Savitri Devi 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Jaya gets nostalgic and emotional meeting Savitri

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Savitri Devi 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya coming to the hospital indisguise of Vaidehi wearing similar clothes and sporting hair style like her. Isha says they can’t identify her. Receptionist asks Jaya about her Intro. Jaya talks in Vaidehi’s accent and says she is Dr. Malhotra’s saas. Sanchi comes and says she will get her test done. Jaya feels apologetic to God and thinks she shall meet Savitri anyhow. Dadi calls Priya, but her phone is off. She then calls Veer and asks where are you? Veer says he came to camp. Dadi asks him to come home and says Anand is marrying Gayatri on his marriage anniversary day with Savitri. Veer asks how can he do this and says I will come.

Vikrant brings Priya to highway and asks her to see, and says this is your punishment. He asks her to cross the highway and meet him at the other end by running and not by walking. Priya says this is impossible, if I run then I can meet with an accident. Vikrant says there is a problem and shows that his goon has aimed at Dadi in his mobile. He asks her to decide if she loves Dadi or herself and says he will see her at other side. He goes at the other side and asks her to run. Vikrant says I love you so much, but you don’t leave your smartness. He asks her to come. Priya is about to run…Sankep’s mum sees Priya running on road. She is about to get hit by the bike and gets scared. Sanket’s mum thinks she is here with Vikrant. Vikrant asks her not to do this mistake again.

Dr. Kabir sees Jaya and thinks she is Vaidehi. He asks how is she? Sanchi is tensed. Jaya keeps her hand on her mouth and tells that she has lips infection. Dr. Kabir says she will be fine and says Sanchi is the best intern. Vaidehi comes to the hospital and asks receptionist why there was nobody standing for her welcome. Receptionist thinks she came just sometime back then why she is saying this. Isha and Pragya see her and says we are here for your welcome. They take her with them and ask if she is really Gayatri’s mum, as she looks like her elder sister. Vaidehi gets flattered and says she got married at small age and soon Gayatri was born. She says she will share her beauty remedies with them. Pragya and Isha whisper to each other that they shall keep her busy. Vaidehi thinks where did Anand keep Savitri and thinks to search. Pragya and Isha turn and see her gone.

Just as Sanchi and Jaya are about to get in the lift, Nurse comes and stops them asking Jaya to fill the form for the test. Sanchi says she will get her test done. Nurse says it is her work and asks her to let her do. She takes her. Vaidehi thinks nobody asked her anything, she searched in the ward, but couldn’t see Savitri. Nurse asks if she has any allergy etc. Jaya sees Vaidehi coming there and gets tensed. Sanchi and Jaya hides.

Vaidehi drinks water. Nurse asks her to tell details and thinks she seems to be someone else. Isha and Pragya take her from there. Vaidehi says she is searching someone and asks if someone by name Savitri is in the hospital. Isha says no. Pragya says she knows Savitri and takes her to old patient. Vaidehi says she is not Savitri. Pragya says this is the only Savitri which they know. Vaidehi asks them to tell if any woman’s treatment is going on secretly here. Isha says no and says if there was something then we would have known. Vaidehi says I am much impressed with you and gives her visiting card. Pragya thinks to keep the card thinking she can come in their use. Vaidehi leaves.

Sanchi calls Pragya and says they have reached on 10th floor and asks her to do the work. Pragya calls the watchman acting to be her mum and asks him to come to village and says she will die after seeing him. Suresh says he will come. Suresh goes. Other watchman comes and thinks where did Suresh go? He might have gone to washroom. Sanchi and Jaya get tensed. They get outside and go to meet Savitri.

