Satrangi Sasural 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arushi tells him the reason of her meeting Vihaan, as she needs an increment which she would get if she bags the account of vatsala group, for her bank. Vihaan eyes her overwhelmingly. she asks her what happened. Vihaan says that he likes to meet such an independant girl. Arushi expresses her concern about her nervousness for her meeting. He says that he is sure he would be impressed by her and her talks. But she is unconvinced, as vihaan is a tycoon, and must be complicated and not simple like him. She wonders what would happen. Vihaan assures her that it would all be fine.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
All are amused as arushi practises her presentation for vihaan. Her mother comes and asks her to stop thinking from the mind, and like everytime, she should thinks from the heart as its never wrong. Arushi gets happy. Girish eyes them from a distance, with evil intentions. He lingers around, and when noone sees him, he steals arushi;s money, and her father rushes to grab hold of it.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan prays the next morning with Dai Ma, and is very happy. A beautiful mother-son moment follows, when vihaan expresses his concern for her. he asks why has she fasted, and she says that this is necessary, as she couldnt keep this for her husband, and he could have been here with them. vihaan composes her and asks her not to cry. She asks him if he has seen any girl lately, and vihaan thinks that sarthi must have told her, and asks why this question. She says that she just felt so, and asks him to answer. he cites delay and rushes, thinking that he has met a girl, who he has fallen in love with, and woul d discuss with them, about her, when the right time comes, buttoday she is coming to meet him, at his office. He leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Vihaan arrives in the car, while arushi too arrives just then, in the auto. they both dont see each other. Vihaan enters and goes straight to his office, followed by arushi who approaches hesitantly. Vihaan enters the lift and finds arushi in the mirror, whose dupatta is entangled in the plant. He wonders how she came so early, and is tensed. As she moves towards the lift, he rushes out, and moves to the fire exit. Arushi comes at the reception desk, and asks for vcihaan, who walks in just then, stealthily so as not to be seen. He signals the recptionist to make her sit down. she complies. He enters his cabin. Vihaan eyes her from his cabin, as she waits for him.

Later, arushi is called by the peon in the conference room, while vihaan eyes her every move excitedly, as she leaves and then presents her policies to his secretary, while he watches her on webcam, as she explains emphatically. The secretary says that she liked her ideas and simplicity. She gets a message from Vihaan asking her to say yes. She complies. Arushi expresses her desire to meet vihaan and she is told that he is too busy and a meeting wont be possible. Arushi thanks her, and then leaves. vihaan sees this all, and thinks that now he should tell his truth to arushi. on the phone, the secretary praises her and her presentation to vihaan, who hastily asks her to stop her, as she would just meet her. She gives arushi a call, who comes out of the lift, and instantly agrees to meeting Vihaan. he gets excited again to see her inside the office. She is complimented by the secretary about the presentation and then is taken to the way for vihaan’s office. As arushi comes to vihaan’s cabin, his secretary shows her in, while vihaan’s back is turned towards her. as she wishes him, he turns around hesitantly to wait for her reaction, while she is shocked and hurt too. Vihaan is tensed as he waits for a raction, while she remembers all the lies that he gave her. she is shocked, and vihaan gets to explaining her, that he wanted to tell her everything. she is angry, while he asks her to sit down and listen to him once. He explains the confusion and that he never got a chance to explain himself. She reminds how many chances he got, and that she hates lies. He says that he could have hidden it today too, but he hadt he guts to tell it to her, and whats the big difference. she says that it makes a difference to her, as it makes her think that she got this due to her friednship, not due to her calibre. Vihaan says that he doesnt let his profgessional and personal lives mix, and that her presentation was good, and hence she got the deal. she asks if this was why she was called. He says that Vihaan didnt call her again. Vihaan tells her that her friend sarthi has called her here to make her meet Vihaan and to ask her, and extends his hand asking if she would befriend him too.

Arushi tells vihaan that friendship is between people of the same status. she says that she loved having a deal with his company, and points out the differnces between their lifestyle and their status, and even if they did become friends, it would complicate everything, and the sarthi she made a friend, was like her, and very different from Vihaan. She changes into a professional tone. Vihaan is tensed. she addresses him as vihaan and asks him to tell sarthi, whatever be the reason, he has hurt her very much, and it would be good if he didnt try to meet her again, and delete her number too. She leaves while he calls her. Vihaan gets sad as tears well up in arushi’s eyes. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Outside, arushi is told by her colleague, that everyone wishes in their life, for a friend like vihaan, and she shouldnt turn down the oppurtunity just so soon. she is tensed. meanwhile, the recptionist tells vihaan, on the phone, that the agent from the bank has come with the deal papers. Vihaan gets super excited that arushi forgave him finally. He waits for her to enter excitedly. But Vihaan is disappointed to find that the agent isnt arushi, and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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