Bigg Boss 8 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 106
Nomination Special
song khoon chusne aya starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.
Pritham and Gautam find tent there, Karishma says we are gone, Sana ask will we sleep here?

bigg boss says to inmates that both champions and challengers have equal chance to win but champions will get advantage, first advantage is that challengers will sleep in one tent, Sana is shocked. and will keep their things in tent too, all house work will be done by challengers, champions are not allowed to work, what should be made in food will be decided by champions but challengers will make it, Sambhavna says inshort we are servants here? Sana sas first do so much work and then sleep outside, Ajaz says bigg boss can say anything, but its us who will follow or nt, ali ask to take it sportingly, Ajaz says keep my things in bedroom, I sleep in tent, bigg boss I will not remove my things from bedroom, you can come and remove it, Sambhavna and Mehek discuss work, Rahul brings his suitcase in tent, Gautam says this is spirit, Rahul Mahajan is the best, they chant for Rahul, Sambhavna says how we will sleep in it, Dimpy says Rahul is clever, he took plac in tent which is on grass so that we wont have to sleep on cement, Sambhavna says then I will take his place.
Mehak ask Ajaz to do two works daily, ajaz says I will do one work only, she says all are doing two works, don’t do this, Ajaz says I will wash utensils, Dimpy ask Ajaz that they are occupying places in tent which are better, ajaz says not to worry, Ajaz sys to camera that I am not government worker who will work daily, I am not servant of anyone, I will not work much, my fans also say that do fun not work, they vote for me to watch fun not me working in kitchen, those who want to eat can, nothing about me, I have come and will go too.
Ali says to camera that these people have come to shake us but as Salman said stick together so we are together, Karishma says bigg boss you will frustrate them by making them sleep in tent that they will burst out.

Ajaz says to Mehak that don’t give me food, I will not work, mehek says that you have to give rent to live in house, Ajaz says I have come here that is rent only, Dimpy says they are giving you rent to stay here, you have to work, Rahul ask to do work fully or either don’t do it at all, Pritham ask to just chill and do it in fun, all will be done, Ajaz says now I wont work at all, Mehak says ok don’t eat too, Ajaz says yes, he leaves, Pritham says he will take time, Mehak says that we will see till when he will not eat food, game have started, come in field now.
Ajaz says to Sana that mehak said she will make me straight, world was not able to do it and she will do it, Sana ask to do basic work only, Ajaz agrees.

Rahul says that Dimpy’s praises are twitter a lot, Dimpy laughs, he says one wrote to me that you will go in heaven that you bear Dimpy, Ali says really it was said? he says yes, Dimpy laughs, ali says praise that you bear her for 4 years, Dimpy ask to tell who bear whom, Rahul says its not bearing people but bearing situations, Dimpy says he himself says that oh my God its difficult to live with me, I get frustrated with myself, Rahul says I don’t know what I like but Dimpy herself said that if he had found her 6 years back then he would have done suicide as she was difficult too, we are equal, karishma ask who created problem you two, Rahul says time, when time is bad then everything go bad, ali sing na mein tumse koi umeed rakhun pyaar ki, Dimpy looks down and is little sad.

Rahul says to Dimpy that I cant work that much, she ask to change duties, he ask to talk to others abot work.
Ali says to karishma its husband wife and me, he laughs, ali ask to bring one more angle? Rahul comes to Ali and says girls are not doing garden and kitchen work, Ajaz you clean bathroom, Ajaz says I will do when mood allows, Dimpy comes and ask Ali to do meeting and divide their duties, Ajaz says that Dimpy is not captain, ali you too, ali says I am captain, Dimpy says work should be done mutually, Sambhavna says that it will be donewhy you are forcing everyone, Dimpy says thing is that we have to divide work first, Sambhavn ask to not poke, Dimpy ask whats poking in it, Sambhavna ask her shhh.. dimpy says shhh, Sambhavna ask do not Dimpy, i will break your face, i will go out of house but will send you to hospital too, Dimpy says you ave started it, Dimpy shows hand to her, Sambhavna ask to not do this, Dimpy tease her by passing a flying kiss to her, Sambhavna throws a slipper at her, Sana and Mehek ask Sambhavna that its small thing, leave it, Sambhavna says its all about game for her, this girl plays a lot, Dimpy says to Ajaz that cant I say anything, Mehak ask Sambhavna to wear shoe and cvool down. Dimpy says to Ajaz that its Rahul who is doing all the work, ajaz says Sana have done work too, why you are fighting for Rahul, Dimpy says my decision.
Mehek hugs Sambhavna to cool her down.
Sambhavna says all she do is kai kai kai, all laughs.

