Hamari Sister Didi 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sooraj runs after the bus calling it to stop but the bus leaves. Sooraj pants but the bus stops some way ahead. The conductor asks him to come and pulls him up into the bus. Sooraj gets a seat, most people there were singing bhajans. Amrita’s scooty moves besides the bus and takes the route throw the smaller side road. Sooraj thinks that he is coming to her lying with his mama. He prays for mata rani to solve all the problems of his mama.
Amrita comes home, Mrs. Kapoor asks what is it about. She says she doesn’t have an experience as receptionist so they will tell her in a few days. Khushi comes behind and asks why would she go as receptionist. Amrita says they are interviewing at Muskaan for receptionist. Khushi shocks her by asking for her mid term fee, then says she is getting bravery award for helping Sania and her cousin. She also announces that she is getting the scholarship for one year. Amrita hugs her, Khushi says she will also invite Karan uncle. Amrita thinks about calling Sooraj’s teacher, Khushi tells her not to do so as he will begin missing her. She assures Amrita he will be fine. Amrita says she is missing Sooraj.
Sooraj comes to conductor for buying ticket, the conductor says his ticket has been paid for.
Amrita is worried at home about Sooraj. She gets restless, and goes to kitchen to cook something. Mrs. Kapoor says she must be brave enough to send him with his friends. Amrita says she never left him, since Avi has left. Mrs. Kapoor says she must call him. Amrita says he will miss her then, there.
Khushi comes to ask Amrita did she pay for Sooraj’s camp fee, why did he took his money from pinky bank. Mrs. Kapoor says it was his money, it is good he took it.
The bus stops at a café, the conductor asks them to eat something. The bus won’t stop for another for hours. Sooraj thinks his mama would need this money so much, he will use his Pinky bank’s money for Prasad. Sooraj comes down the bus, he says he is hungry but won’t use his mama’s money. He gets back into the bus. The police arrive at the bus, and announces that a kidnapper is here on the way, everyone must take care of their children. The police leaves the bus, a lady besides Sooraj takes a breathe of rest.
Amrita and Khushi still were worried about Sooraj. Mrs. Kapoor tells them to take a cab and go to the camp. They must tell his teacher they don’t want him to manage things by himself and get confidence. Amrita prays silently, that her Sooraj be safe.
The lady besides Sooraj questions him, he says he isn’t with anyone. She says she is also alone, and he must stay with her from now on.
Babay comes to Karan’s home, he calls her inside. He tells her he made Amrita lose her private nursing. He wants Amrita back in Muskaan and would need her help in that.
The lady insists on Sooraj to take the juice, he gulps it as he was hungry. The bus stops at a station, Sooraj denies going but the lady takes him down as his mother. She makes him come out of the bus and sit on a bench. Sooraj was feeling asleep. The lady was worried that she can’t even take him in such a condition, she watches an old cart nearby. Sooraj was consciousless, the lady goes to move the cart. She removes the stone stuck between in, while Sooraj lied on the bench.
Amrita talked to Sooraj’s photo, complaining how she will live with him for so many days. Mrs. Kapoor comes there and says she knew she must be awake. She says does she remember Sooraj had dengue once, she asked for Mata Rani’s manat. Amrita says she didn’t know about it, Mrs. Kapoor gives her the chunri of Mata Rani and have faith that Sooraj is fine. Amrita prays Sooraj be fine.
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PRECAP: Someone helps Sooraj lay on a bench. Khushi talks to Akaash’s mother who tells her Sooraj left the bus before it left for camp. There is a news that the bus going from Patiala to Katra had an accident. They all are worried at the news.

Update Credit to: Sona

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