Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer thinking about Simran and getting sad. jaggi comes to him and pulls his leg, he says Simran is beautiful, and praises her. Rajveer scolds him. jaggi says your to be wife is very beautiful, meet her once, you will forget Madam ji. Rajveer says it won’t happen in this birth. jaggi smiles. Rajveer leaves. jhumri is her room, and Baldev looks at her. She sees him and asks what are you seeing, he says I’m thinking how can you wear so heavy jewels. He says you look good. She says if your love increases, you will feel I’m more beautiful. She says buy me a ring, like the one Rajveer gave to Simran. Baldev says what will you do, they both sweetly argue for the ring. He says if I fulfill your wishes, I will die. Baldev says Tau ji gives me less money. jhumri is annoyed. Baldev says her I love you a lot but cannot tell you infront of everyone. He says you know when you do makeup, I feel very much good. jhumri flirts with him. The scene is very funny.

The women are working, and discuss about Simran. Dadi and Rajveer’s mum are happy. Everyone smile, saying we were worried about Rajveer’s marriage and got a very good girl for him. We will do the arrangements fast and do the marriage soon. jhumri says we will go to the city and buy jewels. Dadi says do you want to buy, jhumri says no, but the ring… Dadi says money does not matter, the marriage should happen fast. Tau ji comes and asks Baldev is Hoshiyar there at home. Baldev says no. Tau ji says where is he going daily. Baldev says I came to know where he is going, he says he is going to another village. Tau ji says its Rajender’s village. What is he doing there, Baldev says I don’t know. Hoshiyar is not happy with this proposal, Rajveer’s mum hears it and overreacts and starts crying.

She says we all like the girl and Rajveer’s dad is going against her. Tau ji says stop crying, nothing happened, and you started crying, he says this time the marriage will take place, I will not let anything bad happen. He says I will call Rajender and talk to the girl. Tau ji calls Rajender and tells him that he wants to talk to Simran, if there is no problem. Rajender says ok, she is in washroom, I will let you talk to her. Tau ji says ok I will wait for your call. Rajender thinks why Tau ji wants to talk to Simran.
Hoshiyar comes and sees his wife crying, he asks her why is she crying. She says you are going against my Rajveer’s happiness. He is shocked. Rajender tells Simran that Tau ji wants to talk to you. Simran says why. Hoshiyar says when did I say such thing. His phone rings and he cuts the call. Dadi asks him to trust them, and let the marriage happen. Hoshiyar asks why are you saying this, I like this proposal. She says why do you go to Rajender’s house daily. Tau ji is calling Simran. He is shocked. The women go to Tau ji. Hoshiyar gets Rajender’s call. He asks why Tau ji wants to talk to Simran. They are worried.

Hoshiyar says Tau ji came to know that I’m visiting you, and he thinks I’m against the marriage as the girl is not educated. He tells him to teach Simran how to talk. Rajender explains Simran how to call and calls Tau ji. Tau ji talks to Simran. Tau ji gets happy talking to her. He says I just wanted to talk to you, so called you. I felt happy seeing you. He speaks well, and says we wanted a girl like you for Rajveer, who takes care of the complete family. He says you get the values from the family, not from the books. Simran agrees with him and says she wants to spend her life serving the elders. Tau ji gets impresses. He says we have a educated man in our house, and maybe he will teach you something, you don’t listen to him. He tells her about Hoshiyar and tells her that he wanted a educated girl for Hoshiyar and maybe he will create a problem, so beware, don’t listen to him. Simran tells I will do what my father says. She speaks well. Tau ji says I’m relieved, and asks her to be truthful always. As my family is based on truth. The women hear Tau ji talking to Simran. Tau ji says he hates liars, and he sent his own son out of the house because he lied to him. Simran is shocked. Tau ji says he felt good talking to her and cuts the call. Simran gets worried thinking about Tau ji’s words.

Simran is ready for the marriage and is happy to see the baaraat. Rajveer greets Dimpy’s mum. He is shocked to see Simran.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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