Sinhasan Battisi 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat and chitralekha are seen near their hut where samrat is trying to cook and get his hand burn and then chitralekha asks him to cook roti while samrat is struggling to make a circle roti but then again chitralekha helps him in making a roti and later both sit together have foodwhile chitralekha is seen feeding ssamrat with love and samrat says to chitralekha tat wen we were in palace we never got the opportunity to cook and eat together but this situation gave us this happiness while rishi vishwamitra sees this and says to himself tat narayan was right these two are enjoying here and he then decides to make it difficult for them and then lits fire to their hut and chitralekha and samrat are shocked and worried to see their hut burning and then samrat says tat she should not worry as he will make another hut for her
Intoold fort ambika tells raja bhoj tat this was not the only problem in front of the world but a big problem is going to arrive and raja bhoj then asks wat and ambika narrates tat narkasue calls all the asurs(devils) to tell them tat if they get together and attack the tinhi lok then we can be the ruler all around and for this we need to be together. Samrat and chitralekha are seen walking in jungle and chitralekha sits down saying tat she is very tired and her legs are paining very badly and she cant walk even one step but then samrat says to her we need to walk as there will be some village near by but chitralekha says tat we are walking since last night and yet we haven’t reached any near by village while vishwamitra is seen far away from them and he says tat this jungle wont get over as it is his black magic tat is making this jungle a more wider space after walking some more distance chitralekha says to samrat tat she is very thirsty and needs some water to drink samrat then asks her to rest here and he will bring her some water samrat is searching near by if he can see a river while in the mean time rishi vishwamitra makes a lake near by with his powers and then hides samrat then sees the river and run towards it to take water and while he goes near it vishwamitra stops him and says tat he cant take the water and asks him to bend in front him if he wants water but samrat refuses and says to vishwamitra tat air,earth water are for everyone and no one can stop anyone to use it.and then vishwamitra with his magical powers vanishes the water and then tells ssamrat tat this lake was created by him and so now if he wants to tale water for his wife then he has to bend in front of him and give up his selfrespect and there arrives chitralekha and says to rishi tat she will never drink such water and says to samrat tat she can still walk with him witout water
In patal narkasur asks his gurudev to give him all his powers so tat he could attack and capture the tinhi lok and rule and his gurudev then gives him all the powers and after receiving it he releases a arrow and their appears a lightning into old fort raja bhoj and ambika experience the lightning there also and raja bhoj then asks her wat is this and ambika tells tat may be narkasur has become powerful but he himself will be the reason for his death
Later samrat and chitralekha are seen resting in jungle while chitralekha says tat she is hungry and then samrat sees some fruits around on a tree and then by pelting stones on the tree he gets the fruit for her before eating it chitralekha reminds samrat that she wont be able to eat these fruits as they have not done prayers for sun and then samrat says to her tat there is a lake near by she can sit while he will do prayers and come back and samrat leaves and enters water to do pooja and vishwamitra sees this and then transforms into a swan and takes away samrats clothes kept near the banks of lake while samrat is worried seeing this as how he will get out of the waters without his clothes and then chitralekha wonders y is samrat taking so much time and goes to look out for him and then sees him in the water and asks y is he still in water and should come out or else he will get cold but then samrat tells her tat a swan came and took his clothes away chitralekha then tores her dupatta in two piece and enters in water to give it to him and then chitralekha says to samrat tat this is all done by the rishi vishwamitra but he doesnot know tat wen we two are together no one can damage us vishwamitra listens to this and decides his next move tat he will now separate samrat and chitralekha .

Samrat and chitralekha are seen in a village where a savkar asks samrat to give him 50 gold coins and then take his wife away and then samrat is seen working in farms to ear coins while narkasur is seen destroying the swarg lok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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