Pritham and Mehak comes in washroom and ask her to come out, Mehek brings her out and says you are strong, don’t cry on this, Dimpy says what did I say that she threw shoe at me, Mehak says I will talk to her, Dimpy says all I said that decide work, she said that I poked, Mehak says she thinks that if they have to do work then why you are coming inbetween, Dimpy says I just said a things whats wrong in that.
Rahul says to Karishma that boys are doing physical work so problem is that, Karishma then you have to work in kitchen, Rahul says Ajaz is not doing any work, Karishma says bigg boss know how Ajaz is, Rahul says Ajaz was supposed to be my servant but he is not listening to me.
Mehak ask Dimpy to talk to her, Dimpy says I was just giving a opinion and she will throw shoe.
Rahul ask Gautam to make Ajaz understand, Gautam ask where is my rod.
Mehek ask to be calm, Dimpy says you have come yesterday only, we are not in mood to behave wrongly with you, Mehek says nobody wants that, Dimpy says its evident that she want to misbehave.
Gautam ask Ajaz to do his work, Ajaz ask you have energy then make me work, be a man and make me work, Gautam says I have no strength, Ajaz ask you not a man? if I was given a task then I would have made you work, I would have rolled you and made you work, Ali ask to not talk about rolling and all, only love will work here, Gautam says I am asking you with love to work, ajaz says there are not always moluse in holes bu snakes too so don’t put hand in every hole.
Dimpy says to Pritham that Rahul was silent when all that was happening, it was he only that asked me to talk to them to do the work, Pritham says we will talk to him that if had asked to talk then why he didn’t speak there, this is wrong, he leaves. Dimpy says its embarrassing to cry all the time.
Rahul says to Pritham that they are doing over acting, if I give attention to sambhavna then she will come in news, Rahul says I know Dimpy was righ tbut Sambhavna cant understand, if you try to make her understand then she will go over the top so whats the point of making her understand, Pritham says you should have said that Dimpy was saying on your behalf, Rahul says If I go in their fight then t will look like I am partial towards Dimpy, on logic point dimpy is right, Sambhavna was doing over acting, I cant make anyone famous, Pritham ask to talk to Dimpy once.
Ali comes to Dimpy and ask to not cry, Rahul come too and says she is like this only, she is cheap, Dimpy says but you are not like that, you should have spoken up, you said to me that make them understand, what I did was poking? Rahul says Samvbhanvna wasn’t footage, why make her famous, don’t give her attention, Rahul says I will come in a minute, DGautam comes there and ask Dimpyu to let everyone work according to them, dimpy says we live in this house, we can give views too on things, and it was Rahul who asked to talk about work.
Rahul comes to Sambhavna and says Dimpy was just clearing my point, you don’t throw thing s, you will not be physical, you will not throw shoe at her again, she came to say my point, don’t do this reaction, don’t be physical, Sambhavna says alright.
Dimpy says Sambhavna is like friend to me, she did my gathbandhan in my marriage, I cant forget that, then why will I fight with her.
Sana says to Sambhavna that you will look bad by all this, people are seeing Dimpy whole season, she is not getting provoked. she gives smiles to provoke others, Sambhavna says why Rahul is supporting her after destroying 4 years with her, Ajaz says its their personal issue, we should not talk about it, you were right on your point but that throwing shoe was wrong.

