Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th June 2013 Written Update

Aaru is talking to madhav’s photo that time has changed and everything is moved on but only memories havent changed. She tells that her life had moved on till now with madhav’s memories n thats whats her strength. She adds that after he is gone, ehsaas is her hope n future. After this she goes to her laptop n checks a few mails…amid this she decides to send shekhar an email with the hope that atleast thus time he replies to her. She mentions in it to contact her as she couldnt thank him enough to save her son n her life. As she sends it, ehsaas comes in and hugs her.

Ehsaas tells that lalit is downstairs n Aaru takes him out to the living room. Aaru n lalit greet eachother n she asks lalit why so much planning is there for ehsaas’s bday? She suggests to do somethinv simple but lalit tells as his grandson is turning 5, it should be very special. They are abt to make further preps when they are greeted by an unknown man. He introduces him as a businessman who wants to make an urgent meeting with aaru regarding the radiostation. He adds that since she was busy, he thought of meeting her at her house. As he is abt to sit for a formal meeting, aaru interrupts n clears him that she doesnt mix her professional n personal life so they cannot have a meeting now.
He tells that she is doing a mistake by insulting him but aaru is stern with her decision n tells him that if he indeed wants to meet her then he should take an appointment from her manager. He leaves from there in anger. The family members tell her that she shouldnt have been that rude to him. Aaru is silent n very furious but baby ehsaas gives her juice n tells her to drink it as it will cool her anger. Aaru lossens her anger a bit n takes it. She asks what else to do cutely n he takes her to take two derp breadths n chill out. Aaru laughs seeing ehsaas’s expressions n hugs him. She gets back to good mood n theu begin planning.
Lalit suggests to have some new theme for the party when aaru suggests fancy dress competition where all kids would don the attire of the profession they would like to choose. Brij asks what ehsaas would like to become n bharti asks is it radio jockey?lalit asks abt sports n brij asks about various things. However, ehsaas keeps refusing n finally tells he wants to become a doctor. Hearing this, bharti remembers abt shekhar n mentions abt it to all. Aaru telks,abt her various failed attempts to reach shekhar. Soon lalit decides to leave n aaru and ehsaas accompanies him till his car.

After he leaves, aaru is abt to return back to the house whem she unexpectedly sees shekhar. He is talking to some lady n aaru tells ehsaas to wait for a moment n runs behind shekhar to catch up with him.
Shekhar gets into the car n leaves while aaru fails to catch up with him. Aaru returns to ehsaas and he asks abt shekhar. She tells him that he was an angel who saved his and his mom’s life. Its night n aaru is patting ehsaas to make him sleep. Amid this she remembers how the nurses in the hospital had informed her that shekhar left the hospital n the city tgat night itself. Then she thinks how her various attempts failed to reach shekhar n how she saw him outside the house.
Once aaru realizes that he is asleep, she goes to madhav’s photo n tells that she wants to meet shekhar and thank him for saving her son n her life. She tes that sinxe she saw him, it indicates that he is in the same city. Just then aaru’s phone rings n its gupta ji. He tells her to check a few urg mails n reply soon. As aaru is checking the mails, ehsaas gets up screaming after a dreadful dream. Aaru rushes to him while bharti n brij also come in hearing the loud scream of ehsaas. Aaru asks ehsaas gently what he saw and he tells he saw aaru going away from him n he is crying n trying hard to call her but she doesnt stop. Aaru smiles n tells that she will never leave him alone n will be there by his side always.

Precap: Ehsaas is in doctors dress n he unknowingly breaks some pots. The shop owner scolds him but just then shekhar stops the man n tells him not to scold him as he will pay for the pots. Aaru sees all this from behind…ermm dont know if she realized that he is shekhar.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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