Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani looks at Ranveer, as she comes to the dressing table in her night dress. RV watches her as she combs and moists her skin. She comes to the bed, unwrapping her night gown. RV looks at her, and ignores her.
Manas and parents come home with Disha. His parents were angry and doesn’t welcome Manas. Disha says she is sorry, today because of her his parents are not even talking to him. He brings her home, holds hands with him and says this home is also hers, she won’t need any permissions to come here from now on.
Ishaani comes to the bed, while RV was sitting. He gives off the quilt to her, she switch the lights off. He says can’t she see he is reading magazine. He lights the lamp of his side. She says his wife is here, he must read it as well, sometimes. She calls him, he says he isn’t going to get effected with what she is doing. She says she was just asking for the novel there, what did he think about.
She smiles as he hands her the novel rudely. She reads it less, and tries to focus on the novel. RV observes her, and says he doesn’t know what is going on her life but knows she hasn’t studied any straight novel in the right time. She corrects the novel. Ishaani says with time, things change like him. The man who lived only for love, now lives to pain someone, he used to have a single girl in life and now he has so many, he used to love her only but now he hates the word love even. But somethings never change, she was his wife and will always remain so. He was curt and heads to leave. She lie on the bed, holding him, and asks him to end this talk. He jerks her hand away, he reminds her she had said on the first night of wedding that he can take her but never get her. This is true with him now, by looking at her he is reminded that when the betrayal is beautiful it is as dangerous as well. He pushes her to sit up, she recalls the time he wanted her to smile, and wanted to bring happiness to her. He had said that to prove her honesty, his wife won’t have to go through any tests.
Manas and Disha were sleeping, Disha asks what kind of noise is this. Manas says this is a room cooler, she isn’t used to sleep without AC, so he brought it for her. She says ok, he asks if it is bothering her. She smiles and says no, telling him to sleep. She thinks, her test life has begun.
Ishaani bings RV with blind and makes him lie on the bed. She says he didn’t want to see her, she closed his eyes so that he can smile. She heads to shut the lamp off, and says enjoying, that she is shutting the lamp off as he looks so funny. RV gets up and says she will never get what she wants, neither his smile, nor his love and friendship.
She doesn’t want to give a divorse, she might not. She can never come into his heart, because the day she touched him he has removed her from his heart and mind. If she can’t let him live peacefully, she must atleast let him sleep.
In the morning, Baa corrects Amba while she made her maid cook a food. Amba asks the maid to go, and says to Baa that she doesn’t understand why Javeri said yes to Sharman’s proposal. Amba asks where will they keep Ritika, they will go to Javeri house and he will keep them, as he is also like them. Baa says the grapes have now got sour. Sharman passes by, Baa asks him to take Ritika to dating and give a ring to her. Amba leaves too. Baa says she can’t be sure of RV, so she must make the marriage soon.
Chaitali points at RV’s shirt, he asks what she is doing. She points a kiss at him, and says there is a mark on his shirt. The cold war must have ended with a kiss, Ishaani comes and stops her. She asks RV why is he being so shy like a bride, it is his wife’s mark. Ishaani says it is all because of her kadha, can she make another bottle. Chaitali says she will daily a bottle for her, she must enjoy it. RV looks at Ishaani, jerks her hand away and leaves.
Lakshmi hears this all, and is worried what is happening here. Lakshmi tells Amba that there was Ishaani’s lipstick on RV’s clothes. She says to Amba that if this keeps on going, she will take RV again into her grip. Amba asks what shall she do, that Baa and Ishaani are both sucking her blood. She calls Ritika. Ritika was just out there, Amba is happy that she is here.
Amba comes to the corridor, and greets her. Ritika says she came to meet RV, Amba asks her to talk to her for a while and takes her inside. She asks Lakshmi to get something for her to eat, Ritika says it isn’t needed. Amba says she is been so slim. Ritika asks what she wants to say to her. Amba says she is worried about RV, he has changed now. He comes home from office and goes to office again, he has stopped talking to them even. She is a mother, she can’t stay like this. He doesn’t even has a friend, she has just seen him happy with her. He has been betrayed in love, she can now teach him to live. Ritika says everything will be alright, and assures that she won’t let him fell alone. Amba asks Ritika to take RV somewhere out, Ritika promises. Amba thinks Ritika can be RV’s friend, she will keep her with RV now more than Sharman. Ritika thinks that she had to go out with Sharman, but must do something for RV.

PRECAP: Amba says to Chiraag that she needs his help to put Ishaani out of RV’s life.

Update Credit to: Sona

    Isani is receiving same treatment what she use to do with RV in Past.
    there was time when Isani don’t want that RV should touch her or love her. she use to dislike all romantic activity of RV……….
    RV being a nice gentlemen always respected , Isani’s felling & never forced her for anything……
    Today Isani is force fully & continually trying to touch & romance with RV .. when he is in bad mood & deeply hurt ….
    Isani should be patient, they way RV was & give RV time to come out of his Pain…..
    It seems that whenever Isani wants she will not allow RV to touch her & whenever she wish she will forcefully try to romance with RV by doing blind-fold etc…

  2. How long you will drag the miscommunication between RV & Ishani .plz make him realise as early as possible .

  3. I don’t want to watch it anymore. I give up! Manas marries Disha which is beautiful but why RV make this so miserable and drag on in relation to not even cheating! Had enough now! Not enjoying it anymore. It’s always sad.

  4. My all BEST wishes are with Ishaani. She is looking Gorgeous now days. Please RV forgive her. How can you believe on chiraag’s pics and not on your love. You trusted her before marriage and after also but those stupid pics cannot break your trust at all. 🙁

    1. They way RV has accepted Isani’s ignorance in past & waited patiently a same way Isnai should also accept RV’s ignorance & wait patiently & try to understand how bad it feel when you ignored & avoid someone’s true love…… Isani should give RV some space instead of poking nose in RV’s work

    2. Today in bed Isani is saying ….Main tumhari wife thi , hoo & rahoogi……..
      If Isani believe that in past she was her wife they why she went to other source to clarify her doubt instead of trusting her loyal husband……..

  5. OMG.. Hate this Amba & Chiraag to the core..

  6. Today’s episode was good. Now a days Ishaani’s hopeful moves are nice and soon Ranveer’s love will be realized.Hope they realize their true love for each other soon.waiting for a good episode especially tomorrow.

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