Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Advay and Chandni get married

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

PP says you will just marry me and injures Chandni. Advay punches his face. Chandni couldn’t get up for pheras. How will Advay and Chandni take pheras?

The Episode starts with Nani slapping Advay. He asks how did you know. He sees Murli and Yash. Indrani and PP smile. Indrani says its my city, none is hidden from my eyes, I knew just your Nani could stop you, so I called her here. She asks Nani to explain Advay. Nani takes Advay aside. She says you have crossed all limits in enmity, if Chandni’s heart breaks, none can join it. He says one who has heart gets a heartbreak. She says but you had a heart, my Chiku can’t do this. He says you don’t know Chandni. She says now I don’t know you too. He says Chandni is marrying me by her wish. Chandni says I m marrying Advay by my wish. Indrani asks what about PP. Mama asks do you still care for PP, not Chandni. She asks him not to argue.

Chandni says don’t fight because of me, trust me, whatever I m doing is for everyone’s good, I will be happy with Advay after marriage. Mama asks why don’t you look happy. She says every girl sees dream of marriage, I have also seen, I didn’t know my marriage will happen like this. Nani says you forced Chandni for marriage, but you can never change this decision, this bond is of love, you are trying to get Chandni forcibly, remember you have to become hers some day, all rasams and vows will be done, you have to respect these vows. He thinks the vows will be of hatred. He says I promise, whatever I vow today, I will keep it. PP scolds Chandni badly.

He drags Chandni saying you will just marry me. Chandni cries and says please leave me. PP pushes her down. Advay turns and looks on. Indrani stops Mama. PP says I will not leave you for anyone. He pushes a decorative pillar on her feet. Chandni screams. PP smiles. Advay comes there and moves the pillar away. He punches PP’s face. He beats PP a lot. PP’s mum worries. PP folds hands and falls down. Advay sees Nani. Kajal worries for Chandni’s state.

Advay and Chandni sit in mandap. Pandit says make bride wear mangalsutra. Advay makes Chandni wear mangalsutra. Pandit asks him to fill sindoor in bride’s maang. Advay fills sindoor in Chandni’s maang. Pandit says someone come ahead for doing ghatbandhan. Indrani stopsYash. Mama says I will do it. He does the ghatbandhan. Pandit asks groom and bride to stand for pheras. Chandni gets hurt and couldn’t get up. Advay lifts her in arms. Pandit asks them to take seven rounds with vows. Advay takes a round and takes first vow to make Chandni away from her family like she made him away from his family….. second vow to walk with her always just to ruin her, third vow to defame her family, fourth vow is he won’t let anyone else give her pain, fifth vow is….he won’t share his hatred with anyone, people need each other for love, I need you for hatred, my hatred won’t let you go away, sixth vow is…..I will hate everyone whom you love, seventh vow is he will not forgive himself if she gets peace any day. Pandit says bride takes the last vow.

Chandni thinks I have just seen hatred in your eyes, I promise to find reason of that hatred and not let it win. Pandit says wedding is completed. Advay stops Indrani and asks her won’t she give blessing to daughter. Indrani says I don’t accept this marriage, you can still come home with us. Chandni recalls Advay’s words. Advay stops them and breaks their hand tieup. He says Chandni will go with me, I m possessive type of husband, come Chandni. Chandni cries and hugs Indrani. She says I can’t tell you why I did this marriage, don’t be annoyed with me. She hugs her family.

Chandni comes and sees the grah pravesh things. Nani welcomes her. Chandni enters the house. Nani says you are part of this family from today.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nivika

    Triple treat for me..nivay’s marriage , my bff b’day nd my admsn……????????????????????
    Kya shadi thi yaar ..soo unquie…
    Finally chandni somehow got her fathers ashirvad….
    Love nivay….

    1. Manuu

      Happy b’day to ur bff???
      Cngrtz snehal for ur admission..bdw..where did u get ur admission..which course

    2. Nivika

      Hey manuu thnx yaar…i got admsn for bds…??????

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal…. Congrats..big big hug.

    4. Nivika

      Ty ty ty astha di….

    5. Jesna

      Congrats snehal for ur admission ???

    6. Nivika

      Thnx jasz

    7. Riana


    8. Nivika

      Thnx raina di???