Jaya sees Savitri (strange, who does her make up). She cries and calls Savitri asking her if she can identify her. She says I am…Jaya…..Savitri gets teary eyes hearing her, but she can’t say anything. Jaya says I know you can’t forget me, our friendship and relation was strong that you can’t forget me. She says that day when you called me and I couldn’t reach you, I have cursed that day. She tells Sanchi that this is Savitri, her friend and her sister. She tells Savitri that the girl is her daughter, Dr. Sanchi Sunil Mishra and she is intern here. Savitri recalls little Sanchi holding her and calling her Savitri mausi. Jaya says after your last call, everything happened so fast, you left…15 years wait has finally ended today. Tears roll down from Savitri’s eyes.

Jaya says today I am very much happy, can I ask you, that day you want to tell something and asks what was that thing which she wants to tell her. Savitri gets tensed and her condition starts to deteriorates. Sanchi looks for the file and prescription and thinks what to give her. She gives her injection. Jaya asks Sanchi to treat her immediately. Savitri calm down. Jaya cries badly holding her hand. She says Sanchi will take care of you and will make you fine soon. Sanchi asks Jaya to come and says it is late now, if anyone sees us here then it will be a problem. She says we have to go from here. Jaya says I will take you from here soon. She cries while going….Savitri closes her eyes.

While everyone are having food. Vikrant asks Priya to go and bring salt. Mr. Chawla says salt is here. Vandana says you are controlling her much. Mr. Chawla tells that Dr. malhotra sent invitation for his remarriage with Gayatri, if they see Priya sad then will get doubtful. Vikrant says he is getting remarried and laughs. He says nobody will know as Priya will go there happily. Priya brings salt. Vikrant shows her Anand weds Gayatri card. Priya is shocked. She thinks how can Papa marry Mrs. Malhotra on his wedding anniversary with Maa. Vikrant says you shall be happy and asks her to smile. Priya smiles. He asks her to be happy and tell everyone that she is very happy with him. She nods and gets upset.

Sanchi asks Jaya to wears specs and wipe her tears. Nurse comes and asks her to come for endoscopy. Sanchi thinks what is this new trouble. Nurse takes her. Sanchi says she got her test done. Nurse says Dr. Kabir asked me to do her endoscopy. A doctor informs Adarsh that Vaidehi came to the hospital. He thinks to meet her. Sanchi sees him and asks Jaya to lie down for the test. She then stops Adarsh and tells that Vaidehi don’t want anyone while her test is going on as she gets irritated. Adarsh says ok and asks her to tell Vaidehi to meet him while going home.

Gayatri makes the arrangements for the wedding. Veer comes and pulls the decorative flowers down. He calls aloud Dr. Malhotra and says you always talk about respect, it is your life, do whatever you want. He goes near Savitri’s pic, and says but not tomorrow, it is her day and I won’t let you do anything tomorrow. He says I used to think that you loved Savitri, but you never loved her. Dr. Malhotra says Gayatri is your….Veer says she is nobody. Dr. Malhotra shouts. Veer says even I can shout.

Gayatri asks him not to say this. Veer says your identity will be of second woman only, and says cheap woman like you can’t be my mum. Dr. Malhotra is about to slap him, but Veer holds his hand and asks him not to think of slapping him. He says you have forgotten our relation. He says he don’t want to be part of this drama. Dr. Malhotra asks him not to come and attend any function of the family. Dadi asks Veer to listen. Veer says I can’t bear him for a second. Gayatri smirks and thinks this panauti went from my marriage. Vaidehi comes there. Gayatri takes her from there. Sanchi, Jaya, Isha and Pragya hear Madhu telling Bala that they have to go on shopping to attend Gayatri and Anand’s marriage. Jaya says how can he marry on his marriage anniversary with Savitri. Sanchi says only Veer can stop this marriage. Jaya asks Sanchi to talk to him and stop the marriage anyhow. Sanchi says ok.

Jaya tells Sanchi that she has an idea to tell everything to Veer. Veer is about to go to ward no 1009.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Follybraverl

    I don’t know why but I love Pragya more than Sanchi as she is active chirpy….Suits for veer is every way?

