Savitri Devi 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: A spirit gets free

Savitri Devi 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi not to worry, they can have a new plant tomorrow. He shuts the window and goes. Sanchi rests to sleep. Its morning, Sanchi does the work at hospital. She attends a call and comes to a prohibited area. She gets inside and sees a locked room. She wonders why is the room locked, what’s inside. She gets scared when a wooden platform falls. She asks ward boy for the keys. He says the old watchman has its keys. Veer comes. She asks him to come and see the prohibited area and the locked room. The old watchman/Kaka comes.

They ask him for keys. Kaka asks why do you want to open this room, its locked since years, let it be closed, Anand got this locked because of some incident, he wanted to make a ward here, but he asked everyone never to open this. She asks why, what happened here. Kaka says I don’t remember. She says you would remember something. Veer says give me keys. Kaka says you will regret a lot. Veer asks him to go. Kaka says why don’t you listen, let it be shut. Veer says I forgot to ask him about keys. Sanchi says I will try. She gets a call and goes for surgery. Veer says I will get the door opened and call you. Sanchi recalls Kaka’s words. Nurse tells about records upload. Sanchi checks the old records. Interns see Veer opening the lock. Veer says even when the lock opened, the door isn’t opening. Interns try to help. Subbu says it seems like someone is trying to push the door from inside. Veer says maybe something is stuck inside.

Subbu looks inside the door and says maybe there is someone inside. Sanchi says I found the reason for room 13 closure. She reads about the game of death. The computer gets off suddenly by a spark. Sanchi thinks how did this happen. Veer asks really Subbu, this room is locked since years, who would be inside, maybe you have seen a rat. Anand comes there and asks what’s happening inside. He gets shocked seeing the lock open. He asks who did this. Veer says I did. Anand asks why. Veer says I had to know what’s inside. Anand says its Vaastu is bad, so I always keep it shut.

Veer asks him to say the truth, what’s inside. Anand says there are few things, whose answers can’t be answered even by science, I believe in it, this room will always be shut, now leave. Veer sees some shadow and turns. Sanchi asks the man to fix her computer fast, it has imp data. She goes to see if the room got opened. She thinks to call Veer and get details. She sees some sparks in that area and enters. She says Veer opened the door and didn’t tell me. Veer holds her. She gets scared. They enter the room and look around. Sanchi sees someone and then her reflection disappears from mirror. She gets scared. Kaka comes and says I told you not to come. Veer says you scared us. Kaka asks them to shut the door and leave. Kaka sees the spirit behind them and faints. He falls down. They run to check him and find him dead.

The woman asks for her little daughter. Veer looks for the girl. The girl gets caught inside the locked room and screams.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ab bs yhi baki tha
    I have only three words to describe this
    Horrible Horrible. Horrible

  2. Rs is such a mad fellow.All the makers need help of psychiatrist.

  3. I miss kabir

  4. RuCh23

    What the BL**DY HELL???

  5. RS aukat pe aa gai. Issase jyada would aur kuch dikhai nahi sakati. RS creativity bhoot, chudail, atma Tak hi hai .

    1. Dhruti

      Bas mene to title padhte hi story padhi nahi bas yehi baki tha you r right riddhi rs aa hi gayi apni aukat pe…..jab show flop hone ki kagar pe ho to horror sagment start kardo trp badh jayegi….. public ko kya bevkoof samja hai pagal kahi ki….vo purane tricks the jo ab nahi chalte jyada….ye show to flop hi Hoga…..but I miss Kabir….

  6. Anee

    Really disgusting!!!!!!

  7. Stupid episode think it will end soon

  8. Literally Kabir ke Bina show flop hai and aane wala track supernatural BHI bakwaas hai Sandeep worst story line has began??

  9. Itana accha track tha sabir and mishveer kA trp bhi increase ho gai thi but I think CVS ko badhi hui trp pasand nahi aai so uss track ko beech main hi band kar diya and start ho gaya aatma kA track. Matlab yaar kya soch k ye log medical show Main Spirit ko dikha rahe Hain. Thank God kabir is not part of this bullshit. I m surprised how an actor like MK is still doing this bakwas.

  10. BaBa ji thullu???

    I am happy Vikram sir free from this crap show. He left show just watch Varun kapoor birthday interview segment Vikram sir clearly said he is not in new plot of SDCH .so its clear he quit show aur abhi makers ke sath baat chal rahi hai about his character shape and growth.

  11. Horrible flop low standards cheap stupid etc when will this show end?

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