Sinhasan Battisi 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,in adityanaths palace a dasi brings a bowl full of milk and then adityanath asks to bring the mudra but raja bhoj then says tat he has the mudra as he cares for his friend very much and then puts the mudra in the bowl of milk and adityanath then asks chandramukhi to lets put her hand in the bowl while chandramukhi is hesitating as she knows if she puts her hand in milk the poison in her body will get mixed and everyone will get to know her truth but adityanath takes her hand and put in the bowl and the milk then turns blue everyone is surprised to see this and adityanath asks wondering how did this happen raja bhoj says tat this happens only wen a poison is mixed in milk and he asks adityanath weather he has poison on his hands adityanath denies and then raja bhoj asks chandramukhi is there any poison on her hands chandramukhi gets frightened and smartly replies tat it must have turn blue due to this ring in her hand as it has neelam stones in it but then the Brahmin says tat they have never heard of such a neelam chandramukhii then tells tat it is a special neelam stone and then the Brahmin also agrees tat yes he has heard of this special neelam stones and then again both of them complete the vidhi and the date is fixed on the ekadashi for their marriage which is within 10 days adityanath is seen happy
Samrat the next day follows a dasi in jungle and sees tat she is pouring the milk which was poisoned she pours it on tree roots and the tree dies and sheds leaves and burns completely and the dasi then leaves and raja bhoj understands tat the poison in the vish kanya is very poisonous and then adityanath is seen enjoying and is very happy and telling chandramukhi tat now they will get married soon but chandramukhi asks him to calm as still there are 10 days for marriage but adityanath asks her to enjoy and says to sit on the singhasan he sits daily as she will be soon his maharani and then declares tat she would be called maharani from today itself raja bhoj sees all this and says to himself tat his friend adityanath has lost his sense and is completely under chandramukhis love and for this he has to act tat he is in love with chandramukhi for his dharma of friendship and it wont be considered adharma .
In Ujjain dhvani is very frighten about her life and her husband and raja bhoj and she then requests maharani vallari to let her go to kapil nagar to help raja bhoj but vallari convinces her to not to go as if she goes there it will be difficult for raja bhoj to do anything there and dhvani then prays to god to let everything get nice soon.
Chandramukhi is then seen in the caves of snakes and then she calls out the snakes to come out and give their poison to her raja bhoj was following chandramukhi and sees tat she is in the caves to take the poison and he then decides to play the lehra dhun and keep the poison away from chandramukhi and starts playing the lehra dhun listening to the music the snakes stop and go back to their caves while chandramukhi is getting irritated by this music and shouts helplessly to stop it and runs out to see who is playing the flute and sees tat its raja bhoj and asks him to stop playing it and then raja bhoj starts playing the lehra dhun again and chandramukhi starts dancing to the tune like it has hipnotised her and wen raja bhoj stopd playing it chandramukhi stops and gets back to her senses and wonders wat was she doing and after seeing raja bhoj she asks him wat is he doing here and while she is leaving raja bhoj tries to stop her and he confesses his love to her she then says tat it is wrong and she is marrying his close friend and how could he do it but raja bhoj then tells tat he loves her by heart then she runs away and raja bhoj shouts tat he will wait for her reply
Next day adityanath and chandramukhi are seen watching a kusti match adityanath is telling chandramukhi tat kusti is also a art like dancing and he sees tat chandramukhi is lost in thoughts where chandramukhi is seen thinking about raja bhoj and she then lies to adityanath she is thinking nothing and there comes raja bhoj and cunningly says tat she must be thinking about me and adityanath to this says tat wat stupid are u talking and ask him to come and sit and watch the match raja bhoj sits beside him while raja bhoj then asks adityanath tat how much he loves chandramukhi and adityanath replies tat he loves her very much and can do anything for her and he notices tat raja bhoj is constantly staring chandramukhi and she is too looking at him while adityanath asks raja bhoj to look here and talk and then raja bhoj asks adityanath tat wat if someone challenges him to fight and as winning prize asks chandramukhi adityanath then says tat he will kill tat person and raja bhoj then asks wat if ur friend like me challenges then adityanath asks him wats wrong and y is he talking such bullshit and then raja bhoj gets up and challenges adityanath to have a kusti fight with him and if u win chandramukhi will be yours and if he wins chandramukhi will be his and asks him will he accept this challenge.

Chandramukhi asks raja bhoj to stop doing this but raja bhoj attracts her and then she says to him tat she is not and ordinary girl and she is a vish kanya raja bhoj then says tat he knows tat she is vish kanya.

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