    9. Sunanda_Guchhait


    10. Nivika

      Thnx di..!!

  2. oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg………………………..
    finally they are married <3 <3…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yes…finally they are married. Thank you for coming to our NIVAY marriage.

  3. Manuu

    Hello guys..finally shaadi ho gayi..chandini ban gayi misses advay singh raizada..cngrtz

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…Mrs. Advay Singh Raizada…sounding so perfect to hear…its just magically amazing.

  4. Antara

    wow FINALLY ADVAY MARRIED CHANDINI NO WORDS 2 XPRESS SO happYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      To be honest Antara, my eyes are paining a lot at rain of “Y”s. kidding yaar.

  5. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Finally Mr. Pran priye married to Mrs. Kattu gilehri. What a shaadi.. superb. Yipeeeee…
    Nani and AdvaY’s emotional talk was awesome. Chikku trying to convince his Nani, but Nani supports chandni, and she is determined that chandni is innocent. LOVE you Nani.

    “Yeh bandhan pyaar ka bandhan hai, ek na ekdin tujhe uska hona parega” .. awesome dialogue by Nani. But Nani , AdvaY is dying for that day when AdvaY and chandni will be one. And AdvaY’s double meaning promise… He vows to fulfill every promise which he will take by hatrayed, not by heart.
    I don’t understand chandni today. When that cheapda disclosesd the truth of giving 2 crore for this marriage, chandni wasn’t shocked, as if she knew it. Did she know about her mother’s money- deal??
    AdvaY away from chandni, talking to his Nani, cheapda pp took the advantage of it, tried to marry chandni forcefully, and hurt her. How dare you pp? But loved that scene when his face became bloodless , pale seeing AdvaY. The way AdvaY grabbed him and smashed him, I thoroughly enjoyed it, tried to whistle also
    Chandni couldn’t stand for “phere”, she was looking at AdvaY , seemed like she was asking AdvaY to hold her, AdvaY came forward and took her in his warm broad arms and promised his 7 hatrayed filled vows along with 7 circles of life.
    “Tumhe dard dena sirf mera haaq hai, yeh nafrat tumhe kabhi vi mujh se dur jane nehi degi, log apni pyaar kisi k sath nehi share karte, main apna nafrat kisi aur k sath nehi share korunga, logon ko pyaar k liye ek dusre ki zarurat hoti hai, mujhe NAFRAT k liye tumhari zarurat hai, mere rehte ekdin vi tumhe sakoon mila to mein khudko kabhi maaf nehi kar sakunga”.
    Itni nafrat AdvaY????but you don’t know jis family se chandni ko aap dur karne ki kashme ley reho ho, woh family uski kabhi thi hi nehi.
    But like chandni’s promise, where she said that she will find the reason of AdvaY’s hatrayed and will fight back, she won’t you chandni for this much determination and strength. Finally you have to win chandu.

    Today I feel Indrani is responsible for Yash Narayan vashisht’s mental condition, that Indrani is the reason for the difference between father and daughter.
    Hehe. See totally AdvaY admits that he is Mr. Possessive Singh Raizada.
    ” Kya hai na mein thora possessive type ka husband hoon”.. kya scene the, kya dialogue hai. Wah wah..

    Mama became support system for chandni, it’s good. I hate chandni’s two useless sisters​.kisi kam ke nehi, Mikku pata nehi kaha busy hai, sayadh sikha ke piche, Gul khan knows.

    But one thing I don’t get it. Indrani don’t recognize Nani?? How?? Is​ Nani not real Nani of AdvaY?? Or indrani doesn’t know about Dev’s grandma? Or Dev’s mother is also dev’s step mother?

    And another problem from now on will be, Indrani​ got to know about Nani and AdvaY loves his Nani, she can try to harm Nani.

    PRECAP is interesting.
    But can’t understand AdvaY’s reactions?? Khush hai , yeah gussa hai, maan hi maan mein badbada raha hai..????????????????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…PRAN PRIYE and his Kattu gilheri finally a couple..married no no…just married couple. Waiting to see some light moments next week.
      True yaar..Meghna and Shikha are less sisters and full packet of disasters…
      Oh I love his possession. But reaction of Chandni was a little unexpected for me, it amazed me completely …She could have took a little different vow in anger or sorrow like Advay but she took a single vow which neutralized every hate(it was more of love it seems) vows of her Dev.
      I was expecting to hear a -” WELCOME TO HELL CHANDNI”- in precap but just lets wait…..

