear it before Veer comes. Mishri tells that she doesn’t wear such clothes. Gayatri says I am asking you to wear this infront of your husband as he likes it. She asks her not to let Veer come out of room and asks her to control him. She asks her to decorate the room with candles and decoration stuff. She gives the decoration hamper to her and thinks Mishri and her relation to move ahead. Mishri wears the gown and thinks what did I wear, and can’t go like this infront of him. She then recalls Gayatri’s words and thinks she is not looking bad. She thinks she has worn this for her husband and he will faint seeing her in night gown. She thinks she will change it after he comes, and thinks Gayatri cares for her and Veer’s relations. She lights the candles to make the ambience romantic. Veer comes to his room. Mishri says she was waiting for him and asks how is she looking. Veer laughs seeing her and says very good and you have decorated this room well. Mishri says I have done this for you and tells that she forgot to remove the outer wear of the gown. She removes it. Veer gets uncomfortable.. She asks are you drunk. Veer says he went to his friend’s party and came to tell her that he will get late, and is about to go.

Mishri thinks of Gayatri’s words and asks him to listen. She says my ring has fallen somewhere here and asks him to search. She then takes the handcuff and ties his hand while he tries to search the ring. Veer asks what is this. Mishri locks the door again and says you can’t leave me now. He asks her to free his hands. Mishri says I will call you aye ji, suniye ji and asks him not to think her villager, illiterate etc and says she is very clever and knows everything. She asks him to see how she makes him happy. She starts dancing. Veer asks her to stop her act and free his hands. She asks him not to get angry and frees his hands. Veer asks her to listen carefully and says nothing can happen between us. I got married to you due to some reasons, and don’t love you. He asks her not to have any expectations from him and tells that their marriage is just namesake. He tries to go and falls down. She helps him get up and makes him rest on bed. She recalls his words and cries, blows off the candle and throws the decoration flowers. Gayatri is standing out and thinks Veer is still inside. She thinks Mishri does her work.

Sanchi talks to someone about Veer’s job and tells that she will send his profile to him. Dr. kabir asks she is referring whom? Sanchi says Veer’s profile, so that he gets busy in work and don’t drink. Dr. Kabir says it is good. Servant comes and gives him bouquet saying someone sent it. Sanchi checks and asks if today is his birthday. Dr. Kabir says yes and tells that he doesn’t celebrate. Sanchi says sorry and tells that she didn’t know about it. She thinks why he doesn’t like to celebrate. Sanchi asks Kusum why Dr. Kabir celebrate his birthday. Kusum tells that he thought it is inauspicious and tells about the bad incidents. She says may be his life will change.

Sanchi wishes happy birthday to Dr. Kabir. Mishri gets a pic and calls Sanchi, tells that she came to know all truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Trp of this week is 0.9 so I think it’s clear people are loving the current track of sdcah.

    1. Check it dear it is 0.7 not 0.9

    2. I saw yesterday it was written 0.9. that’s why I have written 0.9. now it’s been showing 0. 7. But I feel if the story will be good it will increase gradually. Many kanchi and mugdha fans r going to watch the show again. Only sanveer fans will leave veer fans won’t leave.

  2. Spineless Veer ..padha likha jahil

  3. How cute it would have been if Veer wouldn’t have been there.. Kaanchi would have enjoyed eating ice cream.. Veer q hamesha aajata hai moment spoil karne ko ?

  4. Iss bar sanchi coma mein chali jaye gi

    1. Kabir fir apne birthday ko manhoos samajhane lagega.

  5. I think veer is more illiterate Thanh mishri , how can educated man be so dump and childish like him. is bored to watch why can’t he move on and try to give mishri a chance she so sweet and funny to watch.

    1. Exactly my thoughts…how can an man be so childish and always blame others for ruining his life ..Its good that sanchi left him ..infact any girl in her place would leave him for his foolish childish behavior ??

  6. I just feel sorry for veer and dr.kabir.Both of their life are spoilt because of idiot sanchi.Moreover makers have spoilt veer’s character.He looks like an idiot though I like Varun a lot.Again they might change the pair as rs has serious mental problems and from 1st episode I have seen the show has no logic other than degrading the character and status of doctors.

  7. Sanchi broke veers heart

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