Nimki Mukhiya 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu hits Sweeti

Nimki Mukhiya 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sccene 1
Mauha says you must have a very lavish style in haveli right? You should be eating on dining table right? Nimki says I will get you a dining table for this house too. Mauha says please cry you will feel lighter. Nimki says heroin doesn’t cry.

Ritu comes to his room. He says who can do all this? Nimki? Sweeti says what did she do? Ritu says what can she do? Sweeti says I don’t get you. Ritu says you know her very well. Sweeti says why would she do it. She is nothing in front of clever people like you. Ritu says okay forget it. Lets talk romance. Just like BDO. Sweeti shoves him. He says why do women dress at night? She says how many women have you seen dressing up? He grasps her face and says I can show you my manliness. She says a man that has to prove his manliness isn’t a man. Ritu slaps her. He shoves her on bed and twists her hand. Ritu says you are Tettar’s daughter otherwise.. Sweeti is angry and in tears.

Scene 2
Nimki says mono come out. Mono says why you shout so much. Nimki runs after him. Chachi comes and says today is Raksha bandhan. You all forgot? Mono is sad. He says I wont celebrate. Nimki says I will celebrate. You are our brother.
Tettar says to babbu stay with nimki in hospital. We will handle everything here. Tettar says where is sweeti? Diamond says she didn’t come out of room.

Dablo says to Annaro what did uncle send you? Tettar says what did you bring for sweeti? Rakha brings a bag and says he got this for sweeti. Diamond says amma only gave me 500. Rekha says better start working in Dablo’s office. Diamond says where is didi? Rekha says she didn’t come out of room. Is everything okay ritu? He says yes.

Nimki and Mauha do Mono’s arti. They ask him for gift. He sits and cries and says I don’t have one. Nimki says when papa comes back take money from him and get the gift.
Sweeti comes out. Diamond says why is cheek red? Babbu says ritu? He says how would I know? She says my nail scratched my cheek. Dablo says tie us rakhi. Sweeti ties them rakhi and does arti. Sweeti says be a good human and learn to respect human. BAbbu says you are our sister why are you taunting us? You know we love you so much. Ask us once. He gives Sweeti money. She says I don’t need anything. You can do anything for me right? He says say it once. She says shoot Ritu. Everyone is shocked. Ritu is scared. Babbu takes out his gun and points at Ritu.
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