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      True yaar.. egarly waiting to see some light moments between them,

      ” Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho .. aur batti gul ho jaye”…

    3. Pinku

      Such nice comments sunanda am waiting to watch on hotstar now

    4. Harshaa

      Nice review sunanda. Nothing more to say as u already specified everything

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Kya Dhamakedar episode tha na…
      Beyond everything…
      I want to kiss AdvaY..
      Sorry abh to woh married hai na??????????????????

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…I am on full energetic mode. Mere ASR ki shaadi hai toh… I have to stay awake. lol ha ha ha…

    7. Loved every word of your review!!! Echoed my thoughts!!??

  6. Manuu

    Tumhe kabhi na kabhi chandini ka hona hi hoga..luv u nani..exactly kabhi toh hoga yeh..disgusting can he behave like dis ..cheapda..finally..asr ne kya maara use..I was like maaro aur maaro..
    Sab log kya kar re the..jab pp chandini ke sath misbehave kar re the..I mean meghu bhi tamasha dekh rahi thi..
    One more doubt so indrani nani ko nahi jaanti one knows abt nani..weird..
    Nafrat ki sath vachan..mama was so sweet..gatbandhan kiya..sirf he stood by chandini..
    1st vow: parivaar ko door hi karo advay..khush rahegi chandini..uss indrani se chutkara pa kar
    Tumhare alava use koi pain de hi nahi sakta..
    Chandini ka vow makes sense..use para hona chahiye asr kyun uss se itna nafrat karte..
    Shika..mikku donom gayab..
    Precap: eagerly w8ng for journey starts

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too Waiting yaar..
      Dil mein laddo phut rehe hain…

      Ek hi song dimaag meon baaj raha hai..
      ” Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho,
      Aur batti gul ho jaye..”..
      Anyways in precap about AdvaY’s​ expression , I am clueless..
      Kya chahta hai banda??

    2. Review ????

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    “Marriage is not a child play…rituals will be performed,vows will be taken,you have to promise taking pheres…Its not funny”- Nani’s fear for her Chikku is rightfully worth worry,Advay Singh Raizada will be trying to seek revenge and Dev will be falling in love more with his Chandni,totally trapped in a game of Love-Hate puzzle.
    “I promise Nani….I will fulfill all the vows,I will take today…”- May be he is ASR …Advay Singh Raizada but its too complicated like what shall I name this love??
    “I am marrying Advay on my wish…I will be happy with him”- Chandni finally said her heart out but Indrani denied to hear her… Then in the marriage Chandni sat motionless in the mandap unable to stand on her own..and Advay understand her unsaid-unspoken words and picked her up in his arms..The chemistry was more then magical..(I wonder who took her up to mandap from floor?!!).
    Advay took vows…It was so…so…so…favourable for Chandni, those vows were just nothing personal enmity with Chandni “- Finally Advay rescued his Chandni from direct fire and threw her on a little better frying pan and Chandni’s final realization promise vow is what matters most…-” I have seen unspoken hate in your eyes for me…I will try to find its reason and amend it…”.
    “I will do the gatbandhan ritual”- Neeru gave slap to his own sister Indrani for accusing his gender, Real man,Magudu..,”I am with you in your every decision”.
    “She will come home with me,I am a little(little!!! Oh really!! Let me tell you Dev,you are too much possessive for your Chandni) possessive by nature”- Advay looked determined at Indrani.
    “Leave me PP…I will not leave you…You took money from me and had affairs with ASR”-PP’s final cry of frustration followed..-“silent ho ja..warna main violent hojaaunga(he already was violent)”. finally PP side lined and Chandu-Dev are married.
    “Its only my right to hurt Chandni, I don’t want to share it with anyone”- This vow seemed too funny…You are alone only Advay hiding your soft corner for Chandni,its better then Indrani-Pratham and the whole family hate on Chandni.
    Yash Narayan Vashist smirked slightly… After Indrani stoppee him from proceeding for gatbandhan when Neeru declared to do the same…Finally his daughter’s marriage happened with a boy of his choice, a fatherly satisfaction. It was a silent blessing captivated under Indrani even.
    Dadi looked calm after taking promises from her Chikku, A serene face of satisfaction, knowing well her grandson is trapped now in the puzzle of LOVE. Let Chikku face the biggest trouble of his life(wife trouble se kam he kya!!), he will learn to handle practically after all.
    The facial expression of frightened Pratham was worth praise at arrival of Advay…Devadvay…
    Indrani…no one have capacity to depart soul mates..once Chandni took a step towards her but the tied clothes stopped her…reminding her of him, her husband Advay Singh Raizada.
    Marriage…Husband-wife…one come to end of Band-Baja-Badhaiyaan…New beginning for NIVAY…..

