Suvreen Guggal 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode start while Suvi goes outside of the collage. Rehan comes and asks her where she goes. The class in left side. She says yes sir with a big smile on her face Rehan says: I think you have found the solution of your problem. She answeres with yes. She says that she is very happy and she coan not explain how much she is happy.. She says that her Mumma has accepted Yuvraj, Mumma said that she will explain her dad about YuvReen. Both are smiling. RC says that he is happy for her and that he is happy too. Suvi asks why? He says *Maja* He and his friend are working on a big project. It’s his dream project.. Suvreen says: It’s so cool sir, congratulations. RC says that she should call Vivaan.. She says that she is missing him too. She asks who is that friend who is working with you on the project? He says: You will meet.. And then both go to the class.
In the class. Annie, Zorro and Alisha are waiting for Suvreen in the class. Alisha says : Dunno what Suvis Mumma say. After a while RC and Suvi come to the class. Zorro and Annie are fighting.. Suvreen says that everything is good. Rehan teaches them. He discusses with the students about creative designing. RC gave empty envelopes with paper to all the students and told them to design something for there love which they would love to dedicate to the person they love…it’s a competition by vivels face wash where who’s design will be the best he/she will design c next ad fro vivel.. Suvi runs out of the class when the class end. Alisha talks to herself: You can not have everything.! First you won the fashion show and then you have steal Yuvraj from me. But now it’s enough. I’ll make sure that today will your bad day.
Outside of the class: Annie runs behind Suvreen. She screams what happened? What did your Mumma say?? Suvi says that she is very happy. And she says that her Mumma will explain her dad about their relationship. Annie is shocked and hugs her. Suvi says that she will go home she goes… And then Zorro comes and asks what did she say? She says that Suvis mom finally accepted Yuvraj. Zorro jumps.. Zorro says: It’s easy to explain Mumma’s about love. And daughters Dad is like a hitler.. And then they are fighting..
Back to Suvreen: Alisha comes to Suvreen and asks what happened? Suvi says that her Mumma accepted Yuvi.. Alisha gets shocked. Suvi says that she is sooo happy. Alisha says: Woow.. finally your parents accepted Yuvraj. Suvreen says: Not really.! Alisha asks why? Suvi says that her mom accepted it but there is a big problem. Her dad..! Suvi says that her Mom will explain him about that. Alisha says: Don’t you think that your dad will feel bad when he knows it last?? You said it to your mom that’s why she had handle so easily. Alisha says that it’s her thoughts .. She can do anything what she wants. Suvi says ok and goes.
In the cafeteria: Zorro says: Just imagine: Suvi has a tea on her hand and goes to meet Yuvraj’s parents. (with blushing face).. Annie says that he doesn’t know how difficult for the girls is. Zorro says if any girl hears the name *Marriage* they think *shopping* and *honeymoon*.. And not to forget: *FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE*.. We boys do not know what you girls are doing. Annie says that all boys are the son of the Mum.. The girls are leaving her parents and going with a boy but you boys can not leave your mummis.. And then they are starting fighting..
At the night: Suvi is talking to herself: How can I say it to Dad?? Pappa I love Yuvraj.. Pappa I love Yuvraj’ Baby is behind her and listening to her.
Mumma guggal is cooking food.. Baby comes and gives the phone to her and says that her sis her called her. While Mumma Guggal talks to her sis on the phone, Baby says to herself that she will tell about YuvReen to her dad. Puppa Guggal is watching TV. Baby is talking on the phone and says : Dunno.. why the parents of my friend are behaving like that.. It’s her life.. she can take her decision of her own. What is the problem with love? Puppa Guggal is screaming her name and says what she is talking about? She asks did I say anything wrong? What is wrong if anyone is in love? It’s a positive emotion right?? Puppa guggal gets angry and says : No.. It’s wrong emotion.! What you thinking about love, it isn’t love.! And then Suvreen comes. She is shocked’ Baby looks at her with a smile on her face. Baby says: If it’s not love what it is then? It’s wrong when anyone is in love? Puppa Guggal says: In this age it’s wrong to love. Boyfriend, Girlfriend or dating.. it’s not a love! I’ll not expect it.. And then Suvreen says that Baby was right. Baby is smiling again. Suvi says: I want to say that our generation are understanding what love is. After a while Mumma Guggal comes. Suvi asks: What is the connection of love and age. If two loves each other what is it problem then? If it’s happen in early age soo what is the problem? Puppa guggal says that the time is for making career and not loving anyone. Suvreen says: We can not do love.. love happens. All get shocked. She says: I believe in love and I also believe that love can happen anyone and every age. Love can not control. And I believe in love because I’m in love.! Everyone get shocked.! Puppa Guggal gets up..

Precap: Suvreen says: I love Yuvraj. Puppa Guggal gets shocked.. and Mumma too. Baby is smiling like always.! Suvi says that he loves her too.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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