Tu Aashiqui 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahaan loses the sponsorship

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The Episode starts with Ahaan trying to call Pankti. KK calls him and asks him to come to the studio. Ahaan says I m trying to contact Pankti, how can I come alone. KK says Chadda is our sponsor, he would be coming soon, you should come. Monty meets Pankti and says I have seen Poorva with Vikram, I know what’s going on between them. He tells her everything. Pankti gets shocked. She asks why are you here. He says I want to know why is Poorva making mistakes, I truly loved her, I want her to stop doing this. Ahaan calls her. He asks her to come to the rehearsal hall, concert date is fixed. Monty asks her to go. He says I will find out why is Poorva doing this.

Manav gets stressed by a call. He says we have to do something, else the trust will be shut. Aparna says we have to support the trust by funding. He says I wish I had money to support the trust, dad always wanted this trust to run. She says Lord will find some way. Rangoli meets Chadda. She says I don’t forget how much you helped me. He says I remember what you used to do, your habit didn’t change, about whom are you talking. She removes her shoes and tries to woo him. She says I heard you are sponsoring Pankti’s concert, it won’t be of any use to you, Pankti already has a boyfriend, I have no boyfriend, no… He says I stopped casting couch, this concert is pure investment. She asks what happened, are you scared. He says maybe, I m not scared of you. She pulls him close. Ahaan says Pankti wrote a good song on rains. Pankti says I m here. Ahaan says we shall sing that rain song. He plays guitar. Pankti sings Boondon me aaj……

Ahaan sings along. He sees Pankti lost. Pankti thinks about Poorva. KK asks Pankti are you okay. Ahaan tries to talk to her. Richa taunts Vikram. She says Ahaan loves Pankti a lot and can deal with any problem. Vikram asks why are you talking about her. She asks don’t you know. She shows the promo video and says its the power of love, you can’t understand this. Ahaan asks Pankti to forget whatever happened. He promises he will always believe her and stand by her. Kk gets a call and gets shocked. Pankti says you always stood by me. He says I believe Poorva, she won’t do anything to hurt my family, once this concert gets hit, association will give you membership. Pankti smiles. Ahaan says we will rehearse once again, lets go. KK says sponsor backed out, organizer cancelled the concert, don’t know the reason, maybe they got better deal or by someone’s pressure. Ahaan says how, call them, I will talk to them.

Pankti says its fine, don’t do anything that ruins your career. Ahaan says fine, I don’t care for your happiness and career, right, we both are separate right, why didn’t you tell this when I said I love you, you should have told that our love is casual, its not love. He asks them to pack up, concert isn’t happening, they won’t try for any concert now. Pankti cries and asks Ahaan why is he saying such things. Ahaan says you are not listening to my heart, none can leave Ahaan and Pankti, we are one, our victory is one, all chances and setbacks are same. Rangoli comes and says aw…. how cute… Ahaan says sponsor backed out, concert is cancelled. Rangoli says I came to congratulate, can I help you. Pankti says its fine, we are habitual to problems, I don’t care about anyone till I have Ahaan with me. Rangoli smiles.

Ahaan says I don’t want to blame anyone. Aparna says how can sponsors back out, fine take care. Kaira asks is Ahaan fine. Aparna says yes. Vikram looks happy. Kaira says I think your party was good. He says yes. Kaira says you disturbed Richa’s life, there is much tension in house, Ahaan’s concert got cancelled, you aren’t sad, maybe you are happy for it, did you do this. Vikram angrily throws the glass and asks why will I get happy. She says you don’t want Ahaan to become successful. Richa taunts him about Poorva. He raises hand. Richa says why did you stop, hit me. Aparna stops Richa. Richa goes. Aparna asks him to learn controlling his anger. He angrily goes. She asks Kaira to stop it and not say anything, Vikram can’t do this.

Rangoli sings O Sajna and dances with the kids in the hospital ward. Manav and some men look on. Manav asks her will she go a concert to get funding for trust. Ahaan says I can’t share the concert with anyone, its just for me and Ahaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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