Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th June 2013 Written Update

Munnu again doing the same gossip stuff, all staff gathered around him n he was blabbering abt ayan n his 2 timings with miral n anushka, he says that pampi did it intentionally, she over hears it n got more hurt n decides to leave. Scene changed, ayan returns home n starts playing guitar n other side pampi leaves the house.

Pampi checks her purse on way, the money was less, thr ayan was upset as pampi was not able to understand his feelings bv yet thr frndship leaved a beautiful mark on his heart. Pampi again checked the purse n wished that the money gets double, n then decides not to loose hope n fullfill her dreams, she sit in a autorickshaw n leaves for railway station.

Other side, ayan got her letter that she’s leaving after wat happen n ask him not to cum in search, ishan got to know that pampi had left without informing, he ask ayan n ayan ask to chill, she’s not a kid n he’ll talk with her in the office. In the railway station, pampi grabs a seat n clears it up to sleep but sum other family sat thr n she got a corner, thy were eating n she was hungry, for a moment she thought of leaving for hotel but then take a deep breath n take sum snacks to eat.

Scene changed, ayan was worried for pampi n messaged her that he’s with him, at the same tym ishan got a call, he looked worried, ishan was saying that he’ll fulfill his promise, ayan ask if thr’s sum problem lyk last tym but he changed the topic n says everything is f9.

This side, pampi was trying to adjust with the lady n her kids on the seat, she was in half sleep, 2 men were staring her as she was checking her volet again n again, as the lady leaves she got happy n was abt to lye down n she got ayan’s message, after reading she dnt pay much attention n as she checked her bag, her volet was missing, she try asking ppl thr but no clue.

In snipat, Mrs. Atwal wake up after having a bad dream, she ask to call pampi, pampi was still sitting on station. She got a call, n she says that she’s going on morning walk thats y wake up early. Her mother says that if she want to return, she can thy’ll not force her for marriage, her father ask if she needs money but she denies n cut the call saying that she needs to go to office.

Precap: Eve teasing, pampi stuck with sum goons.

Update Credit to: Amor

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