Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 27th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mental Hospital
The nurse comes and locks Meera into the room, despite her protesting that she isnt mad. But the nurse locks her up and

asks her to stay put, as this is where she has to be forever. Meera is distraught. she thinks to call out for someone, so that

she can go to her baby, who wont be able to stay with her, and would nmiss her bad. she shouts out to be allowed to leave

for the sake of her child, as she isnt mad.

The nurse comes to give her food, and seeing the food untouched of the afternoon, she tells meera to eat and drink or she wont be able to survive for long. But when meera doesnt respond, the nurse leaves calling her mad. Meera is in tears.

Location: Asthana mansion
Biji wakes up on the bed and calls out for uma, tensioning the family yet again. ammaji comments that maybe Balraj is right

in saying that she too has gone mad, as uma is dead for 16 years, and the thought of losing Meera has made her insane too.

Biji tries to make them understand that she isnt mad, and that uma is alive, and she used to go and meet her.

While nandini is playing with meera’s kid, she looks at herself in the mirror and remembers how she had wanted a child badly

with Anirudh. She wonders how badly she wanted anirudh’s child. She thinks that she cant keep him forever with her, even if she wants to, and that this is meera’s baby and she would have to get her back for the sake of the child.

Shyama is upset to hear the child crying. ammaji asks her to go and make food. Shyama says that she doesnt feel like

eating, especially after what happened. She says that she’s very upset for meer and biji. Ammaji says that a stranger came

and went mad, and sent off to mental asylum, and they shouldnt regret her. Shyama reprimands her for talking so callouslky

for meera, and asks her to think about the child who would be rendered motherless due to this, for no fault of his. Ammaji

reminds her to make food. Shyama says that she regrets for her, who is bothered about food, and that she would make, but

noone would be able to eat except for her. as she leaves, ammaji is furious.

Biji asks for agastya, and is told that he’s on his way after hearing what happened. The children ask biji about uma, and are

shocked when she says that uma is still alive. Biji tells them the entire story, how he had tried to kill uma, for wanting a son

badly. She tells them that she sent uma to an old age home, for her safety only. They are shocked to hear this. She told them about her confrontation with Balraj and how uma is missing. how he must have blackmailed the old age employess to be on his side. They are stunned to hear all this. She says that balraj has either vhidden her somewhere, or actually killed her this time. she says that she’s taken care of uma for 16 years, but she doesnt have any prrof or eyewitness to this, and if they can believe her, its sufficient. The girls say that they have full faith on her, and that they all know that she’s truthful. Ammaji is in a dilemma what to favour, and says that she doesnt need any proof or witness, to prove that balraj can go to any length, and make the truth a lie. She says that she too would be in their fight. Biji is determined to stop this once and for all, with the support of her family.

Balraj says that with his graciousness, he has everything. Biji comes in and he satrts taunting her, about her failure. biji says that she isnt alone and asks him to open his eyes, to see that the entire family stands with her. He is visibly tensed to see them all together confronting him with stern eyes. balraj asks them what are they upto this time. He asks if they fell that she is saying the truth. His daughters say that they do, and ask him where is she. They ask him to speak up the truth. Balraj asks if they have gone insane, and they actually believe it. When they say yes in unison, Balraj tells them, that the only reason Biji is bringing up their dead mother, only to emotionally blackmail them into getting meera back to the house, and that she’s a liar. Agastya confronts them saying that biji is saying the truth, and that he’s lying. All are shocked to see Agastya, with a woman, seeing who, they are all overwhelmed in happiness, as its is Uma. Balraj is very tensed and shocked too. the girls go and hug her, while he is still in a state of shock. The daughters look at biji in gratitude, who herself is in tears seeing uma. uma comes and hugs biji. Agastya says that he always lived under his shadows. He says that he has freed her from his clutches. Balraj refuses to take the blame for this, and pretends that he didnt know anything about uma being alive, and says that uma and biji are together in conspiring against him. He says that uma didnt want to take the responsibility of handling her kids, and hence she stayed away. Umja comes and says that he didnt change, and asks if he ever would, and if he has any other accusation against her, or any other lies. She says that his demonic behaviour started when for property and money, he killed his own brother. All are shocked. Uma says that Agastya told him everything. She tells him that he killed his own newborn daughter, and confirms the story that biji had given against Balraj. She says that wehn she saw her kids today, she forgot all bitterness and trauma in a second, and when she saw him, she only feels pity for him. She asks him to look at his children, who dont have either love or trust for him, and he lost the right to be their father. She asks him whats the fault of these children, that they were girls, and didnt receive their father’s love. She asks what kind of a man has he married, who proved to be a lousy husband and a worse father. balraj says that he wont listen quietly to all these accusations. He asks if she has any proof of this. He says that she betrayed him. Agastya confronts him for murdering his father cold bloodedly, when he came in his way, and tried to stop his wrong ways, and orphaned him. Balraj asks who would believe agastya. shyama’s husband tells balraj, that the letter that Balraj’s father wrote before dying is in the custody of the police now. Balraj is shocked beyond disbelief. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: The police arrests balraj for the murder of his brother and meera’s mother. Meera asks nandini to think about her life ahead, and she has to embrace it, if not for herself, then for anirudh’s sake. She gives her hand into neel’s. nandini is overjoyed, and hugs neel tightly, while meera has tears of joy in her eyes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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