Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba is worried what if Chiraag denies coming to the court. She calls Chiraag. Chiraag watches her number and smiles that she is losing her control. He receives it, and says he will be to the court in time but his petrol has ended. Amba tells him to stop, she will come to him with his money then he may as well get the petrol.
Sameera gets Chiraag’s call, she tells Ishaani it is him. She asks her to attend it. Chiraag tells Sameera that he has planned a surprise for him, Sharman takes Sameera and Parul along.
Manas talks on phone about his office work, Disha comes to him and was crying. He asks is she missing her home. Disha takes his hand and says she has no complaint with his parents or him but she is thinking about her family. Her family is living on Ranveer, and he treats them all like servants. He doesn’t accept Ishaani ask wife, and he tried his best to ruin their wedding as well.
She is now afraid he throws her family out. Manas says they will help her family. Disha says how will he do this, his family, home debt, car debts and then their child. She says Ranveer is everything because of her papa, he taught him the ways of trading. She says he must try to find some other work for himself. He asks her to be clear. She asks if he bribes a few diamonds from RV’s diamond’s business, her whole familly’s life will be built.
Amba comes to Chiraag with his money bundle. She tells him to be in court in time and gives his money to him. She says he must do what she has asked him for. He says it is done. Amba leaves. Chiraag says no one will understand what has happened, he is a game changer after all. Ishaani, Pratik and Derwash were worried. Ishaani says Chiraag must not know for today that Haseena is a cheat. Derwash and Pratik were worried for something else.
Chiraag looks at the bundle of money, and then the newspaper saying the Sheikh Haseena must prepare to be his wife now.
Manas gets angry that she is asking him to steal. Disha says she is asking him to get her right, he snatched all what was theirs. She wants a secure life for them. Manas says he won’t do something wrong, but can’t cheat on the one whom he gets paid for. Disha thinks she will now have to do something.
Ishaani was in temple, Amba and Lakshmi cheer that it is her last day. Ishaani takes blessings from Amba, Lakshmi says why take blessings from Amba then. Amba says she has taken blessings from God, but from her she is just taking a farewell.

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Ishaani says court’s decision hasn’t come yet. Amba says they are going to the court for this very decision. Derwash and Pratik come there. Amba says she must bid her farewell right now, so that she doesn’t have to come here. She takes Ishaani forcefully to the door, and asks Lakshmi to bring rice. She tells Ishaani to do the ritual, she never accepted her as her daughter in law but will consider her as a daughter today. She insists on Ishaani to do it, Ishaani resists.
Chiraag comes there and asks them to stop this drama. Amba asks he had to come to the court. Derwash and Pratik says it seems Haseena had an effect on him. RV comes there and asks why he has come here. He tells Chiraag that he must say everything in court. Chiraag says he can prove everything here and has brought lawyer as well. The lawyer says Chiraag insisted on him to come here. RV heads to leave asking Amba to handle this all. Chiraag stops him and says this is the most important thing in his life, he wants to clarify everything in front of him today. RV says he has five minutes. Chiraag says after these five minutes he will leave his life forever.
Sharman waits for Derwash’s call, to take Sameera and Parul to court.
Chiraag tells Ranveer that there has never been an affair between him and Ishaani. It was all a drama that he created. Ranveer looks at Ishaani and leaves the hall. Amba is enraged.
Chiraag comes out and says now he is free. Amba gets him and she and Lakshmi beat him hard. They asks why he did so.
Ishaani gets the window of Ranveer’s car, she asks why he didn’t say something upon what Chiraag said. He doesn’t stop the car and says he has a lot to do and has to go to office. Ishaani was standing in the middle of the road, a truck arrive from behind. RV watches this in the rear mirror, comes out of the car and runs towards Ishaani. He takes her aside and the truck passes by.
Amba asks did Ishaani bribe him for doing this all and beats Chiraag. He asks not any more, and stops Amba. He says neither he wants her money nor Ishaani. Amba asks shall she hit him on the face, and asks why he is denying for money. He boasts that a rich girl is coming to his home, why should he keep running after Ishaani.
Ishaani and RV stood hugging each other. Ishaani looks at him as she gets apart him. He looks at her, and tries to get away. Their chains get mingled with each other and they are stuck there. Ranveer looks away.

PRECAP: Sharman watches Ritika with RV in the hotel. He wonders Ritika had gone to Poona with her papa, then how she is here.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wow Sona, keep it up. Great job posting the update today. 🙂

  2. Mr.Arora I wish you always happy because have gone through with same Sanrio and don’t want any one struggle for the same .. I know it’s serial but Some how life has no precape .!!! Wish you all the best my friend .. I want to see you both happy .!!!

  3. Today’s episode was good.especially Chirag scenes.Ist time the scene liked by all viewers .when getting beatings nicely from yesterday Ishaani & today Amba.OMG Chiraag said Ishaani Behen.. unbelievable.. Thank god Chiraag didn’t see the Original newspaper.. DIsha didn’t change yet now.. urgh.. Thank God Atleast Ishaani saved by Ranveer..Precap is again remains a mystery.. please reveal the truth soon..Waiting for a good episode..

    1. innaiku episode nalla irunthathu nu tamila type pannuga suga

  4. Most awaited episode…..

  5. today episode is too good. atlast ishaani plan is successed and rv save ishaani from accident that romance also look so touching… Wow chiraag said to everyone ishaani is his sister.. Amazing chance’a ila very good.. What type of precap is this..?

  6. today episode was superb..

  7. Very Good episode. I hope IshVeer resolve all the misunderstandings and accept their marriage. 🙂

  8. I read some spoiler that Ishani asks for divorce from RV. Is it true? Anyways I don’t like the lead pairing so… Disha and Ishani both sisters are the same. Always think about themselves- selfish girls. But am feeling bad for Sharman. He really started liking Ritika and she also likes him. Not understanding RV-Ritika chakkar but why suddenly.

  9. I guess the mysterious girl might be Ritika’s unknown twin sister. Waiting 4 2mrwz episode……………………………..

  10. I watched the special episode’s clip.. Was shocked… Why is Ishaani asking for a divorce?? Waiting for both of them to unite..

  11. heyyyy …..what the**???…
    when wll be they be togethr????.dont test my patience

  12. chirag getting beaten is fun to watch

  13. seriously this serial is amazing keep it up!!! u guys rock!!!

  14. i think ritika is not trust person she is creating a great prb in ishaani’s life

  15. i mean trustable……

  16. Wicked DISHA…..
    RV is doing so much for her & her family Still planning bad for RV & also cheating Honest MANAS who married Dish even knowing that Disa is carrying baby of some other guy…
    Even when Ishaani got Cheated by chirag & realize that she is not safe & stable with charge then she took U-Turn to RV who has now become business tycoon from servant ……
    Prior to this Except Isasni’s Fathers every ne use to treat RV as a servant …..
    BAA, DISHA CHIRAGE .. every one is after RV

  17. Feb1 special 1hour episode

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