Savitri 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 27th June 2013 Written Update

The guard tells Savitri to quickly make up her mind, whether she wants to inside and give up her bag of rice.

Dhoomketu tells Satya he will be able to join Savitri at the fifth Dwar to protect her from the evil powers. She will need his help and Devi mas ring will give him the powers to fight the evil powers and also guide him to the fifth Dwar. Satya doesnt understand about the evil powers and is worried about Savitri.

Savitri hands over the bag of rice to the guard. The guard writes Savitris name in the book.

Satya starts to feel the pain in his left. Dhoomketu asks what the matter is. He closes his eyes. He tells Satya Savitri is dead. Satya stumbles back shocked and has tears coming down his face.

The guard captures Savitris soul in the decanter bottle and tells her he has never before seen a soul so bright and glowing. She will have to try really hard in protecting her soul from the demons inside as they will want it and her to protect it well.
Savitri enters through the gate and it closes after her.
The guard laughs whilst holding the bag of rice.

As Savitri enters the dungeon she sees the demons being punished. A couple of demons come towards her but they just walk past. Another demon gets a hold of her leg which frightens her. Her bag falls down and her soul which is glowing is seen by all. They all start to walk towards her with eyes on her bag. They try to grab it but Savitri picks it up and runs from there.

The guard is saying to himself for how long will Savitri protect herself from the evil demons.Either she will die or time will run out, looking at the moon which is eclipsing. And if it does then she will remain here forever.

Savitri runs down another passage where more demons come out from their cells and approach her, holding out their hands. Savitri holds on to her bag tightly, she is backed up against a wall.

Satya asks Dhoomketu how can his Savitri be dead. He doesnt believe it and tells DK he is lying to him, his Savitri would never leave him and go. DK again closes his eyes and he sees Savitris soul bottled up. He understands Savitri has entered the fourth Dwar and she wont be able to fight the demons on her own. Satya asks what he’s thinking. He is crying and begging to DK to tell him where his Savitri is as he wants to help her. DK vanishes and Satya is left wondering where he disappeared to.

Savitri has managed to lock herself in a cell. She hears a small boy shouting out for her. Savitri covers his mouth and tells him to be quiet. She asks how did he happen to be here. The boy tells her he had come to the TaaraDwar mandir with his parents but he wandered off and get lost. He happened to come here and because of the demons he stays hidden in there but he’s very scared. He asks Savitri to help him go to his parents. Savitri asks him which door he came through. He replies the door is locked but the key is kept in a room. The keeper of the key is the most evil and dangerous demon and he hasnt had the courage to get the key.
Savitri is in a dilemma as what to do because she will have to go back again and those other demons are after her soul. She also has to leave before the lunar eclipse ends and she cant leave the boy behind alone either.

Dhoomketu goes to where RK is lying unconscious on the ground. DK says, the demons Savitri is facing only one demon can fight them and that is RK. He takes a fistful of rice and sprinkles them on RKs body. RK opens his eyes.

Savitri decides to go and get the key and free the boy who is crying. She thinks if Devi ma has supported her till now she will also do the same in the future. Savitri tells the boy to come with her but he is too scared of the demon to go. Savitri tells him not to worry she will be with and look after him.
They leave the cell, no one is around, The boy shows Savitri where the key is kept. As they take a few steps the demons come out towards them. Savitri tells the boy to hide behind her, which he does. She remembers the trident which DK had given her to protect herself. She takes it out of the bag and points it towards the demons. A light glows and the trident becomes big. She attacks the demons with the trident.

RK turns up at the entrance to the fourth Dwar shouting Damyanti. The guard on seeing RK quickly comes up to him holding his hands together and asking if RK is here, obviously scared. RK asks where Damyanti is. The guard asks who. RK again says Damyanti. The guard tells him a girl went that way a little while ago but she doesnt have much time. If she doesnt return by the time the lunar eclipse ends then she will be trapped here. RK again yells out Damyanti which the other demons in the dungeon can hear too.

RK tells the guard he has to go now. The guard tells him to stop. He tells RK they are honoured to have RK bless this place But RKs evil powers wont work inside, they demons are all dangerous for him inside. RK laughs it off and says he is Yamraaj and he is not afraid of any danger (i think thats what he said). He goes towards the dungeon.

Savitri is still attacking the demons. She tells the boy to go where the key is kept, not to stop and dont be afraid. The boy runs off whilst Savitri is attacking the demons with the trident.

RK is in the dungeons shouting Damyanti. The demons come forward with whips. RK holds one by the neck who recognises RK. RK tells the demon he cant tolerate whoever harms Damyanti. He will kill them all and pushes him to the ground.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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