Hamari Sister Didi 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita runs from the goons and hides. Confirming that they have left, she runs forward but they get her again. One of them comes near her, as they laugh. He was about to touch her, when Karan gets him from neck and beats him hard. Amrita was afraid. She watches Karan fight the men, hard. He gets her her shawl, she looks at him. She says please takes me from here. A man come from behind, she shouts. Karan holds the rod, and beats him with it again. The man asks him for forgiveness. Karan asks Amrita to call police, the men promise never to tease a girl. He looks at Amrita, they hold their ears. Amrita asks Karan to let them go. Karan asks them all to run away. Karan smiles, and looks at Amrita.
Amrita gets to her scooty, he holds it for her. Place all her things in her purse and hands it

back to her. She looks at him, as he places her things on the scooty. She says thankyou, but he had left. Amrita gets back home, Karan stops the car near the house. He observes Amrita get into the house, and reverse the car. At the main door, Amrita turns around to see any car traces, then goes inside.
In the morning, Amrita was standing in the kitchen crying. Sooraj comes to her asking why she is crying. Amrita says something went to her eyes, Sooraj says she is lying he won’t go to school today. She says there are no excuses to school. Khushi watches as dadi mama makes brade for her, Khushi says she is looking so old fashion. She says everyone will make fun of her in school, she had just asked for a simple brade. Amrita comes and asks what is going on here. She laughs, as she watches Khushi’s brade and says it looks good. Khushi cries further. Mrs. Kapoor is annoyed, that she must not have come to her and leaves. Amrita asks why she made her angry. Khushi says she just asked her to make a normal brade, Amrita says she will make it for her.

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Amrita comes out to Mrs. Kapoor. She was angry, Amrita says Khushi is a kid, she is like this. Mrs. Kapoor asks why she has come here, she was also making fun with her. Amrita smiles at the complain, then gives her the comb. Mrs. Kapoor asks what is this. Amrita says Khushi doesn’t care, but she can make her hair do’s. Mrs. Kapoor says she doesn’t know any hairdos. Amrita says she has seen so many photos of her, she is the most fashionable person in the house. After her mother passed by, no one made her hair. Mrs. Kapoor asks her not to be sentimental now, smiles and invites Amrita to sit.
In the hospital, Babay and everyone is shocked to see Amrita’s hair. Amrita was nervous, Babay calls her heroine. Amrita asks her not to make fun of her, mummy ji made it with love. Mehr and Malika say she looks really nice. Amrita asks if she has nothing to do, and asks Babay what she is doing. She asks Babay to learn computer from today. Malika and Mehr also bucks Babay up. Amrita tells them about Mr. Singh. Amrita says she isn’t leaving Muskaan, it is her home as she and Avi have placed every single brick here. Dimple hears this. Babay says she is Muskaan. Amrita says she waits the day when Sooraj and Khushi come to this hospital as doctors. Dimple calls that the hospital doesn’t pay them for dreaming, their smiles fade. She comes to them and asks them to end this kitty party and do the work. Muskaan is run with the work, not their talks. Amrita turns to her, stands up and returns Dimple her napkin. She asks Dimple she was sneezing yesterday. Dimple recalls what she had done. Dimple takes it, so. Amrita says it fall down near Dr. Karan’s table, when she went there to ruin the arrangement of the files. She is a weak player, she left proof. Dimple was quiet.

PRECAP: Dimple shouts at Dimple why she is inquiring with the patient. Babay says she won’t let her take an abortion. The man asks her to make the queries. Babay is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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