Mehak ask Dimpy are you fine, she says I got affected by it initially but now I am fine, I didn’t expect this from her, she is like my family and suddenly if she throw shoe at me then its shocking, Sambhavna comes there and hugs Dimpy, she says finish this topis here, it was like we are in stress, we have come one day back only and have started working so its like you saying that what work you guys are doing, I just wanted to say that chill, why you were so concerned about work, it feels like you give point in everything, Rahul says she was talking to Ali only, Sambhavna says I know, Rahul says then why did you come inbetween, nw finish it, Sambhavna hugs Dimpy again.

Ali says to Pritham that Ajaz is so much egoistic that he will win, all he do is that me, myself and me, Mehak says we have to break his bubble, Mehak ask what you problem have with him? Ali says nothing, Mehek says he says that he made you learn things and you say that you made him learn things, Ali says I will clear it on his face, he calls Ajaz and says you say that you made me learn things, Mehak says its seems like you both have issue, Ajaz says I have not said anything like this, its Ali that said he made me learn things, I am way above than Ali, Ali is gutthi and I am haseena appa, Mehek laughs, Ajaz says haseena appa can do whole episode and gutthi only 10mins.

bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, as advantage only champions can vote not challengers, champions can nominate on challengers, there will be open nomiantions, you have to tell three names to nominate them.
Karishma: she nominates Sambhavna as what she did with Dimpy didn’t look good at all, second is Ajaz as he is not doing much work. third Sana as she is strong challenger.
Gautam: he nominates Ajaz as he said many things about outside that I am most famous and all, Ajaz says tell directly you are afraid of me, Gautam says he didn’t take my name in task on WKW, it shows that he is saying two different things, second is SAmbhavna as she became snappy, I don’t know who was at mistake, third is Mehek as she is very strong girl, Mehek says I take it as compliment.
Pritham: he says first Sambhavna. second Ajaz as he is full of himself, Ajaz says that is problem. third is Mehek as she said that I am threat.
Ali: he nominates Ajaz as he is real challenger, second Sambhavna and third Mehek, they all are strong, I welcome them in house and nominate them, all laughs.
Dimpy: she says Mehek you are very strong and I think you are potential threat to me, second is Ajaz as he is full of himself and cross the line, third is my best friend Sambhavna as there is no need of deliberate misbehave, Sambhavna says then you are not needed too as you are doing this whole season.
bigg boss says nominations are done. NOMINATED PEOPLE ARE SAMBHAVNA, AJAZ, MEHEK. Sambhavna says I knew I will come in nomiantions, Pritham says it shows you are popular. Ajaz says I go tot know that I am threat.

