Love triumphs all FF – Episode 26 by Nitestar

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Anika is in tears in her room all family members are tensed and try to talk to Shivaay but he ignores all and pacifies ragini and sends her to her room, he then goes to his room and locks the door……Anika sees him and hugs him…they both have an intense hug and Shivaay kisses her forehead….
Anika- Shiv even if it is fake I cannot see you without anyone else…when she was touching you felt like ripping her hands off…
Shivaay(chuckled) – hmmm my jealous mrs ASSO…calm down you know right I am all yours…well I like this side of yours…he comes close to her and kisses her passionately….followed by kisses and nibbles on her neck…
Anika just moans shivaay….they keep on going till they have a passionate session of love making…and they were lucky since Ansh did not wake up….with the happiness they sleep in each other’s arms…
Next morning shivaay meets the family members and tells them the truth of Ragini and why he is doing all this and asked them to support him…

Ragini comes down for breakfast and sits next to Shivaay and tries to get close…
Ragini – Shiv when are we planning our wedding…all family members are uncomfortable but they just ignore…
Shivaay – very soon once the divorce proceedings get over…
Ragini – you don’t need to worry for that I have called my lawyer and he will do everything for you…
Shivaay is stunned…Anika is on verge of tears….just then Ansh starts crying and anika takes him inside for a feed…
Shivaay – Ok ragini no issues do as you please…
Ragini – Ohh shivaay then lets plan for an engagement today….Shivaay just nods and goes…
Later during the day ShivOmRu and the Obahus meet…they plan to get this ragini out of their lives…they go along with her engagement drama…
Evening everyone is getting ready and shivaay just comes out from the bathroom…he sees anika getting ready and trying to get her pleats right for her saree…just then shivaay comes and takes her pleats and tucks them in, anika just freezes she closes her eyes and feels shivaay very close to her…suddenly shivaay leaves her and says all done…anika is shocked she opens her eyes and sees shivaay telling her to look out of the window…ragini was spying on them…anika also fakes her anger and moves from there….
Ragini gets happy and leaves…while Shivika smirk….

All assemble in hall for the engagement no one is happy but just show their happiness for shivaay and their plan…when its time for the ring to be exchanged there is a voice which shouts…STOP!!

They turn to see a handsome man dressed in dapper clothes…shivaay gets happy looking at him…Ragini is sweating…
Man – well how many marriages are you planning to do Mrs. Vikram Aditya Thapar….(the man is Vikram Aditya Thapar)
Shivaay(faking his anger) – How dare you what nonsense are you speaking…
Vikram – Well Mr. Oberoi…I guess you do not know anything about your future wife…let me tell you…
Ragini – What nonsense…I don’t know him…shivu please don’t listen to him….
Vikram – well Mr. Oberoi I need to give you proof then…so be it….he calls for someone…

Precap – Ragini’s truth…

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  3. Gayathri.visu

    Nagini is Mrs. VAT!! Omg!! But inreresting yaar.

    Btw check this part dear, bcz its got published in Swaragini’s page.

  4. Fffan1234

    Superb. Please update next part soon

  5. Fffan1234

    Hey nitestar can you please repost this part in IB forum?

  6. Dhar

    Superb yaar… Plzz do post the next update ASAP…. Loved it to the coreeeee

  7. Ashwinee

    Interesting update

  8. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  9. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dr… loved it to d core…. post nxt asap… nagini ki toh OMM ho jayegi…. waiting for nxt

  10. Amazinggggg dr… loved it to d core…. post nxt asap… waiting for nxt

  11. Awesome

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice


    Dear Nitestar
    ShivIka Romance??Naagini??Vikram Entry Is Superb.Naagini Is Mrs Vikram?????Waiting For Naagini Expose.The Episode Is Nice?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  14. plss update the next part soon its just awesome

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