Amrit Manthan 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 28th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1 ..

Episode starts with Yug packing his clothes , karan was standing with him , he said to yug that are you leaving from here . so yug said yes because what can i do here now , is this what i get inspite of my friend ship with amrit , even she has left me only because of Tej , then why am i here .. karan says but if you leave just like that you will be called a looser , for sometimes yug kept stares at karan as if it was something going in his mind .

Karan said to sunita and mahi that nimrit wants to go to dinner today only and both says that how can she do it , today only this bad incident happened with bani and she wants to do to dinner , just then nimrit comes in short dress , karan acts as if he wasn’t knowing that nimrit has to wear this dress , with surprised he said oh , sunita and mahi looked behind and were shocked seeing nimrit in such small dress , nimrit was feeling very guilty , she came down .. mahi said that only this day was left to see and also said that i am going in my room and left from there , sunita also left saying that bani and jojo are alone and i am going to them . karan takes nimrit to the car , nimrit was stretching her dress down to cover her knees , karan look and says that nimrit by stretching it the dress won’t become large , then karan moved his hand towards nimrit , nimrit thought karan is trying to touch her , so she gets a bit at a side , karan said i am not at all interested in touching you , he snatches the mobile from nimrit , switched it off and said i does not want anyone to disturb us at all .

the car stopped , nimrit said to karan that where have you bought me , karan said come down , when they enter it was a place which was full of bad kind of men , they only keep staring nimrit , nimrit was feeling guilty , and she was trying to escape from there , and then karan holds her hand and said that the only person who takes decision between us is only me and you cannot leave from here .. they both sat at the table , karan ordered food , everyone was staring nimrit , when a man comes and said to karan that unless the food is not coming can we have the drink together ? so karan said ofcourse and then that person sat with them , then karan left saying i am going to washroom , now nimrit was alone there . again one man comes and said to nimrit that can i sit here ? nimrit stands up to leave while phone rungs and the person said to nimrit that there is a call for you , it was karan , he said to nimrit that i have left from there and just see if you are able to protect yourself from there .. nimrit got shocked karan more over said that if you succeed to escape then come in the guest room .. Nimrit turned and she look every men were at her back , suddenly one person misbehaves with her so one man stop him and said do not touch her , nimrit thought he would save her so nimrit gets at his back , after that the man said that i sat with her first , so i will do first , nimrit got shock , everyone followed her , nimrit hold a knife and gets a cut in that man face and warned everyone that if you comes here then i’ll kill all of you with this knife ..

Part 2 ..

Nimrit went to guest room and knocks the door , karan opened it , and said oh you escaped from there , and said come have a drink with me , he lets hold nimrit a glass , but nimrit throw it and it broke , karan said there is one person who takes interest in you , he called his mother , nimrit shocked to see indu out of jail , karan said am i looked fool with my face that i’ll let my mother in jail , he told nimrit that when it was construction work going in the palace , he gave bail papers to tej for signing , and tej believes me too much that he even did not read the papers and signed . indu said that nimrit from now onwars you will face new things and tortures in your life , karan told indu all about he did with nimrit today , indu looked at nimrit , she took off her shawl and put it on nimrit and said to karan that i am also her enemy but she is also a woman and we cannot do such thing with her , we will take revenge with her , but not like this , karan gots angry and leave from here .. indu said to nimrit to stay here this night or else if she returns at home in these clothes , everyone will get shocked . amrit went to the goon shamsher , he said to amrit that sorry but i was not able to keep angad under my hand , he was too powerful that he escape and said to amrit to have half money back , amrit was in her home then and thinking about all this … morning occoured and indu gave nimrit a dress to wear it was saree and said to herself that get ready for nwew troubles now ..

precap : nimrit says that i will never sign this property papers and then karan showed a video to her and she got shock ..

Update Credit to: mehak

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