Everest 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar talking to the team asking who is afraid. Anjali raises her hand. Abhiyankar says fear makes us keep eyes open, many mountaineers have gone back after such incident. He shows the mountains and says its heartless when you are near the peak, and difficulties will increase, every step will be a challenge. Chand says camp 3 is at 24000 feet, it means air will be less, oxygen level will fall. Abhiyankar says it means we will get much tired when we need energy. Anjali says why do I feel you are stopping us from going ahead. Abhiyankar says its not time to give motivation speech, we have come by our wish. Chand says if anyone wants to go back, they can.

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Nasir finds it tough to survive and crawls in search of Chris. He says someone will come by finding way. He asks his friend to recall what they were taught and be in senses, this is the only way to stay in senses by recalling memories. He says lets keep talking, we have to go home. He shatters finding the man dead and cries. He contacts Abhiyankar and says Chris and Lampa are dead. He says Chris left from here, and Lampa has died by the cold, and I could not save him. Nasir feels guilty. Abhiyankar says you did what you could have done. Nasir says I don’t think so. Abhiyankar says a person chooses climbing himself, they knew the risk and sometimes its not in our hands.

Anjali says Chris is missing, the chance is that he can be alive. Abhiyankar says we have to move on fast and asks them to walk slowly, as its dry ice mountain, we have to alert. They proceed. Arjun recalls his life with Rina. Rina waits for Arjun at the train station. Arjun sees her excitedly waiting for him and hides. Pyaar hai ya saza…………..plays……………Rina keeps calling him. He gets her call and avoids it. Rina cries and he cries seeing her. Rina board the train waiting till the last moment. Arjun boards the other train and leaves.

Arjun cries. He recalls those sad moments and stands still near Everest. Arjun and Akash proceed. Arjun asks Akash how did he know he is trapped there. Akash says I was lucky. Arjun says I was lucky, if you got one min late, I would have died, thanks again. Akash says don’t say thanks, you would have done same thing in my place. Arjun says he was in all his senses being under the ice, he was hearing their voice, but he could not react, I was shaken and could not call being numb, I feel suffocated in closed spaces, you can understand it. He says when you came to save me, I feel like Lord came. Akash laughs.

Anjali says everything will be fine Akash. Akash says who will pay the hospital bills, we don’t have money. She asks him to think cool.

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  1. Nyc epi

  2. nice episode n thankz for fast update.

  3. i like this serial, its different from the routine (bored ) sas bahu serials

  4. this serial is so stupid and dumb
    it sounds interesting but is too dry and nothing interesting happens
    the lead pair is no good either

  5. Aur Pyar Ho Gaya Fan

    Its far better from saas bahu serials.,why the hell are they ending it

  6. nice episord,,,,,…………@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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