Satrangi Sasural 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
Vihaan and arushi bask and celebrate the glory of their new found love. They are in the seventh heaven. They finally sit in a restaurant, while she teases him about He teases her back. while they are bantering. Vihaan and arushi come across old friends of vihaan from delhi. They loose talk about her, and he clarifoes that she is the love of his life. he comes to arushi and identifies him, as Vihaan Vatsal, who like other rich spoilt brats, have come with their latest crush, to enjoy and have fun. Other friends join in too. Vihaan is tensed, and vehemently denies. But they continue teasing vihaan on his feat. Arushi is apalled at what they are insinuating. Arushi is hurt and leaves. Vihaan reprimands them and leaves after her. He says that its not his fault. she says that she was wrong, and got swept away with emotions, as a relationship between them can only mean one thing, and that she is sure that their relation doesnt have a future. She asks the driver to drive off. Vihaan is irritated. But he is unable to catch with her, and finds her taking a cab and leaving. he is disheartened.

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Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Rosy comes back and is about to tease her, when arushi comes disheartened. rosy asks whats the problem, and where’s vihaan. Just then, arushi’s phone rings and vihaan calls. She cancels the call. rosy asks whats the matter. She asks rosy to pack and vents out her frustration at her. She says that she isnt in the mood, and leaves for her room. rosy is tensed as to what happened between the two.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai streets
The next morning, rosy gets Vihaan’s message, to switch the radio on 95.1. While arushi and rosy are in the cab, she is surprised to her vihaan’s voice on the radio, talking to dilwali kudi, that he is finally exclaiming in front of everyone, that he loves this girl, even though it was right on her part to get angry. arushi is surprised at this innovative, overwhelming gesture. Rosy is excited for both of them. He asks her to wipe the tears and smile for her, as he loves her till the end. he asks the taxi driver to strop the car, as the madam sitting behind her, has to be hugged by him. He halts. Arushi finds his friends holding apology placards. she is surprised to see vihaan coming from behind this. She gets overwhelmed and goes onto hug him, and he too responds back. They fly back, to delhi.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At the dining table, Granny asks vihaan is his work got done. He complies. all the ladies are happy for him. priyanka asks whats the matter and if it involves a girl. he starts coughing as she catches him off guard. this gets everyone tensed. Nilima and others say that it cant be. Mini says that he would take them together if he has to propose. Harpreet says that they shall final the girl. Vihaan is tensed, as he hears diverse opinions, and thinks that he thought that he shall disclose about arushi, but a huge risk and even if she is rejected once, then it would be a huge problem, hence he would have to take it slow. He assures them that he shall tell them at the right time. They ask for a hint. Granny says that they should let him be, as he is grown now, and needs his space now. he thinks that arushi has to be ready now for the battle ahead, as their marriage isnt far now.

Scene 5:
Location: Delhi, on the road
The next morning, vihaan apologises to arushi on the phone, saying that he couldnt come to receive her at the station, as its very urgent. She teases him that he is already getting lax. He says that he has a very busy day ahead and wont be able to meet her. she is hurt and tensed, and disappointed and says that she wont be able to come. Finally, Arushi enters her locality and finds vihaan waiting for her, and she is happy, but then gets tensed that anyone might see him, and asks him to go. Before she decides to meet him, Mili comes and takes her inside. Vihaan sees her going in the house, smilingly, as she gives him a smile back, sorry that she couldnt meet him. She waives him goodbye, and mili drags her inside.

Mili is excited to have a new frock from Arushi. She then goes to girish and gives him books, to study. Then she gives him clothes too. She gives clothes to dadaji too. She turns to Prahlad and gifts her a watch, who gets extremely happy. Both the sisters are very happy as they find her mother dressed in Maharashtrian Style, and compliment her profusely. she smiles. Arushi is inside, when her mother comes in asking about her Mumbai tour. she says that she wont ever forget this tour, as it was completely historic. Her mother asks why. She says that vihaan came to make her meet his lifepartner. Her mother asks arushi why is she talking so excitedly about vihaan’s life partner. She says that meeting his life partner, was the most memorable moment of her life. Her mother is baffled. She says that if she meets vihaan’s life partner, she too would feel the same. She asks her mother if she wants to meet her. her mother asks if she has a pic. She says that she has brought back the face. Her mother is baffled. She eyes her own reflection in the mirror, and gets shy. Her mother is overjoyed to know that its her daughter only. Arushi tells her that he always liked her only. She is asked when would the marriage happen then. She says that its enough that he loves her for now, and they shall wait to see how it develops. her mother gets tensed, that he hasnt talked about it yet. Arushi goes to get water. Her mother says that vihaan is right and wont do wrong, but she knows this too, that he is a rich man, and what if his parents refuse for this relation, and that she hopes they dont go ahead in their love story so much, that they can afford to come back.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Vihaan is planning a flow chart as to how to get all the mothers to be impressed by arushi, and his marriage depends on that only. Sarthi asks why cant he make her meet them all together. Vihaan says that she would have to tackle them one by one. Sarthi asks vihaan, how would arushi get clearance from all the seven mothers and what if one of them rejects her and she fails. Vihaan immediately gets defensive and says that arushi cant afford to fail, as he wont be able to stay without her, nor would have the courage to go against his mothers to marry her too. He wonders how would arushi get through the test. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Arushi’s mother says to vihaan that she wants arushi to get the peace that she didnt get in her own house. he tries to speak, but she wonders how would she get that in a house of seven mother in laws, and hence she rejects his proposal to marry her. Vihaan is shattered and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I’m looking forward to see how Vihaan’s chart pens out. Good idea to make Arushi meet the mothers one at a time. It will be interesting to see this and hilarious. Those women are all different.

  2. If will continue this show without any conspiracy. ….this show will still give hit to hit trp……..

  3. Writers please do not do this stunt with us.Arushi cannot reject Vjhaan or else the story lines will be a flop.Please
    let the love and happiness flow with these two young people.Do not give any twisted events to shock.The story
    line right now is very good,do not do as the other soaps.Loing it right now.

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