Vani Rani 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kids plan to kick dadi out

Vani Rani 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says to Ajay jiji did magic. Ma ji brought so much noise in the house. Jiji and parkash are happy too. Ajay recalls how rude ma ji was to him. Rani says I hope everything gets good.
Let me make something for ma ji.
Mishti says kaviya what have you done. Adi says you are not sister you are enemy. Kaviya says but I just prayed for dad to come back. Sid says what has she done? Adi says she will. Kaviya says its more problem for me not you.

Ma says when you came in I thought it was rani. I thought she brought tea. Vani says in that case it would have been tea too. She says I have anger issues in morning. My head hurts. Vani says have your tea and leaves. Kaviay says we have to do something. Mishti says right now? Adi says no I am sleepy. Vani comes and says what are you guys discussing so late? Mishti says nothing. Adi says planning. Vani says what planning? Adi says dadi.. Vai says what? Adi says we were planning to do something special for her. Vani says very good but its late. Go to bed.
Vani sees parkash and smiles. He says thank you so much for doing all this for me? She says when you smile I get my old parkash back. Thank you for that.

Scene 2
Next morning, ma ji wakes up and says tea. She says I want water. Ajay gives her water. She says parkash will give me. I don’t need from you. Ranni is cooking. Ma ji look for her glasses. Vani comes in with tea. Ma ji thinks its rani. She why you came now? i just kicked ajay and now you came. I don’t like you. Vani is dazed.

Kaviya is getting ready. Mishti says this top is to mod for dadi. Kaviya says so I till wear according to her choice? I can’t tolerate her. Mishti says wear that stole and then go out. mishti says okay I will ask her to leave the house. Kaviya says look behind. Mishti is scared. She thinks its ma. She turns but its adi. They laugh at her.

Rani gives ajay kheer. She says why are you upset. I made things for maji and not for you. But I made this kheer for you. She makes him eat. He says you can’t run after people who dont’ own you. She says ma ji will accept you dont worry. He says how? She says show her your magic.

Precap-Ma ji says to Parkash you didn’t eat anything.
Eat. Mishti says dadi papa’s plate is empty too. You didn’t ask him. You don’t like him?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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