Satrangi Sasural 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mall
Vihaan is shocked at this latest development, and asks if she is joking. But she snubs him off badly, and rudely tells him to leave, and not dare to raise his hand on her fiancee. gattu takes her and walks past him. Vihaan is distraught and shattered. With teary eyes, he faces arushi, who too looks back helpless, and apalled. Vihaan walks out in a trance, distraught and in tears, remembering their happy moments together. Arushi too is disturbed as she goes with gattu, while he tries to get cosy with her, and she jerks him off. Vihaan is extremely upset.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is tensed to know that vihaan isnt in the office, very late in the night, and that he didnt even go there. She is tensed for him. Just then, he walks in, sad and hurt. She asks him where he was all day, his phone was off, and he wasnt at the office, and asks how would he run the company, as they are on the verge of a debacle. All the ladoes are tensed to see him teary eyed. Narmada is shocked and asks whats the matter, as tears roll down his cheeks. Granny too composes herself, and apologises. She says that she knows he isnt careless. He composes himself, saying that its his fault, and he wasnt paying attention, and that he would find out how this happened, and would rectify everything. All the ladies are tensed. granny says that she has belief on him. She asks him to go to his room and rest. He resignedly leaves for his room, still in tears. narmada understands that there’s more than the company loss, thats affecting vihaan, and thinks that she would have to find out.

Vihaan helps Narmada do the bedsheets, when he notices the wound on her hand, and asks why wasnt he told. she asks if he told his pain. He pretends not to undrstand, but she says that she is hinting on what he is trying to hide desperately. He again says that there’s nothing and distracts her by applying medicine on it. He thinks that there are loads of problems in the house, then why would he bother them with his, and till he doesnt find out why is arushi doing this, he wont sit calm.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi remembers vihaan’s scuffle with gattu, and his possessive nature for her, and how she snapped back rudely. she is in tears. Her mother is apalled to see her like this. she comes to arushi, who instantly composes herself. Her mother asks if she can hide her tears, and if she does, who will she share her pain with, and that she sees her plight, and if this is pre-marriage, then how would she spend her life with him. Arushi says that it would be alright. Her mother asks if the tears are only for gattu, or this is due to absence of vihaan in her life. She says that its still not too late. Arushi says that everything is spoiled forever, and rushes out.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Vihaan, along with nilima and granny, interrogates the peon, about the lates business fiasco, if the file ever went in anyone else’s hands, after nilima handed to him, as those files are responsible for the loss of the contract. the peon remembers that it was Mona Madam, who had asked him to go to the stationary urgently, and he left the file with her. Vihaan excuses him, and asks to send for Mona. He leaves. Nilima asks how can they distrust Mona, as she is a loyal employee, and that she isnt bad. Vihan says that circumstances must have changed her. Vihaan says that she needed money two months back, a loan of 2 lakhs, and by company policy, he only granted 3 months advance, amounting to 60000, and hence she needed extra money. he curtly asks mona if she can check her phone. She complies. She is tensed, as Vihaan tells her that nilima has faith on her. She is happy. He says that her phone says otherwise. She is boggled. He says that her backup data says something else. He shows her the exclusive patterns, still saved there. He says that gallery she deleted, but not from the backupdata, and tells her that she stole secret info, and shared it with their competitor. She gets nervous and accepts, much to their shock. Granny gets up and slaps her tight. she says that she needed the money. She asks what was the helplessness, that she betrayed thm so badly, without even thinking once. Mona apologises saying that she needed money. Granny asks her to get lost, after vihaan hands her the phone. Nilima says that they should file a police complaint. Vihaan asks her to take a day’s break, so that they and Mona can both reasses their stand. They are tensed. granny comes to Nilima apologising for her misunderstanding. Nilima hugs her. He thinks that one problem solve, now its time to get to the other.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
As arushi gets in the auto, and vihaan too sits, she asks him to get down, while he says that he wont go anywhere until he knows why is she doing this. He asks her why is she avoiding her call. But she ignores him, and says that she is engaged, and she doesnt want to enrage her fiancee, who doesnt like her talking to others. She gets down the auto, and starts walking. vihaan follows her. He asks how can Dilwali kudi do this, as she always stood for the right, and today she is marrying that man, who wont ever keep her happy, and asks why is she hell bent on spoiling her life, as he doesnt deserve her, being a hooligan. she thinks that she would be weakened by his support, but she is helpless that she cant share her plight with him, as he already loves someone else. She says that she wishes she could get him as a life partner, but cant. She wonders how to tell why she is planning to marry gattu, as he watches her go helplessly. He comes and demands for answers. Arushi says that she doesnt want to give answers, and asks her to stop following him, and leave her alone. Just then, a girl collides into arushi, as she pases by, ad arushi loses her balance and falls in vihaan’s arms, who holds her. An awkward, slightly romantic eyelock follows. They both compose themselves. She then asks him to go. He says that he wont leave her anywhere, and that she can do whatever she wants. She says that she doesnt have answers for him, and he asks her why.

Scene 6:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Gattu is enraged that arushi went out without his company, despite her being warned not to. He says that she is his wife, and she shall take his permission every time she goes out. He leaves in anger. her mother is tensed.

Scene 7:
Location: On the road
In the auto, arushi gets to go. But vihaan comes inside. vihaan coaxes arushi to atleast try and explain as to whats her helplessness, and make him understand. Meanwhile gattu arrives with his bike, and senses something’s up in the auto. He tries to look inside. Meanwhile, she pleads Vihaan that if he respects their friendship even slightly, then he wouldnt ask her this, and leave silently. Vihaan is distraught. gattu keeps searching for her in every auto. Finally gattu too arrives, and spots her dupatta from the auto. Gattu is on his bike, when he comes around to circle and faces arushi, sitting in the auto. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Gattu misbehaves with dadaji, slapping him, in his drunken inebriated state, asking how dare he interfere in his matters. Prahlad tries to intervene, but noone is able to. finally arushi jerks him away, and slaps him tight, disgusted at his behaviour. gattu is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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