Savitri Devi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dr. Malhotra rusticates Sanchi from hospital

Savitri Devi 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya talking to Sanchi and telling that she is feeling bad. Sanchi asks her not to worry and ends the call. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi check the patients. The patients and the staff look at them and smiles. Sanchi thinks why they are looking at me. She asks Nurse to give injection to patient and asks why you are smiling. Nurse says you are looking good. Ria thinks she will make her life hell.

Constable asks Khushboo to have food. She sees her hand bleeding and informs Inspector.

Gayatri calls Dr. Anand and asks how much he will take. He says he will reach soon. Staff member comes and gives an envelope. He reads and says what rubbish, Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi are having an affair. The staff member shows the pic. Dr. Malhotra thinks this is the perfect chance. He asks him to send them to his cabin.

Sanchi comes to Dr. Malhotra and asks did you call me. He says I asked you not to be away from my son. Sanchi says I don’t talk to him. Dr. Malhotra says now you have trapped Dr. Kabir when I asked you to stay away from Veer. He says if her character is bad and says he didn’t see selfish girl like her. He says Dr. Kabir is like my son and good doctor of this hospital. I won’t let you use him and raises finger on her upbringing. He says you have trapped Dr. Kabir to get on top.

Nurse Fernandes informs Dr. Kabir that someone complained to HR dept about him and Sanchi of having an affair. He is shocked and goes to Dr. Malhotra’s cabin. Dr. Malhotra tells Sanchi that he will rusticate her from the hospital. Dr. Kabir comes and asks Dr. Malhotra to stop. He asks him to hear the truth first and takes blame on himself. Sanchi stops him and says Dr. Malhotra came to know everything, so there is no point to hide it. Dr. Malhotra asks Dr. Kabir why is he defending Sanchi and asks him to make sure that Sanchi shall not be seen in the hospital. Dr. Kabir thinks what to do.

Khushboo is in hospital. Her father tells that she tried to commit suicide to do penance. Jaya says they have taken the complaint back and tells that now they don’t want to have any relation with her. Khushboo’s father asks what they are saying. Ashok tells his father in law to search similar family like them for her.

Dr. Kabir thinks Sanchi is such a good person to have kept silent and risked her career for his mum. He tells that he will talk to HR Dept. Sanchi tells him not to do anything until Kusum’s surgery is done tomorrow.

Vikrant hears Priya’s friend talking to Commissioner and telling that the killer is near her and the finger prints matched. Priya shows the pics collage on the projector in the party. Veer comes and hugs Dadi. Dr. Malhotra tells Dadi that Priya and Vikrant have done all the arrangements. Veer says you are the world’s best dadi and praises her. Dadi cuts the cake. Vikrant stabs Indu repeatedly in the party. Everyone is shocked. Dr. Malhotra asks what you have done. It turns out to be Vikrant’s imagination. Gayatri asks him why is he sweating.

Khushboo comes to house. Jaya asks why did you come. Khushboo says you are my family and says she will wait for their forgiveness. Ashok asks Jaya to close the door. Khushboo says she will not go until they forgive her. Ashok closes the door. Khushboo calls her father and tells that they have closed the door on her face. Her father asks her to come back. She says she won’t until she takes revenge and says she will do something big.

Garg calls Veer and asks him to come to hospital and takes Sanchi’s name. Veer says I have nothing to do with her, don’t take her name and ends the call. He drinks in the party. Priya asks what is he hiding? Veer says nothing and says infact you are looking disturbed. He says he will manage else will come to her crying. He asks her to tell about her problem. She says even I will manage, if can’t then will come to you cryingly. He hugs her and says I love you. Priya says I love you too and asks him to take care.

Dr. Malhotra tells Veer that Sanchi is a smart girl to have chosen Dr. Kabir. He says there may be many guys in her list. Veer asks him not to say anything against her else he might forget the respect in their relation. He says I guess you don’t want to see me here and it is better if I leave. He goes.

Ria tells Gayatri that party is boring and says she will go to hospital. Priya thanks Indu for helping her and tells that Vikrant is scared. Gayatri hears them. Indu says she is an actor and her acting is useful to make her get rid of devil. He orders drink and adds poison tablet in it. Priya sees him adding tablet. Vikrant thinks where is Indu and goes to a wrong lady. He says sorry. Priya follows him. Vikrant goes to Indu and gives her drink. Indu thanks him and is about to drink it. Priya is shocked and calls her asking her not to drink. She tells that Vikrant has added something in it.

Dr. Malhotra says what you are saying? Priya says he is a dangerous man and can kill anyone. Vaidehi tells Gayatri that their game is over. Priya asks Vikrant if he wants to kill her. Vikrant says I want to kill you, Indu, Dad and asks whom to kill….I will kill everyone whoever you ask. Priya asks him to stop acting and says I have seen you adding something in it. Vikrant says why I will kill her. Priya says because you are not human, but a monster. She asks him not to act and says your truth is out now. Vikrant says if you think that I have added something then I will drink it. Priya says he won’t risk his life as he loves himself a lot. Vikrant says I don’t know why you are doing this and says I will drink this infront of all. He drinks it and looks at Gayatri.

A fb is shown, Gayatri tells him why he is after Indu. Vikrant says she has become danger to me. Gayatri tells him that Indu is an actor and Priya is taking her help to trap you. I heard them talking. Vikrant says how can she do this and says he won’t leave Indu. Gayatri asks him to calm down and says we will fail Priya in her own trick. Fb ends. Vikrant tells Priya that nothing happened to him. He asks why she is doing this, always blames her. He says if you loves Sanket even now then I will take you to him, but please don’t search for the ways to go far from me.