    “Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon??”- answer is hidden in the question….

    1. Nivika

      Di di di we finally finally got our miss.asr…..
      Kya epi tha….
      Waiting for New begining
      Precap__cant understand asr’s reaction…is he happy or angry…

    2. KartikK

      its mrs.Asr am right Mrs ksr

    3. Nivika

      Haan yaar…u r ryt its not miss asr..its mrs,asr..but whats mrs.ksr

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal… Nothing much. We were sitting and had an argument about ASR and marriage, so Karthik is teasing me as his wife to embarrass me… as resultant of that incident. He was pulling leg as I said ASR is very daring.
      From today… tease him all girls. let me show some real hell to Mr. Physics.

    5. Each word ???? Double celebrations for us, wedding and Vinayaka Chaturthi ???? ? Modaks, laddoos khao sab!!! Mrs Advay Singh Raizada and Rowdy Professor?? our Katto gilheris are hitched for life!!!

      Waiting for more! Chandni’s vow literally negated all Advay’s!! Nivay’s acting was so ??? Loved Nani and Mama, such understanding people. And Yash Vashisht was there to bless whatever Bichrani thought and that’s what matters! Loved PP bashing ????

      Wishing all in this lovely group a very happy Vinayaka Chaturthi and a wonderful weekend!!! ?

  8. Pinku

    Current gone I cud not see…uhu uhu

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww…my dear Pinku, Hugs you hugs you…. Waise bhi hum gaye the shaadi mein but lagta hai Advay Singh Raizada ne feast(daawat)ka koi intezaam nahi kiya tha…So hum gift dekar wapas aagaye…Koi baat nahi apna hotstar hey na(meghna style…apna ASR hey na).
      Love you…..

    2. Pinku

      Hahaha so cute yea

    3. Harshaa

      Astha are u there still conscious

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Aww.. so sorry..
      Why fear …
      Your​ hotstar is here..

    5. Pinku

      Hahaha yea sunanda hi five

  9. Jesna

    No words just

    1. Nivika

      .just spechless epi

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Congrats hogaya shaadi….

  10. So FINALLY pp is beaten up by advay ….. dil ko thandak mil gaya yaar

  11. Rang subah jaisa hai par man hai kali raton sa
    Chandani to parda hai ranjo gham ki baaton ka
    Dhoop ko andhere tak pahunchne se roka hai
    Chandani chalava hai Chandani dhoka hai
    Man ki kaali kyon na ho raat ki saheli hai
    Chandani dhoka hai chandani paheli hai
    Dil fareb dhoke ki raat ye dhalegi ab
    Aag laut aayi hai
    Chandani jalegi ab

    Is it the hate poem of Advay??

    Shero Shayari is a speciality of G. K mam’s serials be it Qubool Hai, IB or this one.
    Well done Advay
    In love with you ☺. Nice episode.

  12. Well the one above in the line is farebi not dhokha….. In the paheli wali line

  13. Senhal..Happy bday bff and congrts.finaly shaadi hogayi.tomorr defintly somting haapen

  14. Riana



    #Love NiVay ?????

    Pp is a Criminal actually….such a dog ….Yuckkkk ??????

    Go to hell…Bichrani with ur 2 crores…?????

    Marriage was fillllleeeeedddd with Funnnnn…..& Hidden Loveeeeeee ???????????????????????…

    Precap: Sweets…????? …Nani is awesome…??

    Guyzzz…Reaction batao naa ???…?????????

    1. Nivika

      My reaction was…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Sab mix…ye lo…lol??

    2. Riana

      Lol ????

