Satrangi Sasural 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s and vihaan’s residence
Vihaan calls arushi and she picks up excitedly, and he says that he has a surprise for her, and makes her go to her roof, and then eye the moon, which he claims that he ordered for her. she is amused, and smiles with him. then they start bantering about his girlfriend, wherein vihaan talks excitedly about her only, but she doesnt realise it. Vihaan hears his mother calling, and excuse himself. Arushi gets sad. Her mother finds her like this, and asks that she has started liking him immensely. She says that he loves someone else. Her mother says that she is asking for her, and arushi says that its useless. She leaves. her mother hopes that she gets her love. She hopes vihaan shall marry her daughter.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Seeing an old lady have trouble crossing the road, vihaan helps her through. But just then, gattu passes by rashly, and the old lady curses him. Gattu stops. The lady thanks and blesses vihaan and leaves. Vihaan eyes gattu, but ignores him and begins to go. gattu teases him that soon he shall have to continue with the blessings only. Gattu tells vihaan that this is his marriage card, and he knows the girl too. He says that he has distributed this to everyone in delhi, and only he was remaining. Vihaan takes the card and tears it to pieces and shows it to gattu. gattu says that he would take arushi right in front of his eyes. Vihaan asks gattu to not even dare to look at arushi, or else he would face such consequences, that he wont be able to be with any other girl, leave alone arushi. gattu smiles back. vihaan says that he is in a hurry, as he has to go somewhere, or else he would have given a proper reply.

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Scene 3:
Location: Bhairon singh’s residence and IBBI’s bank
Sarthi and vihaan are surprised to find from Bhairon Singh, that he never kidnapped girish, and tells the truth behind it, belittling gattu, and vihaan thinks that gattu was befooling them till now. he thinks that arushi’s family arent in any trouble now, as he is with her and her family now, to solve all their problems.

All congratulate arushi on her promotion, while her boss gives her an inspiring speech. he leaves, and all other congratulate her. she is overjoyed, and begins to dial Vihaan, and rosy teases her about it. Arushi smiles. She is amused at getting vihaan’s call, but she blurts out her good news of having gotten a promotion. She says that everything is nice now. He is excited for her too, and says that he has to say something. But she is on a rant, as to how this shall help her in her financial crisis. He is genuinely happy for her. He tries to tell what he news he got, but she cancels the call, as she is called by her boss. Vihaan thinks that she would be doubly happy, when she gets to know gattu’s true identity.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad curtly presents a wedding dress to arushi’s mother, asking her to get arushi to agree for marriage. Her mother says that till she is alive, she wont have arushi marrying gattu. prahlad says that then she can die right now, as it wont affect him. She shuts him by screaming, saying that she has had enough, and asks him to get this straight, that arushi wont marry a criminal like gattu, and that he can do whatever he wants. He teases her about her bravery, saying that he would have to get it out of her, and starts hitting her, asking her to lower her gaze. she asks him to hit as much as she wants, but then she wont sit quiet. He gets enraged saying that she would have to be taught a lesson, and tries to hit her with a belt. He is shocked to turn around and finds arushi standing, holding his belt, and angrily asks him what was he doing. He tries to speak, but she shuts him. She says that she knew he has no love for anyone, or respect for relation, but never knew, that he hits women, and calls himself a man, and is disgusted with him. girish eyes them tensedly. Dadaji says that this has happened many a times, and she has always kept this hidden from her, and made him swear too, that arushi never gets to know. Arushi is determined and says that today things shall be different, as this matter shall go to the police today. he asks how can she do this. She reminds him of the domestic violence act. She says that he shall be arrested today, due to her mother. He asks how can she do this, for a stepmother. Prahlad changes his tone, finding arushi serious. her mother too asks her to let be. prahlad tries to think of a way out. girish asks prahlad to calm down, as this is very dangerous, and he shall go home for atleast ten years. He gets down to her knees, apologising for his act, saying that he shall amend his ways. He tries to get sympathy from everyone, saying that he is very scared of going to the jail. Her mother too asks her to reconsider, and she is disgusted. dadaji again taunts that this isnt possible. He leaves. Arushi asks him to get lost. He leaves with girish. She thinks that she came with the good news of promotion, but everytime her father ruins her every happiness, and that she is tired. She gets vihaan’s call, but isnt in the mood, and says that she shall talk tomorrow.

Scene 5:
Location: In the garden
the next morning, arushi waits for vihaan, thinking that he called her here, to tell her something about gattu, but its getting late for her. She calls him, while he is stuck in traffic jam. she says that she has to go to the office. He asks her to wait for a little more time, as he has to talk about Gattu. She asks him to say it on the phone, then. He tells her about gattu’s evil plan, and how he found it out. He asks her to stay with him the next day, as gattu plans to marry her tomorrow by any means. She is shocked. He says that he would come anyhow near her, to get her kidnapped. just then, gattu arrives with a huge band, seeing whom she is shocked. He asks whats the matter. she tells him that gattu has come here, and is approaching her. Vihaan is distraught. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As his men capture arushi, gattu talks through her phone, with vihaan, saying that he is going to marry her today only. He taunts vihaan, saying that he cant wait anymore, and is ready to marry her. Vihaan is distraught. Gattu cancels the call, and then drags arushi with him, while she screams.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. how arushki is getting out of this one I will like to see and her father and brother is of no help so that leaves only Vihaan come on Vihaan do your thing and find arushki before it is toooooooooo late for you to put the ring on her finger cannot wait to see what happens I hope that gattu gets killed in the process and that will be the end of that evil criminal

  2. It would be really nice to see at least this show have some happiness. I am so bored with all the evil going on in these shows.What kind of writers are these? There does not seem to be any good in their hearts or minds.

  3. Arushi father n brother is a waste of time they so useless that them is the man in the house and the sending arushi to work they only want to live after arushi money both of them is a shame

  4. Vihaan is really irritating me. He should confess his love for Arushi so that she would have every strenght to fight ghattu with all hopes.

  5. yah ryt…it will be wonderful if vihaan confess his love to arushi and expose gattu

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