Pragya asks Sanchi what is going on? Why Dr. Malhotra rusticate her. Isha tells her everything and says we didn’t tell you as you would have told Veer. Pragya says she will not tell. Sanchi says she can’t tell until Kusum’s operation is done. Pragya says only one man can them out and goes.

Sanchi slaps Ria infront of everyone. Why did she slap her and couldn’t control her anger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why only small update

  2. Divyapatel2198

    Today’s episode was boring but loved SaBir part.But sad thing is that from tomorrow their will be no sabir scenes coz veer will come to know truth about fake marriage.if sabir is not main lead i am not going to watch this show any more coz saveer is like brother and sister pair. Veer deserves another girl like swara(helly shah).

  3. Today Kabir seemed teary eyed when Sanchi was getting rusticated. Love is working in his heart it seems.
    And a superb precap. Even though I don’t know reason behind it.

  4. VINAL

    Veryyy sad episode !!! sachi rusticated //again vikrant proved priya wrong /evil win today also ??????????????????????
    Only precap was interesting ria deserve this??????????????
    Hope sanveer together soooonnnnn ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg I was thinking kabir will tell the truth to Saanchi but this didn’t happen ??? Saanchi stopped him! I wonder what will happen next? Really unpredictable! And veer still loves Saanchi he can’t hear a word against her ???, I think once the truth of kabir-Saanchi pretending to get married will come out kabir and Veer both will fall more for Saanchi definitely one will be heartbroken which i don’t like at all ??????
    I wonder which man pragya was talking about? Veer? Not sure. This show is really unpredictable really! Even now I am confused again is it Kaanchi or Sanveer? And whatever I think that doesn’t happen. That’s good in a way. But precap ,so Saanchi slapped that Garibo Ka Model ?

  6. Rehmat

    I think veer help saanchi today episode just awesome because no kaanchi I just love it

  7. Not bad episode.episide acha tha but thora sa boring tha.sanchi ko app kon bachar ae ga

  8. I think prragya tells the truth to veer ask help. Ria or Madhu bala hear this. Tia will inform kusum.her condition become worse. So sanchi can slap ria.

  9. we want sirf kanchi
    they look best and veer look like as bro of sanchi
    plzz plzz pair will be kanchi only

    1. I also like Kaanchi a lot. In fact l watch the show only for Kaanchi. Do u think kaanchi will be united? will they be a pair? Or else l won’t watch the show.

  10. Really veer loves sanchi a lot,he didnt hear a word against sanchi when malhotra saying wrong about sanchi.
    True love never fails.

  11. after so many days veer has smile.I always like brother-sister bond…today veer-dadi-priya looks so happy..if they show veer and Priya everyday then definitely I will like veer’s family need collage drama.but one thing is missing in today’s party that is present of sanchi.When sanchi will enter molothra mansion as veer’s wife.hope everything will be fine and tomorrow all misunderstanding between sanveer will remove and veer will help sanchi.

  12. today episode is ok ok and if no kanchi in main lead i will not watch this serial
    and kanchi wala part is superb.

  13. After today’s episode i think this is the last scene of kaanchi together. They will gonna pair saanchi with veer. Almost seeing the precap.. we can guess veer knows kaanchi’s truth. So again he ll run around saanchi. May be ria told truth to kusum and her health worsen because of it, this could be the reason why saanchi slapped ria… My interest to watch this show is decreasing ….. if no kaanchi then no sdch…

    1. Same here Tisha no Kanchi then no sdch

    2. same here also, if no kanchi, then a bye bye to sdch………

  14. This time kabir must do something to stop sanchi restigation…hope for d best

  15. Today’s episode was so sad and boring and I want kanchi no San veer should be there if it is saanveer then I will stop watching this will be the worst serial.

    1. Same here divya…if it is not Kanchi then I will also stop watching the serial

  16. They need to get Vikrant’s truth out! Every time evil is winning. It indirectly shows that women are weak and will lose whenever they try to fight against abuse. They need to show women power and bring out Vikrant’s truth.

    1. Trisha139

      I totally agree dear if they will show This then what would be its impact on the audiences nd that is too the reason for low trp… just hate this

  17. Today’s episode was really boring… Kanchi scenes….if there is no Kanchi then I will stop watching the serial

  18. If the main lead is not kabir….then I am not going to watch the serial

  19. They r just trying to keep both sanveer &Kanchi fans happy….that is not going to work…..if it is not Kanchi then I will not watch the upcoming episodes

  20. Love the way kbir feel bad 4 sanchi n pls ye jo mystery ki talwar sir pe latki h usse hatao kisi ko pair up kro par end kro agar sanveer krna h to kbir k liye ek best ladki lekar aao n usse kam se kam 15 min tak show m dkhaiye kyunki i watched t show only 4 kabir n agar kanchi krna h to veer sanchi ko bhul jaye uske liye koi new laker aaye bus in trio ka triangle na krein m kisi ko bhi hurt hote nhi dkh skti or na hi negative ka role chahti so request kro cvs walo se jo krein jaldi krein kyunki isse jitna lamba khichange utna hi kisi n kisi pair k fans ki umeed bdengi n baad m hurt hoga well i m big fan of kanchi….

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