2612 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 18th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 18th March 2013 Written Update

Randip explains why he needed those confidential info’s about the bombs and Shantanu’s project to the scientist. He asks if those bombs are as dangerous as normal nuclear bombs to which the scientist says Nova bombs are more dangerous than the nuclear bombs.

Swami is happy to seal that audio tape in his locker as he now has evidence against Shahana. He gets a calls from the commissioner, he was called out to the commissioner’s chamber where he wanted him to introduce to someone.

Inside the chamber Shahana was sitting infront of the commissioner and they were talking about some function. She was offering some kind of help for which the commissioner wanted Swami to check her up and issue a verification letter. Suddenly she gets a call from his men who tells her about Rashmi denial for having the food. She drops the call and makes an excuse of having an urgent meeting and leaves the police station at once.

Swami couldnt meet her but when the commissioner says that he wanted Swami to meet Karuna Shekhawat, swami felt happy as she left without seeing him there.

Randip interrogates Malik about his 2612 mission, initially Malik makes fun of Randip but later Randip makes him realize that he is not a easy opponent.

Shahana calls up Randip to tell him about Rashmi. She tries to threaten him but he doesnt react but reminds her of Malik. She hangs up on him saying that she will release Malik from his custody.

Jaddah comes over to meet Shahana where she tells him about her next plan. She will be sending rashmi to Delhi with the bombs and she seeks jaddah help there to kill her off and put the blame on Randip. Jaddah says ok happily and leaves. Unknowingly he drops his ID there, Shahana picks it up and remains stunned by looking into the details.

The scientist says Randip has 5 chances to enter the password on Shantanu’s laptop and then only he could review his project and apparently noone knows his password. He states he cant seek help from higher officials as Randip needs help unofficially. Randip tries out Shantanu’s family member’s name to which the scientist says that noone can use family member’s name as password at work there. Then he remembers that Shantanu had a great respect for his mother land, so Randip tries out some patriotic keyword and fails. Finally the scientist tells him about his love for another great scientist, Randip types ‘Saare jahan se acha hindusitaan humara’ as his last trail.

Precap: Randip says he cant reveal details about his next move to Jaddah and Randip’s aunt sees both of them talking from a distance.

Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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