Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya provokes Meghna to take wrong step

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with doctor checking Pankaj and says his BP increased and asks them to take care of him and don’t let him have any tension. Madhuri cries. Piyush tells Meghna that Pankaj’s condition is because of her and tells that Rukmini has insulted Pankaj and Namrata infront of everyone. Meghna defends Rahul and says his mum did wrong, but not Rahul. Deepu tries to speak. Piyush tells her that he won’t let her marry Rahul and asks her to forget him, says he don’t want to have any relation with cheap people. Namrata tells Meghna that she has insulted her badly and tells that if I was on her place, then I would have slapped Rahul. Deepu says this is wrong, why you are blaming Rahul for Tai ji’s doings, and says he became waiter for Meghna, didn’t you see. Piyush asks what to do, shall we let them insult our Bau ji. Pragya says she has proved that others daughter is always outsider and says she would have beaten her up.

Deepu says she will never forgive her and tells that Rahul and Meghna love each other a lot. Piyush says he will tell Bau ji to search a good groom for her. Meghna says she will marry only Rahul. Piyush is about to slap her. Deepu stops him. Piyush asks him to make her brother understand to stay away from his sister else even he knows how to deal with him. Pragya says fire is much, now I have to add ghee and see how this moti stays here.

Ragini throws Rukmini’s stuff and asks her to leave. She blames her for humiliating Pankaj. Rukmini says he is not dead,just BP increased. Mishra says you have crossed the limits. Rukmini tells them that if she wouldn’t have given them money then Deepu wouldn’t have married. Ragini says we have repaid your money. Rukmini says Deepu’s life is spoiled. Rahul comes there and asks Rukmini what she is saying. She says she won’t let him marry a cheap girl. Pankaj tells Madhuri that he is shocked to hear such insulting words for Meghna from Rukmini and says she will make her life hell if she becomes her bahu. Kunal tells him that they will make Meghna understand. Namrata says Piyush tried to make her understand, but she didn’t listen to him.

Pankaj says if she takes any wrong step then. Piyush says he has made her understsand. Pankaj insists to talk to Meghna. Meghna comes and says Rahul didn’t do any mistake. Pankaj says she has gone mad and coughs…Madhuri gives him water. Kunal asks meghna to go. Pankaj asks her to stop and tells her that he got Piyush married to Deepu even though he loved someone else. Madhuri asks everyone to go and says let him rest. Pankaj lies down on bed. Kunal tells Namrata that he can arrest both mother and son. Namrata asks them to keep them behind bars. Deepu tells them that Rukmini did wrong, but Rahul tries to make her understand about the right thing. Pragya asks her to decide on whose side is she? Namrata tells Kunal that Deepu has to side, as Piyush takes Deepu with him. He tells her that she is trying to protect her brother and family and says they shall be jailed.

Deepu defends Rahul and says he had saved papa ji’s life. Piyush says his decision is final and says he will get her married to someone. Deepu says they have the right to take their decisions and says whenever we try to force our decision on them, they will try to do something wrong. Piyush asks what she would have done if Darshan was on Meghna’s place. Deepu comes out and tells Piyush that this house is hers also, and Meghna is her sister also. She asks why he is not believing her. She keeps her hand on the lamp and promises to handle Meghna’s responsibility and will not let her take any wrong step. Pragya thinks she was waiting for chance like this. Meghna talks to rahul on video cam. Rahul tells her that his mum found girl for him and asks her to meet him. Meghna says she can’t come. Pragya hears them talking.

Mishra ji and Ragini come to Pankaj’s house. They apologize to them on Rukmini’s behalf. Madhuri says we now that your heart is true and that’s why didn’t tell anything to Deepu. Ragini says Meghna is like our daughter and we don’t want them to meet without your consent. Mishra ji says he will take up Rahul’s responsibility.

Pragya instigates meghna and tells that she is with her like Deepu. Meghna says but others. Pragya says only Deepu can help you now. Meghna says if she don’t help me then. Pragya says I had love someone, but my love was weak. She gives her idea to commit suicide and asks her to think. She keeps blade there and goes. Meghna looks at the blade.

Rahul seeks Guru’s help and asks him to do arrangements today. Guru comes to Sarika’s house and keeps hand on her mouth. Deepu prays to God and takes Meghna with her. Pragya smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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