Savitri 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Leena Roy Choudhary taking arti of satya and savitri. First with leaves and then with diya she does arti of the couple. During aarti satya asks his mom to take arti of savitri alone through actions and leena nods in no to her naughty son. After this,savitri kicks a vessel filled with rice and coins

Further she puts her foot onto a tray kept on the entrance of the house. She covers her both the feet in the red paste and enters the house bare feet, making footprints on the floor. ..

They were about to move up stairs that mishti along with rohni and others blocks the path. On asked by satya they replies that now when satya got savi and savi got satya what will they get. Satya smiles and ask them to put forward their demand. Now misti replies that since savi is the best singer of their troop, he will have to sing a song. ( poor satya Uski toh paseena hi chootaLOL)

He asked in trembling voice to ask something else..and so does leena but mishti and others stood on their demand..

Savi says to satya that if he doesn’t want to sing thn its k and that she will talk to misti . But misti asks savi to stay away from jiju- sali…LOL..

She also adds that satya will have on sing perfectly as his first price is savitri.LOL..

Finally satya convinced himself and handing over his throne to misti he started singing…Kehna hain tumse pehli baar…. (OMG he sounded so bad at first almost killing senses)..All including savitri and leena closed their ears..then all of a sudden he started singing nicely surprising every1..

All were happy hearing him and leena commented that she had heard of people changing in love , but here her satya’s throat changed in loveLOL

Satya asks leena to bring gifts..and sambhu(house boy) brings up gifts for all..Satya gifts each of the girl a gift and savi says to herself with determination that satya knows how to keep old relations on while making new on…

Satya-savi along with other girls moved up to his room.. On reaching mishti showed action of getting sleepy surprising satya-savi but then once satya-savi entered all others moved out of room leaving them alone..Savi was too much embarrased ..

She moved further in to the room getting mesmerised by the beauty of the room.

He says that you are with him, near him and all his so he don’t want anything more. and that soon he will prove that her fear is a lie and his love is the truth.

He moved ahead of her and announced that the house room and he himself is whole hers. (She moved to him with teary eyes..) but except that one…He added that now on tears have no place in her new life.

She was happy haering him..and tried to start off convo..but he interrpted and said that eventhough she doesnt want to say something, he needs to hear her. He adds that he has seen her laughing , helping others and all but now he needs to know what savi is feeling then. He said he want to know that savi whom no one knows..

With filled eyes she replies that..none has asked her such a question. she had never wanted anything from life and never thought that some1 will love me and live for me .She had never seen her mom dad. she have a small family where she i live with and for others.

She also adds that Jesus is everything for her and she have never asked anything from him till then.. she got satya without demanding ..Satya gave her a family, lovely mom and a dad. Now she feels everything like a dream and that its more beautiful than dream.

her eyes again fills up but this time he catches her tears in his hands..he says in fun than whenever we both start talking this idiot will come in between.

He asks her to take off ornaments and change as its quite heavy.. He sits at bed while savi sits in front of mirror taking off ornaments..

abhi mujhme hahi baki thodi si hain zindagi… song in bg..

After removing ornaments she was about to untie her head throne.. but since she couldn’t satya came forward offering help and giving assurity thathe won’t touch her.

once its done savi says that she need to change and satya shows her wash room…

while she wnet inside..satya says that eventhough the suhaagraat is not normal, its the first ni8 of our togetherness and i’ll make it memorable..

Once savi steps out after changingshe will get surprised by the room’s attire as its filled with rose petals and the beg was separated by flower curtain..

He wrote his thoughts about her at mirror

paas nahi hoon toh kya

main tumhare har ehsaas mein hoon

a smile comes to her face on seeing that..Now they move closer and will keep their palms together but with gap

Precap: kulika comes to choudhary house in a male attire and hands over a gift to satya’s ni8 savi gains conscious from sleep hearing rahu kaal’s roar..

Update Credit to: snowdream

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