Mere Sai 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Celebrates Keshav’s Birthday

Mere Sai 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai reunites Tulsa with her husband and daughter. Tulsa thanks Sai and leaves with her family. Kulkarni with his family walks into Keshav’s room and wishes him happy birthday. Servant greets in broken English. Keshav laughs and says it is wish you happy birthday. Whole family rejoices. Kulkarni asks Keshav to get ready for prayers. Keshav prays god with family. Kulkarni praises he has become like him and says he is going out on business now. Keshav gets happy thinking he can go out and party.

Sai goes to a house asking for food. Woman says he came too early today, so she has not prepared anything yet and gives maida. Sai says anything is fine. He walks to Lakshmi’s house and calls her. She comes out. He says he has to give her something and asks if she can prepare jalebi for him like she used to in Dwarkamayi. Lakhshmi happily agrees and says she will enjoy jalebis with her friends also, Ali, etc.. and Keshav, gets sad thinking of Keshav’s rude behavior. Sai gives her maida and leaves.

Jiva passes by Ranoji’s home and seeing him sitting idle says he is going to market to by bulls, if he can accompany and help him bargain. Ranoji yells he is taunting him that he is jobless since 2 months. Jiva says he did not mean. Ranoji’s wife asks him not to misbehave with Jiva. Ranoji fights even with her. Sai passes by and asks what happened. Jiva explains he was going to market and thought of taking Ranoji to keep his mind busy. Ranoji shouts he does not his sympathy. Jiva leaves. Sai asks Ranoji if he will accompany him at least. Ranoji happily agrees and walks with Sai.

Keshav goes to arrack shop and asks shop owner to give him liquor. Owner seeing his dressing sense says he will give, but not without money. Keshav gives him money and giving bottle asks to fill it in this. Owner asks his employee to fill best liquor in it as this boy looks very rich and once get addicted will shower money on them. Keshav sees Sai passing by and hides tensely.

Sai takes Ranoji to his house and does gardening with him and then prepares taweez and gives it to him and asks to wear it and go to his business, it will flourish well. Ranoji happily accepts thinking Sai never gave taweez to anyone till now and promises Sai he will work hard and show progress.

Lakhsmi brings jalebis and enjoys it with Sai and all her friends. Pari cracks lame joke. Everyone sit silently. Sai laughs followed by everyone. Lakshmi asks Sai why did he make her prepare so many jalebis, who is it for. Sai shows Keshav passing by. Ramoji goes and asks Keshav to join them to have jalebis. Keshav thinks he will have one and run away. Sai wishes happy birthday to Keshav. Everyone excitedly wish him and feed jalebis. Lakshmi jokes Keshavi is standing like Tulsa tai. Sai blesses Keshav to go on a right path and not folllow wrong one. Keshav says his mother is waiting for him. Sai asks him to meet them often. Keshav returns home and drinks liquor.

Precap: Ranoji returns from market and says his business was very profitable due to his given taweez. Sai asks if he can return that taweez. Keshav gets sad.

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