Savitri 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 28th June 2013 Written Update

Savitri reaches the place where the boy is hiding, waiting for her. She asks him where the key is. The boy points to a pillar, Savitri looks to see, the key is the triangle, which she needs. It makes her happy and she thanks the Devi ma for helping her get the triangle by means of the boy. She goes to get the triangle, the boy tells her to be quick before the demon comes.

RK goes into the dungeon shouting Damyanti. One of the demons comes in front of RK to attack him. He recognises its RK and gets scared. RK grabs by the neck and tells him he cant tolerate anyone attacking Damyanti. He will kill them all. He roughly pushes the demon to the ground and walks past them all looking for Savitri.

Savitri gets the triangle, as she does the boy tells her the demon is coming, she puts the triangle in her bag. The boy tells her not to turn around and attack the demons shadow with her trident. She does this, the trident falls down, as this happens she hears laughter from behind her. Savitri turns around to see the boy laughing evilly and him growing and turning into a demon. She realises the boy was just an illusion. He tells Savitri he knew she had the magical trident thats why he didnt attack her. Savitri looks to see where the trident is lying on the ground. The man grabs Savitris bag, pushes her very hard which makes her fall to the ground, confines her in a cage and runs away. Savitri pleads to be freed but to no avail. Shes worried about her life power and the triangles. She tries to reach out of the cage to get the trident but with no luck.

Gulika and Vikrant arrive at the opening of the entrance to the fourth Dwar where the fire is burning. Gulika says RK has entered the fourth Dwar to protect his love. Guklika is determined she is going to be the one to win. If Savitri is unsuccessful then RK will be incomplete and he will have to rely on her, Gulika. And if Savitri is successful then it means she will open the gate which has the powers to trap RK and she will gain the powers. Victory is all hers.

RK comes and tells Savitri to come out of the cage, which she does. He tells her off for going on her own without him. He tells her they have to leave from there. Savitri tells him the demon has gone with her life power and if she doesnt ge tit back before the end of the eclipse then she will be considered dead and not able to leave from there. RK angrily goes after the demon.
Savitri breaks down and says to herself whats the point in getting her life power back as RK will also see the triangles and know what her intentions are. He will never let her and Satya become one and live together. She is in tears.
In the woods Satya is also crying and saying Savitri cant leave him. He cant live without her, he will die without her.
Savitri says Satya will have to learn to live without her. They cant become one or live together, ever.
Satya suddenly gets up and says, he knows Savitri is alive, he can sense her. She may be in trouble but he knows shes alive. He tells her she has to fight all obstacles and death, for him she has to. He shouts for her to get up and fight all the obstacles and death.
Savitri seems to hear him. She too gets the courage and says she wont give up and accept defeat. She will fight, she has to, for Satya. She will get the triangles and trap RK in the Kaalchakra. She has to get her life power back and leave from there. She sees the trident lying on the ground.

The demon says he will now be able to leave from there with the life power. He will be free. RK kicks him from the back which makes him fall. He turns around to see RK. RK grabs him and tells him he cant let him leave with his Damyantis life power. The demon breaks free and blows out fire from his mouth at RK but RK manages to avoid it. Knowing he cant defeat RK the demon traps RK behind a mgical wall. RK tries to get out from there but he cant.

The guard of the fourth Dwar sees the eclipse almost ending. He says the lady hasnt returned, she will now be in this world forever.

RK refuses to accept Damyanti will be part of this world. The demon tells him he cant do anything and he is leaving. As he turns to leave a trident breaks the wall. They both turn around to see Savitri. RK is happy, as usual. The demon runs with Savitris bag, RK goes after him and Savitri too follows.
As the demon is about to go through the gate RK catches him and gets the bag. Savitri has come too. The demon tells RK he doesnt know whats in the bag. Savitri is worried he will tell RK. The demon continues saying along with the life power there is also … before he can finish RK throws him to the ground. He gives the bag to Savitri and tells her to go. She asks what about him. He tells her to just go. Savitri runs from there, as she does the demon blows fire towards Savitri but RK blocks the doorway and the fire goes towards RKs chest, but nothing happens to him.

As Savitri come sout of the fourth Dwar, the eclipse is about to end. She takes the bottle out of her bag and opens its lid. Her life power enters her body and she glows. The bottle disappears.

Satya notices his fate lines appearing on his palm and his hand becomes normal. He is ecstatic.

Savitri sees a Vision of Dhoomketu in the ground. He tells her she must have realised how powerful the trident is which he gave her. It will be useful to her in her real goal.
Before entering the fifth Dwar she will have to face a challenge. IT wont harm her nor will it stop her from going further but it can render all her hard work till now useless. He tells her to be alert and not to let RK out of her sight for long or everything will be finished. Before Savitri can question him he disappears.

Savitri says she wont let everything be over she will keep RK within her sight always. Savitri wonders what is the challenge Dhoomketu was talking about. She looks towards the door and softly says “Rahukaal”. RK appears in his puff of black smoke. he says “Damyanti, Damyanti, Damyanti, Damyanti ohh Damyanti”. Till now he has always called her but today she called him and not with hatred but with love. It makes Savitri uneasy. He asks if she still has hatred for him.

The fire goes out where Gulika and Vikrant are. Gulika is happy to know Savitri has been successful and the time to acquire the powers has come. She asks Vikrant if he knows what to do. Very soon she will tell him what has to be done and laughs evilly and very excitedly.

RK asks Savitri again if she still has hatred for him in her heart. Why did she call out to him. Is it called the victory of love?
Savitri thinks for the first time RK has spoken the truth. It is going to be a victory of love. its going to be her and her Satyas victory of love. She has a soft look on her face. The reason for bringing RK here is going to come to an end soon by trapping him in the KaalChakra. Till then she will have to keep him with her.

RK tells Savitri, why does he think that she does not want him to see his future. What is she planning to do. Why did she come running after him. He orders her to swear on her husband, otherwise … RK has her backed up against a wall and is about to get close but she quickly moves away.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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