  15. KartikK

    Sometimes sayinnothing and bowing is the best ay to define no wordsjust action

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik…. Don’t expect that I will stop calling you by name pati parmeswar…
      Ok baba, actions speaks volume then words… you won the bet. Now I want my wedding gift from you. (Thnx. Sunanda for the suggestion) but if you deny giving me this time, I will call you loudly as Pran Priye or some more funny name in front of all , then be ready to get real embarrassed . Samjhe Achu ke Papa. Good night…sweet dreams.
      Reality check… don’t fly too high coz. Aastha Reddy never loses.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yeah kya ho raha hai Bhai.
      Yeah Kya ho raha hai….

      Ek song tha na… Baki ke lyrics pata nehi

  16. Manuu

    Trp is out guys..ipkknd trp : 1.0
    Pinku dekho trp

    1. Pinku

      Hey manu… abhi bhi hai 1 pe hai…. yaar kuch karo kahin sach me na off air ho jaye

  17. Nivika

    Hello all…happy ganesh chaturthi to all rabba ve gang……good night now?????????????
    Happy asr dreams

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      Wish u d same snehal dear ?

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Happy Ganesh chaturthi snehal. And again congratulations for you selection

  18. Antara

    Hearty Congratulations snehal & happy ganesh chaturthi

    1. Nivika

      Thnx antara di!!…same to u!!

  19. Sunanda aapu..apni ato golo gun gachan kushi ta.tq for those song.vevha khuli khuli lagchlo.

  20. Fenil

    I hate Force wedding tracks so i prefer to watch my fav Ganesh:Vighanhartha.

    Ji shadi ki badhaiyaan.

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
    Happy Sawantsari/Paryushan.
    Michhami Dukkadam.

    1. Nivika

      Happy ganesh chaturtho to u also bhai…..
      Shaadi toh ho gayi….shadi mubarak sabko….
      Dekho its 3am now but still not slept….!????

    2. Fenil

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    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Bhaiyyo…Happy Vinayak Chaturthi…

    4. Fenil

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    5. Manuu

      Happy ganesh chaturthi to u too bhai

    6. Fenil

      Hi Mannu how r u ? Michhami Dukkadam

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      Nind nahi aa rahi thi…so mujhe laga tu per koi to hoga chat karne ke liye…but no one was there… mein cmnts ko reply de rhi thi…

    8. Manuu

      Am dng good bhai..hw r u..
      Michami dukadam ..wt does this mean??

    9. Aastha_Reddy

      That monkey was free and is interested to work as your assistant in official monkeys. kidding bro.. It was missing its relatives…so he came to your wall as directed by me.

  21. mai aj ki episode miss kar gayi. plz koi batayee iss serial ka repeated time.

    1. Nivika

      Its 9am only….catch it..!!

  22. Manuu

    Happy ganesh chaturthi everyone..may bappa shower his blessings on you and your family..may all ur dreams come true..ganpati bapp morya.hav a great festival..njy

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Happy Ganesh chaturthi Manuu and everyone

  23. iss serial ki repeat time ku ak e bar hai?? itna hit serial phir vi. plz uss time mai dakh nhi pati. or repeat time hoti to achha hota.

  24. iss serial ki repeat time ku ak e bar hai?? itna hit serial phir vi. plz uss time mai dakh nhi pati. or repeat time hoti to achha hota.

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Repeat telecast once at 9 am.

  25. Loved to see PP getting pounded by ASR.

    Cant wait to see how ASR moves Chandini out of Indrani’s reach post-marriage!

    He promised to destroy the liar who hurt his family only! So we shall wait to see!

    Loved Nani being protective of Chandini and doing Grihapravesh in precap!

    The tug of wat between Mrs. & Mr. Raizada is all set! ??

  26. P_lata

    Lovely marriage episode. Mind blowing expressions of Advay. Look like we have attended a marriage function which was just awesome. Missed Mikku and Shikha very much. Don’t know why producers and directors suddenly off the characters without any reasons. This pinches me everytime when I saw Meghna standing alone in the marriage function. Just waiting for post marraige life of our Lovely Nivay.

  27. Pinku

    Aaj Friday hai uhu uhu uhu ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      So soon Pinku but we have Ishqbaaz weekend it seems ,I am not sure till now. Love you…

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