Junoon 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 18th March 2013 Written Update

P-Prithvi, M-Meera, A-Akash,D-Dadi, Ay-Ayaan, K-Kiran, B-Bua, Dt-Datta Thakur, SS-Sudha Singh, S-Sanjana, R-Rahul


A became a manic kind of man n self talking n confronts that he has attacked P to get M n she is only hers.

M searching for P n kind of disappointed due to his absence.

P disappointed n assumes M loves on A n remembers again n again M’s words to A when she hugs him. He thinks why did she make fool of him n his feelings. He leaves from there.

D searching for all. S & R talking n R flirts S. S panics seeing P coming downstairs but he finds the ring n the bead of the necklace he bought for M. He lifts it up.

RK asks K to be normal as its good occasion. K tries to be so.

M sees him n was happy. She was abt to approach P but B drags her to introduce. A just arrives in. Junoon BG tune while each one stares one another.

P approaches them n M was super happy. But P gives A the engagement ring n congratulates n leaves while M was disappointed. B goes to inform that they got the ring.

M says she can’t do this at all n she wanna talk to P n leaves. A taken aback n thinks to remove P from their way.

P lost in the thoughts n goes by pool side. He self talks n thinks why M has done all this with him. He questions God why he won’t get love n only hatred n betryal. While A approaching him with cricket bat. He hits P with it hardly n he fells in Pool. A says no one can come in btw him n M.

Precap: DT asks M if she is searching for P n she nods. He says he saw him going towards Terrace. M runs to see P.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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