Everest 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vidhaan telling Maithli that he broke the marriage, he told Jagat uncle that he can’t do this. She is shocked and ask why did you do this. He says I can say when we meet, and ends the call. Nasir calls out Chris asking him to come back. Seema says she can take money from provident funds but can’t pay all bills. Shikha says I have money earned by Gaurav. Seema says don’t be mad to give that. Shikha says Akash will come. Seema says don’t take her name. Shikha says whats his mistake, would he work for such company if he knew this. Seema says he committed to you and this happened, would Gaurav do this. Shikha says you are my sister and you are helping me, but Akash is no one, but he regards me mother, you are seeing children are leaving parents to ashram.

Seema asks then where is he, when you need him, don’t know where he is sitting, we can’t contact him. The team takes a break and drinks water. Chand says I worry for the team, lets wait for some more time, we are climbing continuously, a tired team can’t be of use, we have to save energy for Everest, else any other team has to come to save us. Arjun says we can’t risk more lives to save them, we don’t know they are alive or not. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and asks about Nasir. Sam says you spoke to him, camp 3 will have storm, you are losing the chance. Abhiyankar says I know we all need rest, but we are on a mission, few mins can be the distance between life and death.

Anjali says why don’t we split the team. Abhiyankar says no, this can’t happen. They proceed. They stop by a sudden knock of avalanche. Abhiyankar shouts its an avalanche and large amounts of ice breaks down from the mountains. He asks the team to run. They all run and fall down, under the snow sheets. Ramesh and Pemba hear the sound. Ramesh asks what was this, where did this happen. Anjali opens her eyes and finds herself under the snow. She shouts Colonel, Chand, anyone help. She calls Akaash. Akash is also fallen under the snow along with the team. Abhiyankar and Chand look for Akash, Anjali and Akash. Anjali says help me, and tries moving. She says I m here, under the ice. She starts crying getting frozen by the huge ice capturing her.

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She recalls her childhood moments. The FB shows Anjali playing with Sarita and waiting for Jagat. Sarita says he will come, he promised. Anjali says its my birthday, why did he not promise me. Sarita says you were in school, so he told me he is coming home on your birthday. Anjali says he did not come last year also. Sarita justifies and Anjali says Papa always breaks his promises, my friend’s fathers takes them everywhere, he does not take me, don’t he like me. Sarita says no, you are his fav daughter, he told he will take you everywhere. She makes Anjali smile.

Next FB shows Sarita buying some fruits from a vendor who has her son along. Anjali looks on their bond and smiles. Jagat calls Sarita and talks to her. Anjali runs and he ends the call. She asks is he coming. Sarita says he has come. Anjali jumps happily as Jagat comes home. Jagat does not see her. Anjali says welcome home Papa. Jagat brings his friend Captain Abhishek and his son Bharat, who is in NCC, he wants to see my medals. Anjali says papa and hugs him.

Jagat asks what happened. Abhishek says looks like your daughter missed you a lot. Sarita says yes, she waited for one week, its her birthday. Jagat does not wish her, while Abhishek wishes her. She holds him, and he says I m not going anywhere. She asks will he take her everywhere, movie, funfair etc, mum told me this. He looks at Sarita. Sarita says leave him, he won’t go. Anjali says no. Jagat says I can’t even breathe and goes with Abhishek and Bharat. Anjali cries. Sarita hugs her. Anjali’s birthday comes ad she celebrates it with all friends and a good party. Sarita attends all of them, and a girl asks when will we cut cake. Sarita says tell Anjali that its time for cake cutting. The girl says she is not here.

Sarita asks where did she go. The girl says don’t know. Sarita comes to the room and asks Anjali what is she doing here alone, everyone is asking about you, come fast, its 8 candles on your cake. Anjali refuses to cut cake till Jagat comes. Sarita says he will come, he is busy in some imp meeting. Anjali says he won’t come, he never comes, you lie, you make promise and break it. She cries and says she is not happy, this is worst day for me. Sarita cries and calls Jagat telling Anjali is refusing to cut cake without you. Jagat says I m busy in meeting, you tell her anything, I would have seen if it was a boy, she is a daughter, you handle her. Anjali recalls the bad childhood.

Ramesh and Sam argue. Anjali tries freeing herself and raises her hand out of the ice. Abhiyankar and Chand see her hand.

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