Satrangi Sasural 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi gets enraged, as gattu lerringly greets her. She begins to go, but he asks her how can she go, when her brother is so hurt. She asks him not to worry, as its her brother. she leaves hastily. Prahlad gets gattu inside, and then asks girish to act like a man, and then slash the person who did this to him. The mother is apalled, but prahlad asks her to shut up, as he is his son, and she shouldnt interfere.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan wakes up, and is surprised to find arushi standing in front of him. She asks whats the matter, and that she has been called by him in his dreams. He says that he is very confused, as he wants to propose her, as he has to get her in this house. she pretends to be shocked, and says that they are just good friends, and asks him not to think ahead, and asks if he wants to lose his friend. he denies. she smiles. She asks him to look somewhere, and when he does, and returns, she is gone. he smiles at his own hallucination. He starts thinking on what was her reaction, at the proposal, and the dilemma that he is in, whether to propose or not. He gets tensed. But he cheers up, finding Dilwali Kudi’s article again, and starts reading. He again finds the article corelated to his situation, and thinks that now the columnist shall show him how to win arushi’s heart. Downstairs, the ladies read about Dilwali Kudi’s competition, in which sumbmission of article, would make it liable to win the comp, and earn a date with the columnist. they each decide to write articles, and increase their chances at winning, and earning a meet with her. Granny hears them and gets tensed. She wonders how long would she be able to keep the secret hidden. She wonders what would happen, when they ask about Vihaan’s secret, after they decide on a girl, and what shall she reply.

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Scene 3:
Location: IDBI Office
While arushi gets a message from vihaan, saying that he has a surprise for her, and she messages back what, she is surprised to find her boss walk in with vihaan, saying that he came to discuss some issues with the deal, and asks her to take proper care of his concerns, in the meeting hall. She complies, while vihaan follows amusingly. She asks whats the matter. vihaan says that he took time for ten minutes, and shares the news that Dilwali kudi is back, and has a contest for meeting her. She gets tensed, but he doesnt realise the reason, as he cheerfully says that he has sent an article too, by Dilwala Munda, so that if he wins, he would be able to see her. She asks how can he do this, and why would he want to meet her. As the boss comes in, they pretend to be talking business, and he says that he needs her help. She says that she wont help him. He asks how does she know. She sys that she is his friend, and when he doesnt even know her, then she wont help him either, and asks him to tell it to her only. He wonders if its her signal, so that he reveals his feelings for her. He decides to go ahead, but just then her mother calls, and she gets very tensed. She says that she shall leave rightaway. He asks if everything is fine. she says that girish is not well, and says that some idiot beat him for no reason, and takes leave. He agrees, disappointed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As all are tensed, the doctor comes and after checking, tells that girish just had a minor attack, due to the trauma yesterday, and hence vomitted, and there’s nothing to worry, and prescribes some meds. He begins to leave. Gattu is about to pay the doctor, when arushi comes and stops him. She gives the money instead, while gattu insists. She says that she is capable of handling her family, and asks him not to interefere in their family matters. all get tensed. She says that she would give him tomorrow. The doctor happily agrees. Gattu makes a snide comment, and dadaji too asks him to leave too. prahlad asks if this is the way to treat guests. Gattu says that he being elder, should be respected. He asks arushi to take care of herself, and keep smiling, as it deosnt suit her face. She is fuming with rage, while he leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At the dining table, the ladies chatter about who shall win the Dilwali Contest. Vihaan joins them. Vihaan is tensed, as harpreet reveals accidentally, that she along with others have sent an article for Dilwali Kudi contest. Narmada says that if they win, they might like the girl, and get her married to him. They make jokes about it, while vihaan asks them to control, as he is just a fan, and doesnt love her, and thats is. the ladies listen tensedly. granny too joins them. Vihaan clarifies that he wont marry her, however beautiful she might be. Narmada asks how long would he be able to avoid marriage. granny asks if he doesnt want to marry, why are they forcing, and asks them not to argue at the dining table. all get tensed, and silenced. mini, harpreet and priyanka still keep nudging him, to marry her.

Meanwhile, Priyanka prepares him for his meet with dilwali Kudi, asking him wear a T-shirt. outside, she discusses that it isnt coincidence but fate that, of all the Delhiites, Vihaan was chosen to meet this girl, and if he wasnt really interested, then he wouldnt have given his article too. they are sure that this is the girl, as the priest too had given a forecast, that he would meet the girl before them, and hence they didnt win, and he did. All the ladies start showering his pamperings, and then in the garb of affection, they do all the rituals, so that vihaan can have a nice day, for a special reason. he calls their bluff, and again reminds them, that they shouldnt dream those dreams that wont be fulfilled, as he is really not interested in marrying Dilwali Kudi. Nevertheless, they still wish him all the best. he drives off.

Scene 6:
Location: The newspaper office and on the road
Arushi walks in the office, saying that she got leave just for 1 hour. the editor says that they would need just 45 minutes, and asks her to drink water and relax. Arushi gets a list of the winners of the contest, that she has to meet today, and when she hears the third name, Dilwala Munda, she starts coughing in shock.

Vihaan starts going to the office, in his car, excited to meet Dilwali Kudi. Meanwhile, Arushi is highly tensed that vihaan is coming, as he would get to know that she is Dilwali Kudi, and is tensed for his reaction. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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