  2. Veer and Dr.malhotra face off z very nice,hope veer meets his mother tomorrow(but i think it will not happen in tomorrow’s episode)

  3. Waiting eagerly for sanveer love ❤ scenes

  4. Hope sanveer will unite soon.
    We want sanveer back

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Slowly slowly everyone is getting to know that Savitri Devi is alive, that makeup part??? IKR Hasanji ??
    I like this show a lot but I really hate the way they r making us confused but after all it’s a show. I hope Veer gets to know about Savitri Devi being alive ASAP he has all rights to know this.

  6. I hope veer will meet his mother soon

  7. Missing sanveer love scenes a lot

  8. Rehmat

    omg veer love you what a face a off between son father I hope veer meet his mother soon love sanveer hope they meet soon

  9. I love sanveer very much

  10. veer vs dr.molothra face to face in anniversary day ….oh can’t wait for that day..I am getting surprised veer is so good in any scene..but his angry and sad moment impress me most…I watch only veer scene in this show and during continue other part I change the channel…hey @vinal are you like cricket?.if you then enjoy Ind vs sri cricket match…

  11. Pls cvs and rs mam back my golgappa &makhan malai sanveer they are my crush

  12. Really veer’s acting z superb in any scene.(angry,emotional,sad,romance…)
    No words to express ,he z amazing .
    And today veer and Dr.Malhotra face off z really nice(today we saw angry veer)

  13. Love u varun (veer).
    Hope sanveer will unite soon

  14. Hope that sanveer unite soon and he also unites with his mother also this sanchi is so boring I prefer pragya than her she makes us laugh and love her accent

  15. Varun(veer) u are good looking,handsome,smart,charming,cute actor.
    U r all in one. Love ur acting soooooo much

  16. wait the sanveer scence in love format ……pls show the scence between sanchi and veer

  17. I hated veer bcz I like kabeer and sanchi.

  18. I. Will stop watching the serial….as I am huge fan of kanchi I don’t think it would happen

  19. Even I am going to stop watching this show because I want kanchi no San veer they don’t match in fact isha or pragya match with veer.

  20. VINAL

    Todays almost all comments are for sanveer happy sanveer fans are coming back

  21. I like veer acting. But sanveer as pair a big NO. If it is sanveer then i will stop watching this serial. Sanveer are no match. Pragya looks awesome with veer.

  22. Dekho yaar pyar jo hota hai wo unconditional hota hai na to koi farq dekta hai aur na koi perfection wo to wo hota hai jo do log milke ek dusre ki kami ko pura karte hai kuchh ka kehna hai ki sanchi veer se badi dikhti hai magar yaar kya ye zaruri hai ki hamesha pair ek dusre ke equality ho nahi yaar ye zaruri nahi hai yaad hai slok astha astha slok se bachchi type lagti thi par kya unka pair nahi bana isliye ye mayne nahi rakhta ki kaun elder aur kaun younger hai bas unme kuch khatti metthi takrar nok zok pyar wali ladai aur bepanah pyar hona chahiye mujhe lagta hai sanveer me wo sab kuchh hai isse kya farq padta hai yaar ki kaun kaisa dikhta hai i love sanveer very much

  23. Kuch kehte hai ki sanchi ko acting karni nahi aati are yaar abhi abhi to use chance mila hai kuchh time to do har aadmi ko sikhne me kuchh waqt lagta hai koi suru se hi perfect nahi hota balki bannaa padta hai kisi ko judgement karne se pehle use kosish to karne do pehle hi decide kar liya ki nahi aata issliye todha sabra karo kisi ko perfect banne ke liya time do anyway i love sanveer my tom&jerry muaaahhhh

  24. Happy Ganesh chathurdhi to all

  25. Episodes are so boring without kabir. Again his scenes are reduced to 1 min?

  26. Lokesh

    Kanchi only plzzz

  27. I luv ths serial a lot and want sachi and veer together soon

  28. Veer ki diwani

    Plz update next part…
    Being out of country I m. Not able to watch d video..
    N few sites showing are all blur one n gets stuck too

    1. Yes… same problem on me too..

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