Maharana Pratap 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 27th June 2013 Written Update

The Slain Mewar Soldier lies by the steps ..The cruel Afghan general arrogantly informs Pratap that there is only limited options for him and that would be death or going as a prisoner to which the Proud Prince retorts that no such thing will ever happen ..and that the so called fortress of their’s will soon belong to the rightful owner’s , THE MEWAR’s …

Hoohahahahaha roars out the Afghan general contemptuously and taunts the prince further , enraged Pratap informs the General that he might die but will not be a prisoner, So Saying, The young prince leaps from the step and directly faces the General ..He is immediately surrounded by Afghan soldiers with unsheathed swords tainted with the blood that it had consumed … Rana Bahadur who had been watching from the top, realizes

that Pratap is in peril and he also reveals that it is imperative to save him as he is the crown prince of Mewar.. Rana Bahadur further says that he recognized the imprint of royalty the moment he saw the valor and courage displayed ..

Pratap is caught in the trap as the Afghan soldiers throw a net over him and capture him like an animal.. Rana Bahadur jumps down, prevents the Afghanis from carrying off Pratap ..He also orders Pratap to take cover but Pratap refuses and moves towards hoisting the flag ..


The ladies have completed their final lunch , Queen Javanta bids the ladies towards Jauhar , urging them to face Jauhar, she also reminds the waiting ladies that they had done Jauhar once before too, when they had come from their parents home to their wedded home.. Jauhar is another similar journey .. The ladies gather their nerve from this simple words..

The messenger lady comes in and informs that Pratap is fighting alongside Rana Bahadur, Alarmed by this news, The second queen tells Queen Javanta to inform the King so that Pratap can be brought to safety but Javanta declines citing Pratap’s patriotism and his escape from safety..


Shams Khan is getting ready to do battle when he is informed about Jauhar, on coming to know the ritual, ShamsKhan is highly displeased as he feels that he is cheated of his fun in putting them to death..

Rana Udai who had been fighting valiantly now dares Shamskhan to fight n not stay a coward..

The camera Pans to the citadel.. Pratap is climbing the walls of the fort like a professional ..while on the other side , Udai Singh is engaged in mortal combat…

The Afghani general notices Pratap climbing and orders his men to cut down the rope ..The rope is cut and Pratap falls down, watched in horror by a battling Rana Bahadur..

Rana Udai Singh who is dueling ShamsKhan gets wounded by the sword ..


Rani Javanta makes her way to the Jauhar quarters which is guarded by warrior women ..The head of this women guards vows to let the Jauhar happen without any hitch right until their last breath .. an Invigorated Javanta raises the cry hailing Mewar and steps into the quarters like a newly wedded Lady taking the first step into her husbands house which holds her future, her life .. Javanta dips her hand into the Kumkum water and imprints her hand on the wall..the rest of the ladies follow suit..


The fallen Pratap slowly raises , His eyes scanning all around him ..His eyes absorb the wounded soldiers, exhausted soldiers, dying soldiers, tears gather in his eyes at the suffering he sees .. quickly wiping his eyes, Pratap gives a rousing speech , inspiring the few wounded to rise again and fight for their motherland.. Pratap informs his soldiers that they have to go up without any rope or climbing instruments..

The Afghan soldiers kill the woman security guards and barge into the Jauhar room, Javanta warns the intruder but he heads towards the second queen leching after her, the second queen quickly throws chilli powder at him , angered, The Afghani soldier draws his swaord and thrusts …

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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