Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The thaal fell off Ishaani’s hand and the oil spill over. Both look at each other, RV tries to pass it, but slips. Ishaani comes to his help, she also fell down. They both struggle, but the oil made the floor even slippery to stand up. RV holds Ishaani’s hands, helping her get up but she fell over him. The carefully try to stand, Ishaani fells over RV. He looks at her face, closely. He struggles again, puts her aside. She asks him to take the support of the wall, he holds her while she puts her arms around his neck. She is about to fell down again, he hugs her to save her. She looks down, he leaves her and says she doesn’t need to say anything as her ritual has fulfilled. He has to change, so she must now leave him. She leaves him, he turns and carefully walks to the room. Ishaani feels the face where he held her.
Ritika comes to meet Derwash, Pratik and family. Chaitali welcomes her, Baa comes but doesn’t hug Ritika. Ritika gives some gifts and till k laddoo to Pratik. Ritika asks about Sharman, Derwash teases Ritika and asks if this bucket is a bribe. Chaitali says Sharman slept late, so has just woke up. Baa tells Ritika to wish Sharman, they are all going for Pooja.
Amba and Lakshmi say that pooja took place well, and it was good Ishaani didn’t come to it. Amba says Ranveer also didn’t come. Ishaani comes there and goes to the temple. Lakshmi says she is bending her head to God, she must bless her. Ishaani turns and touches Amba’s feet. Amba says today is her first utraain, she wants to gift her something. She gets a gift for Ishaani, and asks her to open and see how is the saree. Ishaani says it must be a good one. Amba says she must see and then tell her how good it is. Ishaani opens the box, it was a black dress. Amba says she must know that today gifting red and yellow sarees is a good omen, but she isn’t a good omen so she is gifting her a black one. Her husband has denied accepting her as wife, she must daily wear a black saree.
Parul asks Ranveer to go for kite flying. Ishaani watches him and says after the oil ritual, Ranveer had even more glow, he looks too good in the dress. She says to Amba that she knows she cares for her son, and she gifted her the black saree so that she can’t let any bad eye on her and Ranveer, today’s gift couldn’t be any better. She touches her feet again, and asks her to bless her so that she always remain with Ranveer. RV tells Amba he is going for kite flying, Amba says she will send all the food there. Ishaani packs her gift and leave.

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Ritika come to Sharman. She asks him to let her speak first, she was worried and says there is something he needs to know. She did a big mistake, and asks for apology holding her ears. She says she lost an earing that he gifted her last night. She says she is wearing one of the earing, her papa is right that she is irresponsible. She says she will wear this one earing, Sharman says he is old fashioned and shows her the earing. She hugs him and asks is it with him. She says thanks God he got it, he asks won’t she know where he got it. She says she is more interested in eating mangoes, then counting seeds. He asks won’t she wear it, she asks him to put it in her ear himself. He does it, when Chaitali comes there. She says this was really sweet, and takes them for kite flying.
On the roof, Derwash and Pratik prepare the kite. Ritika asks Parul if she knows kite flying, Parul says a little bit. She asks Ritika, who tells her that she knows well, ride bike on road and kite in the sky. Ritesh and Chaitali prepares their weddings. Ishaani writes something on her kite, then hides it under many others. Ranveer comes to the desk in search of the kites, Ishaani waits till he goes to the last one. Sharman and Ritika were also selecting kite. Ishaani points at Sharman to help her, he says that one is good, RV takes it and says this one is right. He reads the note on it, Ishaani is happy. RV smiles, Ishaani thanks God happily. Sharman also smiles, RV prepares the kite. He looks at the smiling Ishaani.
Sharman asks Ritika suggest the kite. Ritika writes on the kite, this time they are two next time they will come as three. He writes what it is. She says she is writing God her wish, and after their honey moon they will be three. Sharman smiles.
RV takes the string reel from Ishaani’s hand and gives it to a man nearby. He flies the kite in the air. Everyone enjoy the flying.
Ritika asks Sharman why was he feeling shy, he says he isn’t. She says don’t lie, he was but why does he feels so shy. That is why, he has been named as Shar-man. She says girls dream that they marry a batman or super-man, but she is marrying a Shar-man.
Ishaani watches RV fly the kite, she takes the reel from the servant and says she will always come behind him wherever he goes. RV asks to release more string, and notices Ishaani behind him.
Derwash and Pratik argue, as Pratik didn’t give any extensions to the string. Ritesh asks Chaitali to leave for string but their kite cuts off. They all celebrate the cut.
Ritika asks Shaman to keep the string, she will cut RV’s kite first of all. Sharman says she can’t cut RV’s kite, there is Ishaani’s wish on it. Ritika says everything is fair in love and war. Sharman asks what does it mean, Ritika says it means their love and the war going on. Ritika calls RV that her and Sharman’s kite is coming to him, he must cut it if he can. RV says challenge accepted.
In the kite fight, Ritika and RV concentrate well. Ritika calls him to accept a defeat, he says he hasn’t learnt it. Sharman watches Ritika. RV turns around to see Ishaani looking at the sky, enjoying. His eyes stay on her. Ritika observes this and asks Sharman to see them and cut their kite. RV notices the kite when Ishaani shouts his name. Ishaani has a cut on her hand, RV fights well. Ritika’s kite it cut down, Ishaani cheers. RV smiles. Ishaani says to RV that she saved their kite from cutting. RV says it wasn’t their, it was his; from now on it is only mine and yours, nothing is ours. He leaves.
Sharman watches blood on Ishaani’s hand, he and Ritika run to Ishaani. RV turns to see and gets worried. Amba notices him.