Ajaz strangles Pritham and you nominated friend of 15 years, Ali says Ajaz is becoming physical, Pritham says bigg boss you know my problems for nominating my friend, Ajaz says no problem can allow you to nominate a friend, go to hell that problem, Ali ask to not say hell to audience, Ajaz says he doesn’t know who is no.1, ali says you are 4 no, Ajaz says Ali lives in charnal, Ajaz says people are getting irritated with your voice, Pritham says its sound pollution, Ajaz says you got afraid seeing my face, Ali ask who are you? a copy of Srk, Ajaz says a doctor is going to come for you, Ali ask you cheap guy, Ajaz sit on ali, Pritham ask to not get physical, Ali says now you are irritated, now I have come infront of you, they hit head to head, ali saysnow show will start, Ajaz says I allow Ali to hit 4 punch to me anywhere then I will give him one punch, Pritham say no physical violence, Ajaz says Ali is a junior artist, ali says Ajaz is calling bad to junior artist, junior artist is also a human, he forgot that he used to junior artist too, Karishma ask Ajaz to not humiliate junior artist, Ajaz ask Ali to listen, ali says we have listened a lot but not now, Ali says to Ajaz that we are listening to your bullshit from many days, Ajaz slaps on his head, Gautam ask Ajaz what you are doing, ali ask to talk with tongue, Ali ask to touch, Ajaz pushes him away, Ali ask Ajaz to hit, Ajaz runs to hit him, Pritham holds him but they both get closer to hit each other., Pritham try to stop them both but Ali slaps Ajaz and hit Pritham instead of Ajaz, Ali says he doing rubbish talks, Ajaz grabs Ali by neck, they use slangs *******, Ajaz hit Ali and punch him, he falls on ground, all are stunned, Ali says I am not able to breath, he has hit me, Ajaz says I have nothing, he is doing acting, Pritham says to Ajaz that you are actor what you are doing, Ajaz says Ali is afraid of me, Pritham says he has got hurt, Karishma hugs Ali and ask him to breath, nothing has happened, Bigg boss ask Pritham to bring ali in confession room, ali cant get up, Rahul and Pritham hold Ali on shoulders and bring him in confession room.
Mehek says to Ajaz that you cant touch anyone, Ajaz says he did this issue before too to make Puneet out, he asked Arya to do acting and make Puneet elimainted, Sambhavna says I thought you both are joking, Mehek says when he touched you then you shouldn’t have touched him, Karishma says Ali didn’t touch you at all, he asked you to not touch him, he asked you talk with tongue only, not use hands, wrong is wrong, Mehek says I told you that he will say anything to provoke you but you cant become violent, Gautam says you should have controlled yourself, Ajaz says now I understand in am threat to all, Karishma is now against me too.
in washroom, Karishma says to Dimpy that its against rules, you cant hit anyone like that.
Gautam says to Rahul that how ali is playing, how he is manipulating, we all know, Rahul says it was all joke, Gautam says but he touched him. Mehek says to Ejaz this was fun for you? Ejaz says he shoved me that was fun? Sana says I thought you both are used to do that in fun. I didn’t react but it was sudden. Sambhavna says it looks like you both have a clash. Ejaz says they are scared because I know them both for 15 years and I can expose them. Sana says don’t do that. He says why would I? Ejaz says what an acting they did Karishma, Pritham and ali. They are even planning to kick puneet out. Karishma says don’t drag me in it. He says you were talking about it yesterday. You were there. Karishma says I was sitting there, I didn’t plan it. I was listening it doesn’t mean I was involved. Ejaz says why were you sitting there. Karishma says you were there too. Why you dragged my name. Dont do these things for footage. Ejaz says I don’t do stuff for footage I don’t need it. He says you are the one who stab in the back. Mehek says this is wrong Ejaz. You have lived before but you didn’t do such things. Dimpy says heat of the moment is for everyone. SAmbhavna, puneet and everyone. Sambhavna says do not take my name, I didn’t hurt her. Dimpy says I am not interested.

Sambhavna says to Ejaz when something like this happens all people go against him so they can kick him out. So be careful. He says yeah you are right, thanks I love you. She says I am with you. He says thank you. She says after knowing you I really respect you. I didn’t like you before but you are a really nice guy and you didn’t do it for game. That’s what I like. She leaves.
Ejaz says you bald come here and entertain if you can. You become a dog, you got slapped. You are jealous of me. World Is seeing that you are scared. Pritham is a fake as well. his name is pyaray and look at his way. If I stay here I will tell you both.

Ejaz says I gave him 1 number for 15 years of friendship. He came and said Ejaz name me please. Rahul says we all like you but we can’t accept violence. Sambhavna says better not to discuss it. Ejaz says he provoked a girl so much that she slapped him. Sambhavna says I am not supporting him in this, but he is not playing game. SAna says you are so real. SHe says I have never liked him but he isn’t fake. Sana says you don’t do drama. Ejaz says I am an entertainer. Ejaz says I praised him when I was out. Pritham knows me for 15 years, he even owes me. He nominated me and says I have ego. Gautam didn’t have a reason as well. I know pritham very well he comes in with love and stabs you. He said to ali let it go but they are making an issue.

Pritham says I am against violence. This is wrong.

Precap-Bigg boss says to Ejaz we regret our decision to bring you back. Ali says he said to me there is no better entertainer than him. Karishma reads out, my house and your house. There will be a competition between both teams. Both teams will have to protect their trees. The one who steal more fruits from others’ trees will win.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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