Mere Sai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Shoots A Bird, Sai Saves It

Mere Sai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai frees the birds in air. Om Sai plays…..Amrapali and the boy rejoice. Sai praises Amrapali for having love for the birds and says you have done Pari’s work and that’s why I will call you Pari. Amrapali hugs him happily. Anta and Banta look in the sky for the birds so that Keshav can aim it with the gun. Kulkarni says if you don’t find the target then you will be the target. Anta sees the bird and shows to Kulkarni. Rukmini asks Keshav if he will really kill the bird. Keshav says what is the big deal. He shoots at the bird. Kulkarni gets happy to see his aim. Bird gets shot and falls down. Sai, Amrapali and the boy looks on. Sai makes the pigeon to his hand. Keshav thinks where did that pigeon go. Sai says I told you not to leave your friends, but you were flying alone. He touches the bird with his hand and it gets fine. Amrapali smiles. Sai smiles and asks pigeon to go and fly. Pigeon flies high in sky. Parvati tells Mhalsapati that there is a problem with Tulsa and says she is going to be a big problem for us. Mhalsapati says nothing will happen as such.

Amrapali comes to Dwarka Maai and asks Jhipri if she is Lakshmi. Jhipri says yes and asks are you Pari? Amrapali tells that Sai told me about you. Sai comes there. Mhalsapati tells that kids are playing with Tulsa. He says if Tulsa had seen that man saving Malhari then she wouldn’t have reacted that way. Parvati says what about that woman, who said that she gave bath to her son forcibly. Gauri calls Parvati and asks her to come out. They come out and see Tulsa dressing up Malhari as a girl. Parvati gets angry and scolds her daughter. Gauri says I didn’t do anything. Parvati takes out her anger on Gauri and is about to beat her, but Tulsa keeps her hand and protects Gauri. She looks angrily at Parvati and hugs Gauri. She uses bad words for Parvati. Gauri asks Tulsa if she felt bad. Tulsa says no. Parvati cries and says Tulsa made her son dressed as a girl. She cries and tells him that there is something wrong with her and that’s why her inlaws throws her out. Mhalsapati says I can’t throw her out. Parvati says I am not telling that and asks him to take her to Sai. Mhalsapati says we will take her to Sai.

Sai gives something to Jhipri and Amrapali. Amrapali tells that Sai has saved the pigeon and gives him something. Jhipri asks him to open it and see. They see something. Jhipri says it is of no use. Amrapali says Sai will use it someway.

Mhalsapati and Parvati bring Tulsa to Sai. Tulsa washes Sai’s feet and tells that it is dirty. They are shocked. Sai smiles.

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