PRECAP: RV comes to the room and watches the blood stained cotton, and says it seems her hand bled a lot, worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today’s episode was good.Ishaani confidence will surely win.Ishaani will get her love back soon. positive actions are shown.Ranveer reactions shows he still love Ishaani.I hope Amba plan will be reverse and will make a way for Ishaani Ranveer patchup.Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Nice episode…..

  3. Very Good episode. Thanks for fast update 🙂

  4. today episode is good ishveer oil scene is too lovely and sooooo romantic. Rv you still love ishaani now but you didn’t accept her. As soon as you will understand the truth and also feel guilty,painful ect..,ishaani I appreciate your confident. Maintain it…………. Love you ranveer

    1. Hello everyone may be I am the first person to reply bt I used to see meri aashiqui tumse hi from 1 episode I had not even missed single episode nd most surprisingly I am the silent reader of it ; nd I really enjoyed each nd every bit of it…..I really hate chirkut,baa nd disha from starting…bt amba is also irritating me nowadays…. Nd what should I say about ranveer nd ishani I love them at first site nd till now….Radhika increases her acting skill in just 7 month wow……nd shaki is such a brilliant nd talent actor…..

    2. RV is same from beginning till date in past RV use to love Isaani & today also he love Issani but just little hurt & need some time & space to recover
      CHIRAG is also same from beginning In past he was bad & till date he is bad..
      Isaani has change her character. Earlier Isaani use to like Chirag & when Isaani found she is not safe with Chirage, Isaani took U turn to RV…. After getting proof & evidence Isaani has started loving RV … but RV always love Isaani unconditionally
      See the difference between Isaani & RV today RV is deeply hurt & doubt still Rv is following all rituals some how sadly…… but when Isaani was in Doubt, did she ever care for Karvachauth Ritual ? on country she went to Chirag house instead of clearing her doubt with RV

  5. Nd now come to the topic…..Today’s episode was such a superb especially that oil scene nd that of kite scene….just see the expression of ranveer eye he really hurt when he saw blood on ishani hand….really nowadays ishani become more brainly nd she really take great step to win rv love nd trust nd moreover she is confidence at her decision to win rv love nd trust…… I hpe rv get to know truth nd he accept ishani forever…….

  6. RV pls divorce Ishani. Stupid Ishani, don’t like her. Chirag come and take Ishani away,she deserves a cheater like you. Come soon!

  7. Hey u dinesh b careful with ur words ok ……u hav no right to seoerate dem ok gthey are one wil remain forever¤♥ri♥ishveer

  8. Hey hey u r chaeter ok telin mi ishu cheater she is symbol of purity u disgusting feloow nd ya i m mindin my words as u truely deserves them

  9. Love u ishveer …………

    1. Superbbbb episode… we hve to see wht will happen to rithika and sharman marriage?

  10. Today’s episode made me slightly disturbed. Perhaps I am thinking too much. Why Ritika’s ear ring struck on RV’s shirt? Second her comment she interested in result not how it achieved. Third RV chose the kite happy Ishani but Ritika wanted to cut the kite stating everything is fair in love and war. She wanted coming year as three If it is with RV, happy Ishani has to go down. Perhaps she meant that. She might want RV to accept her wholeheartedly, so she is acting like this. I want her in positive role. So I hope my doubt is wrong. Do anyone doubt like me?

  11. There comes one more villain to separate our beloved IshVeer


    Rhitika 🙁
    Why is she acting to be good??????????????
    When she is seeing that ranveer & Ishani r cming cls why she poking hr nose?????????

    When she said evrthng is fair in lv & war, it seemed she is in lv with RV.


  12. Suga is ur name Alagu Suganya???

  13. precap superaaaaaaaaa irundichu

  14. hope ritika marries rv as it is abouT a failed love story.. sometimes it is better to get separated than to be together..

    1. Very good keep go in

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