Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th June 2013 Written Update

Battery takes away a pot of water! Antara stops him n asks him to keep it back bt battery doesnt! Raghu says to antara she is her family’s bullet proof jacket n can do anything for her family n tells her now her family have to remain thirsty n she has to remove there thirst n takes that pot frm them n goes outside n breaks that pot Raghu asks localites not to help them

Raghu comes inside n tells antara she has time till today’s sun set to bow down n ask for forgiveness else what he can do! She havent yet seen the trailer

Manohar comes wid his wife Rasika comes to Raghu’s place! Rasika sees raghu under shower *whoa* Manohar asks her she is seeing that! She says yes she cant takes her eyes off (frm raghu) manohar asks a man what happened there! He tells govinds relative

slapped raghu

Rasika Aiyyaaa! Oh my god!
And thats why he is upset n has become angry man! Manohar says a girl shaked up raghu! Rasika says no one can shake raghu as his standard is too high! Aiyyaaa

Antara tells to Ishu they didnt did anything wrong n tells him everything will be fine! Govind again starts his lectures to antara! What she is doing is not right n she will create more troubles to her n whole family

Antara moves out! Govind asks where is she going! She tells she’s going to get water! Govind says to her none frm the society will provide them water! Antara tells him this society is a part of the nation n all have equal rights n raghu cant take away her rights

Antara says raghu is also a human being! Society people have made him there god else he is nthing Antara goes to different shops to buy water bt none gives her water MachMach n battery comes in frnt of antara n doesnt lets her go Machmach tells to how will she get water when she cant go out of the society!

Antara tells to him they need water n MachMach says bhai need her SORRY Govind comes tells to Raghu that she has came few days back n doesnt knows what he is n what he can do And says SORRY on her behalf

Raghu asks her name! Govind says ANTARA! Raghu tells him Antara will ask for forgiveness! Antara reaches home! Govind asks her she didnt got the water ??

Noor says what raghu did wid ishu wasnt right! Govind shouts at her n asks her did he asked her views n its there family matter n asks her not to interrupt in between

Antara tells to govind she will do what eva he wants her to do! And tells to him she is very sorry! Govind tells to her no need to say sorry to him rather go n say sorry to RAGHU

Antara says SORRY to raghu bt raghu says he said to come before sun sets n asks her to come again tomorrow n try to come before sun sets!

Update Credit to: Nidz

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